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Exclusive: Why Spitzer Really Paid So Much

eliot spitzer

Why did Eliot Spitzer feel the need to drop $4,100 on two hours with a prostitute? What kind of sex could possibly cost that much? To get these answers, I went right to the source and talked to Dennis Hof, owner of the world famous Bunny Ranch in Carson City, and Brooke Taylor, one of the ranch bunnies. If anyone knows why a prostitute would cost so much, it’s Dennis.

Why would someone pay $4,100 for a prostitute?
Dennis Hof: My guess is that he’s really kinky. Straight sex isn’t that expensive. They start charging more when you want double back flips with a twist and anal. One very important aspect of this whole story is that he made her take the train. He probably wanted her to bring handcuffs, restraints, cattle prods who knows.

But I guarantee the reason she took the train was because she had things that she couldn’t take on a plane. Have you ever tried to get a pair of handcuffs or a cattle prod through airport security? It’s not easy.

Brooke Taylor: Men in power fantasize about relinquishing that power. The Alpha Male like Spitzer doesn’t usually go for the regular sex. If you’re willing to pay $4,100 for two hours, you’re limited only by your imagination. If you’re with a girl that you click with, you can get anything you want.

So, the reason he had to spend so much was because he wanted kinky sex?
DH: As with anything, some girls are more expensive. If she’s a porn star or somehow famous, then she’s much more expensive, but it’s clear the Governor’s prostitute is just a regular girl. For $4,100 you could get 10 bunnies and a bottle of champagne at my ranch.

I bet the more he kept getting into it, the kinkier he needed the sex to be. Did he have a rape fantasy? Did he want to choke her? Did he want her to choke him? This is the kind of stuff you get into at that price.

BT: The powerful men I’ve known usually want to give that power up. That coupled with the high price he paid–I wouldn’t be surprised if he had her using things like handcuffs, hog ties, rope, ankle cuffs, ball gags or penis leashes.

Penis leashes are great for making sure your penis doesn’t run away.
DH: I just talked to Joe Francis (of Girls Gone Wild) and he said he has tons of video of this girl. I offered her $250,000 to come work at the Bunny Ranch so the world can experience what the governor experienced. But, I’m also offering Spitzer a VIP Governor Booty Pass so he can reunite with her back here at the ranch where it’s legal and he wouldn’t have to deal with the criminal side of prostitution. Here it’s legal so he wouldn’t have to drag his wife and family to a press conference when he was finished.

If you ran for governor, I would vote for you.

Dennis Hof and his Bunny Ranch will be featured on 20/20 and Dateline this Friday. Watch it, then pay Mr. Hof a visit the next time you’re in Las Vegas. Your genitals will thank you.

5 Responses to "Exclusive: Why Spitzer Really Paid So Much"

  1. Scott says:

    The Bunny Ranch isn’t in Las Vegas, it’s 400 some odd miles north in Carson City.

  2. HT Says says:

    Thanks for the tip, Scott. We always confuse it with the Chicken Rance which is also not in Vegas.

  3. Jonze says:

    The train, nice catch, that’s some detective shit right there…


  4. geowalsh says:

    thats one really lame interview/article. What the “luv guv” needed more than kink was anonymity. Having a normal mistress would have been a prescription for disaster in today’s gotcha climate. But Four to five grand an hour to a girl who can’t out herself with out going to jail buys a lot of privacy.

    And it worked. Spitzer was outed by people following the money trail, not the girls.

  5. holycow says:

    this guys fucking rules. i hope he spent the new york tax payer’s money for this. can’t wait for my stimulus package.