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Faith Nelson

Where You’ve Seen Her:  In an effort to broaden your horizons, I’ve been pulling some randoms out the last few days.  None more random than Faith.  I mean, this is like a picture someone took in her apartment I think.  In other news, she has huge boobs.

Best Quote On Her Website: "Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.  I have been online for a while now and have tons of BIG BOOB content for you"  Yes, she did big boob in all caps.

25 Responses to "Faith Nelson"

  1. Edwordrules says:

    apparently, no one else has seen her before. if you go on her website you’ll see other pictures of her with enough make-up on to hide an elephant.
    She is a boob man’s dream.

  2. Anonymous says:

    faiht best tits girl

  3. freaker says:

    God I know u guys have a lot of comments but just listen to mine. Faith used to go out with me snd it’s not worth it. She may look nice but all is not what it seems. DON’T TRY IT.

  4. Anonymous says:

    PER. FECT.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. hottestbabes.net says:

    best tits Lol

    added to Hottest babes

  7. Flash says:

    These pics are so old shes lost more weight now and even in those pics she still looks good, she did porn with her bf on faithexposed.com, i’ve got all of the vids and shes hot. Just because she aint a size 0 doesn’t mean she’s fat. Oh and Carmella Bing is still hot even tho she’s put on weight, you guys must be American because you guys love your size 0 girls, where us brits love them even if they look like faith or Carmella Bing, and if you dont like BIG BOOBS like her then I wouldn’t come to england because a lot of are girls have BIG BOOBS and HUGE ones, even the size 0 girls boobs are big and we love um.

  8. Anonymous says:


    What is her ‘REAL’ name, Faith Nelson or Faith Fielding. Check My Space link.

    She’s NOT fat, Not PLUMP!

    Don’t like it.

    Don’t look.

    I hope she gets popular in the U.S.

    Check out her MySpace page:


  9. crazeedoug says:

    Those titties look like cow udders….she needs breast reduction surgery

  10. Anonymous says:

    not fat, just curvy. and those are some delivious curves. boobs that size SHOULD look too catoon-y and fake… but somehow she gets away with it. nice find holy taco

  11. You guys are spending way too much time on her forehead.

  12. Anonymous says:

    uuh best tits

  13. Anonymoosex says:

    Sorry gays, but a medium fat chick, with the face and arms of a fat chick that lost weight, with the titties of a totally fat chick… is the best of all fat chick rubik’s cube combinations. Under porn, see Carmelia Bing.

    And fat chicks have virulent emotional issues that only can be temporarily resolved by force feeding all their holes. She won’t care if you’re a fat slob, will drink beer, will be happy you want to order pizza, and probably will get fatter. But then you find another one of these.

    Or you can pretend breasts can be “too big” and then eat fondue alone and watch Will and Grace.

  14. Edwordrules says:

    Yeah i hear you man!! Carmela Bing was hot at first and then *POOF* got all fat and what not. Oh well.

    But why do you pretend breasts are too big and eat fondue alone while watching Will and Grace? Did your BF go to an all you can eat pizza place with a beer fountain?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Some gay guy looking at her forehead???

  16. Tater says:

    she has a forehead?

    Look. This is what we call a niche girl. Guys who like large breasted thick women go nuts over her. Oh and btw… those are real. Which is flat out amazing. If they aren’t real and i’m mistaken, they are the most natural looking fake ones i have seen in a long time. This girl is for fans of girls like Brandy Talore, Sara Stone, Carmella Bing, and Gianna Michaels.

    And in my opinion, if you DON’T like big natural breasts, you are most likely indeed gay.

    You are flat out FLAMING if the first thing you noticed was her forehead.

  17. Anonymoosecock says:

    I know it’s gay but the first thing i thought of was… that’s an adorable footstool. I wonder if it rotates. Because I’d crazy glue her hands and knees like that and just spin her for easy access. Interior decoration, very gay I know.

  18. Brad says:

    I won’t lie. There is a point where tits are too big and can make a girl look less attractive. This is a classic example. If she had a smaller bra size she would probably be fucking drop dead sexy. But all I can seem to stare at is those 2 christmas hams stuffed into that hammock she calls a bra, and not in a good way.

  19. wow yeah her tits are too big not proportion to her but I don’t mind she still looks gorgeously hot to me but with that tits she got she won’t look like a decent girl though well that’s the down side of it.

  20. Pratik says:

    I agree… they look weird in that last thumbnail.

  21. Edwordrules says:

    You know, id have to agree with you guys too. Whats the point of going to an all you can eat restaurant pig out then go puke it up? its a waste of money and you probably got too excited and got full off the second plate because there was soo much to eat. Just go to a nice restaurant,eat a nice sized meal.

    On a good note, id still lick her feet.

  22. Anonymoosecock says:

    I was commenting on Brad’s comment while not replying to brad’s comment. And I like titties and don’t cry about too big boobie and dont fuck dudes, except when I sometimes get drunk and bang your two dads, which is usually when they like to describe their molestation techniques they used on you. It’s okay guy, there’s a nice anatomically correct puppet you can use to describe your pain to us.

  23. Jimpanzee says:

    Legendary. None of you would turn this down.