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Fat Kid Stuck In Skate Bowl

The fat kid knew better than to go to the bottom of that skate bowl, and when he finally made it out and was asked what the hell is was thinking, he replied with: "I thought they said steak bowl. There wasn’t any steak down there. I’m just really disappointed."
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6 Responses to "Fat Kid Stuck In Skate Bowl"

  1. Spanish guy says:

    The video was filmed in the south of Spain.
    Makes me wonder who was the smart designer of the trap, cause even if the kid is fat, the skate bowl is still way too deep.

  2. shut the fuck up Sami says:


  3. Bob Dole says:

    Rule #1: Cardio

  4. sirdrinks says:


  5. Stick says:

    How mortifying that must have been for that kid.

  6. office jerk says:

    gotta hand it to the kids at the bowl though, if they were the same kids that troll the internet, they would have been laughing and throwing dimes at him from the rim.

    but in reality, the fat kid not getting out is probably one of the kids that troll the internet.