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Fat Tuesday: Black Angus Super Burger


The culinary geniuses at Eat n’ Park have concocted a burger I would like to park myself down in front of and eat (I won’t tell you what I’ll do 2-3 hours later). This 800-calorie bohemoth consists of two 6oz Black Angus patties, two slices of cheese, pickles, lettuce and some sort of divine condiment called Supreme Sauce. As you’ll notice by the enormous photo, this burger also comes with a stylish pickle hat, which I assume is also edible.

We suggest leaving the “g” out of “Angus” when ordering it, just to see what happens.

 Source: junkfoodblog.com

4 Responses to "Fat Tuesday: Black Angus Super Burger"

  1. I haven’t had a good burger – I mean a truly, life-altering burger – in years. But this here looks pretty good and got me thinking about my first foodgasm. It was in the wee hours of the morning at the U of Albany, when we hit Dan’s (better known as “Dirty Dan’s”) for an Emmy Burger after a longass night of .5 cent Labatt Blues. The burger: a 1/2 lb. burger topped with cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo, ketchup and a fried egg on a sesame seed bun. Mmmm…gluttony. (I once ate two in a sitting.)

  2. Pants and Shoes says:

    That pickle is CRAAZY!

  3. quarrygirl says:

    omg that is disgusting!