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Terrible Fathers: A Gallery

Sunday is Father’s Day; the one day of the year that you’re required to celebrate how great your dad is.  Just in case you need a little motivation, we decided to remind you how of good your dad is by paying tribute to the really terrible fathers out there.


10 Responses to "Terrible Fathers: A Gallery"

  1. They remind me of my father. LOL Not Great!

  2. The Campus Socialite says:

    These guys suck. They probably won’t be getting a fathers day gift. If you have a cool pops here are some good ideas for Fathers Day Gifts. Not your typical ones either!


  3. randys67 says:

    Oh ok good. I’m sure the kid’s fine then while a non-blood relative funnels beer over his child seat as his Dad takes the pic.

  4. soc34 says:

    so this is like the third or fourth time that ive seen this pic (the guy with the baby and beer bong), and i totally know him. and that isnt his kid. just putting that out there. but the rest of the pics are still pretty funny.

  5. Dickhole says:

    Why the hell is that lady watching a stripper and not… ummm totally freaking the fuck out?

  6. soc34 says:

    so just because there happens to be a baby in the same vicinity as people partying then that makes the dad a bad parent? grow up, man. not everything is black and white.

  7. jamesrockford says:

    That one that is entitled nazi-bastard-dad (4 down) isn’t a nazi, per say. Just as bad, he’s a fucking Ranger’s fan. They are dirty, trashy, smelly, and quite bigoted fuckheads.


  8. dabeatros says:

    Your a fucking retard. That little girl is clearly wearing a Chelsea top and there is an England flag flying in the background. Get your facts right before you throw around insults, who is the bigot now? Prick

  9. Ookla the Mok says:

    Kid #4 is awesome.

    Dad #14 should not be on this list for he rocks.