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F*ckin’ Bears


11 Responses to "F*ckin’ Bears"

  1. gargamel says:

    Pedo bear stars!!!!!

  2. LULZZ says:

    they started filming madagascar live now

  3. philosopher says:

    the zoo will never be the same again

  4. papa santa says:

    no his face

  5. captain awesome says:

    The real joke here is the guy’s haircut.

  6. LULZZ says:

    i just noticed his hair looks like a mohawk, i thought it was shaven completely.

    epic loss.

  7. Fakelosofur says:

    Hey there, bear-fucker! Do you need assistance? I repeat, do you need assistance?

  8. dirk-dingleberry says:

    I can’t BEAR (see what I did there) anymore of these jokes.

  9. Miss Anonymous says:

    That guy just ruins the picture.

  10. The Plagiarizer says:

    Aww, a Kodiak moment.

  11. Dspayre says:

    Why can’t I comment on the midget pic? Are they too easy targets?