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Felicia Day Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Every guy has a crush on Felicia Day, and if you don’t know who she is, you do now.  Getting her big break on Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Felicia Day started her own sponsored webisode The Guild about WOW addicts.  Basically, she’s a genuine nerd, and she’s hot.  She may not be posing in slutty Leia outfits like Olivia Munn, but she’s doing a pretty good job nonetheless.
Pointless Quote: "I plan on getting several autographs myself from fantasy authors."


17 Responses to "Felicia Day Pictures"

  1. Anonimous says:

    yea ….she“s a 7.7 …almost a 8

  2. jimyt says:

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  3. pratik says:

    Because your nose is buried inside a Hustler filled with chicks that wouldn’t look twice at you if they saw you on the street.

  4. Luchinen says:

    I wouldn’t look twice at this bitch if I saw her on the street.

  5. PHATSO says:

    Owned hard and obviously perfectly accurate!

  6. xavier says:

    yea and nobody gives a shit either. this is holytaco not pillowtalk

  7. sort of says:

    That made me laugh

  8. BlackZepellin says:

    SHe’s cute and geniuine, that’s worth a LOT, kinda girl I wanna marry

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  10. sort of says:

    Fire crotch, first

  11. BeArRuStLeR says:

    Right in her face

  12. Anonymous-porno says:

    You’re a cock-taco and your full of other peoples meats.

  13. Anonymousy says:

    she said more than Hi to me, she said, let’s go to my place, do blow and fuck silly.

  14. Tatts says:

    Felicia day is very pretty and also very friendly. I’ve met her several times and every time she takes the time to say HI.

  15. knowitwheniseeit says:

    you guys are hard up…this girl wouldn’t even be the hottest girl in my office

  16. T.T says:


  17. Hugh Jorgan says: