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Hot Female Murderers That You’d Probably Go Home With

We all know that crazy women are crazy attractive, and it’s no surprise that occasionally they get away with murder. Sometimes, even the ones who get convicted clean up well. These five female killers probably could’ve lured you home. Even their criminal records wouldn’t have stopped you from following through.

1. Andrea Yates

She killed her five children in a bathtub! But it’d take much more than that for you not to go home with this vicious cougar.

2. Lizzie Borden

This rich lonely spinster killed her mother and stepfather with an axe, but look at those eyes! In her defense, she was 32 when she committed the crimes, and that’s way too old to be living with your parents. I’m sure she just got tired of them being around every time she wanted to have a foppish dandy over to the house for a peek up her hoop skirt.

3. Diane Downs

Dirty Diane shot her three kids, then tried to say it was a carjacker that did it. What a cold-blooded killer! I bet she’d be a real tiger in the sack!

4. Susan Smith

This saucy little brunette drowned her kids in a lake, blamed it on an imaginary black man, then confessed a week later! Talk about exciting! Who wouldn’t want to spend a night with this crazy catch?

5. Casey Anthony

Now, we know she was just acquitted, but we had to throw her in here since she’s probably actually guilty. She didn’t go to jail for murdering and covering up the murder of her own child, but if being sexy was a crime, there’s not a jury in the world who would’ve let this one go! Grrrrr!

19 Responses to "Hot Female Murderers That You’d Probably Go Home With"

  1. nitwit says:

    Where is forkin’ Amy Fisher ?!?


    that bitch is so guilty. 31 days and no cops but thats what happens when you have fuckin dumb hicks as jury members

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    They’re all tappable, unlike Rosie O’Donnell. Bitch is so fat and ugly!

    f agrees. Don’t you, f?

  4. Kazu says:

    I wouldn’t go anywhere with any if these ugly bitches.

  5. elvato27 says:

    Amy Fisher didn’t murder she just shot someone

  6. The Murder Hole says:

    Diane Zamora killed a cheerleader and is f*cking hot!

  7. The Murder Hole says:

    Diane Zamora killed a cheerleader and is smokin hot!

  8. Joshua says:

    Lizzie Borden almost certainly did not kill her parents. She had roughly 3 minutes to go from soaked in the blood of a double axe-murder to spotlessly clean. Not even the mightiest spinster of all time could pull that off.

  9. Sam says:

    Lizzie borden supposedly killed her parents while in the nude and thats the theory of her getting cleaned up so quickly. She wasnt convicted of killing her parents though much like Casey Anthony…you know she did it and there isnt a thing you can do about it. If DNA was an option back then, once wonders if she would have been convicted though.

  10. DizzyPsyclops says:

    Talaking about baby killers and sex is just messed up guys I mean C’mon. Absolute LOW!!!