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Five Actors Who Regrettably Dabbled In Music

Sometimes (often times) actors become so famous that they accidentally buy into their own hype. That means they take the obliging compliments they receive after a solid karaoke number, and spin them into something beyond their actual abilities. Many of them go so far as to spend time and money recording an album. They’re usually awful, and they never go away.

Bruce Willis

Blues man Bruce Willis has actually released three albums. He’s also made appearances on the Moonlighting soundtrack and the Rugrats soundtrack. No decency, this man. “Bruce, do you mind singing on a…”

“Sure thing, where’s the microphone?”

“But Bruce, you don’t even know what we were going to ask you to sing.”

“Doesn’t matter, I was born to sing. Acting is just a thing I do between singing gigs. What key is it in? I need to make sure I’ve got the right harmonica.”


Crispin Glover

Marty McFly’s dad has no fears about jumping behind a mic and spitting some rhymes. They don’t make any sense and the music is incredibly weird, he’s like a nerdy clown version of Tom Waits. You kind of have to expect that from Crispin Glover.


Edward Furlong

Super intense child star, super awful child singer.


Eddie Murphy

Repeat offender! Luckily, he redeemed himself with a string of family-friendly movies.


Scarlett Johansson

Pretty girls are allowed to do whatever they want, and everyone subject to their wretched singing has to grin and bear it. Even if they’re completely ruining a good song. YOU SOUND GREAT SCARLETT NO REALLY WE MEAN IT!

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