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Five People Who Might Be Worse Than Jennifer and Scott Petkov

Jennifer and Scott Petkov

Jennifer and Scott Petkov

For those of you who don’t know, Jennifer and Scott Petkov are a lovely young couple from Trenton, Michigan, who spend their time mocking a 7-year-old girl with a terminal brain disease. Apparently, Jennifer has a running feud with the girl’s grandmother, and decided mocking the dying granddaughter would be a great way to get back at her. She’s also taken to mocking the girl’s mother, who has already died of the same disease.

Aside from posting some poorly photoshopped pictures on Facebook, Jennifer and Scott would tell the girl that they wanted her to "hurry up and die" already, and went as far as to hitch a coffin to their trailer and park it in front of the girl’s home. While Jennifer and Scott are clearly in the running for worst people on earth, there are, in fact, a few other individuals that may beat them out. Here they are, in no particular order.

Stephen Carty
Stephen Carty

This one might be a tie. While attending a party at a friend’s house, Setphen Carty became angry when he felt his hosts were mocking his child. It’s worth noting that his child suffers from down syndrom. I have no idea if they were actually mocking his disabled child, but what I do know is Carty chose to deal with the perceived insult in a rather odd way. Rather than take the issue up with the people involved, he snuck into the room of their 20-month-old toddler and repeatedly punched the child until it threw up. Unfortunately for Mr. Carty, there was a video camera recording the assault.

Lori Drew
lori drew myspace suicide

Kids bully each other all the time. It’s an important part of life, and helped shape me into the pathetic little man I am today. But when an adult begins bullying children, a line has been crossed. When an adult bullies a child to the point where the kid goes off and hangs herself, it’s safe to say the previously mentioned line is nowhere to be found. Luckily, adults are responsible, and wouldn’t lower themselves to picking on children, right? Wrong. Meet Lori Drew, a woman who created a fake MySpace account in order to screw with one of her daughter’s classmates. Posing as a boy named “Josh,” Drew befriended 13-year-old Megan Meier. After a few weeks posing as a teenager, she began sending unkind messages to Meier, telling her that everyone in town hated her, and that the world would be a better place without her. Being a 13-year-old girl, Megan took it personally, and hanged herself. Unfortunately, Lori Drew has not followed suit.

Lee Aaron Moorer
lee moore gandma rape

Meet Lee Aaron Moorer, a fine young man, who like the Petkov’s, is from the Detroit area. Moore didn’t mock a dying girl, but he was convicted of raping his own grandmother. Now, technically, it was his step-grandma, but are we going to split hairs, here? He later begged his grandmother not to tell, and threatened to commit suicide if she went to police. To her credit, the grandmother didn’t give a damn, and now he’s serving 15 years in the big house. In her own words, "I just want him to be violated like he violated me. If he goes to jail, I hope they rape him. I hope they make him some body’s princess. I really do." Grandmas rule!

Josef Fritzl
joseph fritzl

What’s worse than mocking a dying neighbor girl? Locking your own teenage daughter in a secret dungeon for 24 years and forcing her to give birth to seven incestuous children. It was a close call, especially since this guy is Austrian, and I’m grading on a curve. But the fact that he made her raise many of the children in the dungeon was the clincher that put Fritzl over the edge. Congrats, Jennifer and Scott. You’re not as bad as this dude.

Jay Leno
jay leno

Mocking dying children and incestuous rape are pretty bad, but screwing both David Letterman and Conan O’Brien out of "The Tonight Show" is unforgivable. Add “Jay Walking” to the mix, and we might have found someone who is worse than Hitler. But hey, my grandma likes him. Of course, she’s been dead since 2003.


20 Responses to "Five People Who Might Be Worse Than Jennifer and Scott Petkov"

  1. Correction says:

    The picture you’ve posted is NOT Lori Drew, but Ashley Grills, her 18 year old employee at the time, who was in co-hoots with Lori on the bullying and the one who did most of the texting.

  2. Sheppy says:

    Those are some cool matching sweatshirts though. I’m sure they thought that through to add a touch of class to their television debut.

    Also, who has a coffin on a trailer just laying around?

  3. AlaNonymous says:

    Can we collectively get Anonymous on this?

    These people deserve some retribution in an electronically unfixable way.

  4. Shell says:

    JENNIFER PIG-COVE AND SCOTT SCUM BAG…I can’t believe the look of defiance and ugliness on YOUR hateful faces…who do YOU think YOU are? YOU two need to suffer…huge..and the karma train is on it’s way I have no doubt of that. I can hear the whistle blowing right now…brace yourselves scum bags..it’s going to be a very bumpy ride that will never end!!
    That’s right…you have opened up yourselves are world wide can of WHOOP ASS that you will never, even through your most ingenuine bullshitt and pathetic unbelievable apologies..ever be able to STOP! The damage you have done is not the repairable kind..there is nothing you can do to change the choices you have made and now your going to have to live with your most disgusting and vile choices for the rest of your life on earth..when that’s done…you will be facing HELL FOR ETERNITY…you can bet on it…so much to look forward to…WE LOVE YOU KATHLEEN…there is more LOVE in this world for you then dumb and dumber can ever unleash in the form of hate…Jennifer what have you done for you to HATE YOURSELF and your own children so much as to harm the heart of a dying child…you are very likely as much of a narcissist as Casey anthony..ME ME ME…you hate your own children..you have to or you wouldn’t do this to them let alone a dying child. What kind of other monsterous things have you done to make you hate the world so much? How can anyone HATE A DYING CHILD? How do you look at yourself in the mirror everyday without throwing up at what you see? Your children are going to hate you as much as you hate them. I pray for them..that you haven’t damaged them to the point of no return like you have done to your own life. I don’t give a shitt about you as a matter of fact I will take great delight in any and all suffering that is bestowed upon you for your filth and evil ways..but children are innocent you evil cowardly bitch.

  5. impulse says:

    Actually, it’s not terribly dissimilar to a popularity contest. You appear to be a big Leno fan (my condolences). However, the decision wasn’t as cut and dry as you seem to think.

    Part of surviving in business is investing wisely. Most talk shows require at least a year for a new show or host to settle in and start drawing an audience. Conan was on about…9 months? If Letterman or Leno himself was only afforded that much time, neither of them would have shows today. They stunk on ice their first year hosting. Leno continues to stink today, but at least he’s found an audience. The massive amounts of money NBC wasted on a new studio, and the quickness with which they drove Conan away, seems to indicate that they’re not operating like a business. If they weren’t sure they wanted to invest in Conan, they shouldn’t have signed him and built a studio and moved all his staff across the country. Once they did invest, they should have stuck with it at least a year, if not more. If you plant tomatoes in your garden, you don’t stop watering them and dig up the ground if they haven’t produced in a week.

    Conan also has a much more demographically valuable audience, so it’s not clear they were losing money on him. His audience was smaller, but Leno’s core demographic of grandparents don’t command the big advertising dollars. Around when they pushed Conan out was when the research data was coming in that would have allowed NBC to start charging more for advertising. Oops.

    Leno’s also done less than spectacularly since resuming the role, fresh from his failed Leno Show. And remember, undesirable demographics.

    While Leno was kind of a douche, this was really NBC’s fault. They couldn’t make a decision, tried to have it both ways, and it blew up in their face. The Tonight Show is a dying franchise anyway, and they’re just hastening it.

    I would disagree about Conan being on TBS is a step down though. He could have gone anywhere he wanted, and presumably chose TBS because it afforded him the the freedom he needed. Stewart and Colbert both demonstrate that cable can afford you the flexibility to craft a superior show than you could put on a network. Conan won’t have as many viewers as he did on NBC, but he’ll still have a profitable and successful show, and he’ll be free to do his style of humor, which is not 11:35 NBC style humor.

    Let’s not forget Comedy Central was a joke before they picked up a show called South Park. A breakout show defines a station, the station doesn’t define the show. If Conan’s show is a hit, TBS’s prestige will raise accordingly.

    I’m obviously on the Team Coco side, but I don’t really hold anything against Leno. He’s got his thing going with limp jokes for all audiences, and if you like that, good for you. Conan has emerged as the winner in this conflict anyway. He’s beloved by the entertainment and critical community. He has a young, demographically audience that’s been riled up. It was only from being shaken up that Conan realized this “internet” thing was useful for connecting with his audience. And he’s set to have a show that he’ll have total creative control over.

    Also, he made a shitload of money off NBC.

    So, really, while it made Conan sad, I was pretty happy when he got removed from the Tonight Show. While I watched it because Conan was on it, I didn’t really care for the format. The Tonight Show was beneath him, and it’s been reunited with the forgettable host it deserves.

  6. Trevor says:

    You had me right up until Leno. The Tonight Show was losing millions of dollars with Conan as the host!! The Tonight Show is a business. Businesses want to make a profit. A huge profit. The Tonight Show was making a great profit with Leno as the host. When Conan forced (yeah forced) NBC to give him The Tonight Show once his contract was up for renewal or he would take his show to another network is when The Tonight Show was in trouble.

    Conan was way out of his league trying to host that show. Evident by the fact that no one – no one watched. No amount of time would have helped Conan succeed. Conan was not able to keep the built-in audience and bring his audience to the show. This was not a good fit. It is not Leno’s fault. This is business and personal attacks on Leno are not needed. The board of directors were losing money and because Conan could not deliver solid ratings (he could not even deliver descent ratings)he was replaced as host.

    NBC answers to a board of directors and when the board is losing money – millions of dollars because no one was watching then they have every single right to put Leno back on as the host. Leno proved that he is the only one that can host that show. Ratings are back up (way up) again and Leno is killing Letterman in late night TV.

    Conan brought this on himself. He forced Leno out by giving NBC an ultimatum. Now look at him. He is on some low rent cable network and the fact is if no one watched him on NBC then and time will tell if any one is going to watch him on whatever station his show will be airing.

    It is business! If (big if) more people had watched him then yeah Conan would still be the host of The Tonight Show but no one watched.

    This is business not a popularity contest.

  7. Mexican Jesus says:

    Who cares?

  8. Still the representative says:

    you guys need perspective. and also your kids should be killed. so that they cannot contaminate the gene pool with your filth.

  9. Still the representative says:

    ok sorry i didnt mean that last bit. i just saw your previous post so no. but you are still a-holes and need to kill yourselves.

  10. Jame Gumb says:
    Wait, we should kill ourselves because of this post, or just in general?
  11. Still the representative says:

    I’m happy to clear that one up for you gumbo. that article sucked ass. It was like one of your most awful best 25 photo lists, in which you would post 24 pics of really hot babes/crazy ass stunts and the 25th pic would be like your mom or wife or something. but this one was in a totally different level of retardedness.

    So yeah, you should kill yourselves by any means possible. The more humiliAting the circumstances of your death the better.
    One suggested ways is to have your whole staff to collect their pee in a bucket and then you should drown yourself in it. Auto erotic asphyxiation wouldn’t be bad either. but how you bitches die is entirely up to you.

    Also sorry for the delayed reply. I had to leave.

  12. Jame Gumb says:

    I’ll see what I can do. Maybe something anal beads?

  13. Will Smith says:

    Hahah..a…ha..? What the…? I come here to laugh, not to get depressed and hate the world. I need a drink.

  14. Sinislaw says:

    seriously man, seconded.

  15. CatWhite7 says:

    No u r not the only one outraged. I think the fuckin cunts need to be purged from society in the ugliest way possible. Starting with Jennifer petvok and ending with Lori Drew I am willing to lend a hand.

  16. badcat102 says:

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  17. a mother says:

    your definatley not the only one who feels this way..i will lend a hand too..both those fuckers need to die!!!! fucking cunt thinks it’s so funny…see if they think it’s funny when we get ahold of them..can’t wait till karma comes a knocking…now that will be funny!!!!!!

  18. badcat102 says:

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  19. kcmo says:

    letterman is for old people

  20. coma says:

    ah, the worlds a wonderful place.