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88 Responses to "Flexibility"

  1. philosopher says:

    actually, I think the Art of War is one of the most important documents, and I don’t believe in Divine Intervention. I am an atheist who wants to destroy religion because I think it is ignorance incarnate

    -the original philosopher who wants to take down the catholic church

  2. philosopher says:

    congratulations, you finally acknowledged that you are a prick. that is the first step towards killing yourself, so I can hang your corpse from a tree and let the ravens peck out your entrails

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  3. philosopher says:

    no… actually its not

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  4. The Grim Reaper says:

    Cutting wrists is too messy, slow and painful.

    Instead, why don’t you go to Mexico and buy some Nembutal over the counter at a Vet Store. Drink it and you’ll be put down peacefully within 10 seconds.

    Alternatively you can just stop feeding the fire, change your username and get on with life.

  5. Philosophopher says:

    I could ask the same about you. Don’t deny you are me, you prick

  6. philosopher says:

    damn, you people are like weeds, when one of you stop, two more of you degenerates appear to make humans look bad. wait, I’m being too harsh, I like weeds a lot more than I like you pricks

  7. philosopher says:

    its not ‘head banging against the wall’ philosophy
    its ‘I’m trying to bring cultural progress to the internet, people should be trying to move forward’ philosophy

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  8. philosopher says:

    phi1osopher: go kill yourself, if you haven’t done it already
    philosophopher: go kill yourself, everyone knows your not me
    philosopher (the one who is pretending to be me): if you have nothing better to do, than pretend to be someone else so that you can sabotage them, you need to kill yourself the most

    -the original philosopher

  9. philosopher says:

    seriously, I can’t even tell you how pathetic it is, that you are trying to pass off as me. if I were to kill myself, it would be in a suicide bombing to drag you down with me.

    To the people reading these arguments:
    I am the real philosopher, it shouldn’t be very hard to find out who the obnoxious little cunt is, who picked the same name in some juvenile attempt to insult me.

  10. phillosopher says:

    life’s a bitch, now get the fuck over it.

  11. That Was Awesome. says:

    Oh and to help anyone reading this avoid getting BOMBED with replies.
    1- Don’t tell other what to do. haha yeah this ones ironic.
    People haaaate being told what to think, if anything thats a push on their freedom to say what they want.

    2- If you get burned, SO WHAT? its not like anyone cares! Someone can come along in like 4 minutes and call me a fucknut but you know what?! WHY NOT! IM A FUCKNUT! its online! who cares?!

    3- If you like feeding the fire, oh you better believe you’re gonna get burned. If you don’t like the heat, take your dick OUT OF THE FIRE.

    Man…best lunch break ever.which is sad..
    ah fuck it.

  12. philistine says:

    an eye for an eye

  13. philosopher says:

    that is what I have been saying, this whole time

  14. Phi1osopher says:

    Yes it certainly is for real. There are certain FUCKING ASSHOLES out the trying smear my good name.

    Just because I’m an sexually child/animal/mommy loving being. People think they have the right to be critical of me.

    No-one wants to treat me like the normal (dickless) human being that I am.

    - I am the real philosopher.

  15. philosopher says:

    fuck you

    I said that because you called me a cunt, not because I want to argue with you to the end of time. people know that you are not me, due to the spelling of your account name, so trying to make me look bad by sabotaging yourself is futile. I’m willing to coexist peacefully on this site, and not argue, if people would just leave me alone

  16. philosopher says:

    I didn’t bother reading this, I could feel my brain cells dying from the aura of stupidity, radiating from you comment.

    -The Original Philosopher

  17. philosopher says:

    they aren’t philosophers, they are just pretending to be me to make me look bad

    -the original philosopher

  18. Pedo Cop says:

    philosopher, I have surveillance footage of you dry humping outside the local kindergarten.

    I can also attest that you have no penis from other footage I have attained at http://www.iamtherealphilosopher.com.

    The only woman I have seen you with is your mother. This footage showed you fisting her while she was fisting you.

    I would suggest you just come clean and admit that you are also the Philosophopher, Feelosopher, philosophers, Phillopsopher Phi1osopher, GrahaemGay, Rock Spider, iluvsexwithdad, boyzrus, wristcutter and cunt.

    Your time is limited

  19. philosopher says:

    damn, everyone is trying to be me… but for the wrong reasons

  20. philosopher says:

    I only insult the people who insult me. Its that simple, if people don’t insult me, I would pretty much be like a buddhist.

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  21. Philoso pher says:

    The weak in open savannas, or heartless playgrounds end up getting disposed of for the better progression of their kind.

    I am taking it for the team. AND YOU CUNTS HAVE NO SYMPATHY!

  22. Commoner says:

    philosopher, shouldn’t you love your enemy?

  23. philosopher says:

    oh great, another imposter

  24. philosopher says:

    you want honesty? here is some honesty: I hate you… and I want to kill you.

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  25. drummist814 says:

    What a bunch of whiners. Don’t you have ANYTHING better to do than snipe at each other? Look at the pics and move on! Geez…

  26. Philosophopher says:

    So if any of you want to fuck with my philosophophies yer not gonna understand. Cause only I have no idea about philosophophy not you, cause fuck you, you are better at philosophophy than me, ok you stupid asshole thats smarter than me. Got it? Who else would fucking name themselves the Philosophopher without knowing fuck all about Philosophophy, fucking want me to repeat it again? Before I never pick up a book by Parmenides of Elea | Protagoras | Herodotus | Thucydides | Socrates | Xenophon | Plato | Diogenes of Sinope | Aristotle | Stilpo | Epicurus | Pyrrho | Chrysippus | Marcus Tullius Cicero | Strabo | Titus Livius | Tacitus | Plutarch | Epictetus | Marcus Aurelius Antonius | Plotinus | Augustine of Hippo | Proclus Diadochus Jacques Maritain | Martin Heidegger | Herbert Marshall McLuhan | Ayn Rand | Michel Foucault | Ernest Nagel | Richard Bevan Braithwaite | Justus Buchler | Karl Reimund Popper | Paul Feyerabend | Ernest Gellner | Isaiah Berlin | Richard B. Brandt | Roderick Chisholm | Willard Van Orman Quine | Stuart Newton Hampshire | Donald Herbert Davidson | Richard Mervyn Hare | David W. Hamlyn | Nicholas Rescher | Richard Rorty | Alastair Hannay | Kirti Narayan Chaudhuri | Thomas Nagel | Gilbert Harman | Malcolm Budd | Jonathan Glover | Paul Churchland | Daniel C. Dennett | Nancy Cartwright | Patricia Smith Churchland | Tyler Burge | Peter Dain Suber

    So go fucking look at the definition of Philosophopher you assholes – a wise person who is calm and rational;
    someone who lives a life of reason with equanimity. That’s fucking MEEEEEEEE!

    Fucking retarded gooses. I’m warning you all before I blow up my sex doll with a hole, because that’s how futile my existence is. Fuck it, I’m going to Mexico

  27. Philosophopher says:

    Stop talking to yourself

  28. Phi1osopher says:

    Ok I have slit my wrists.

    What’s the point in Living if its totally impossible to have a sense of humour.

    No point claiming I’m the real philosopher now because I will be DEAD soon.

    P.S. – Mommy I think it’s your fault. I mean how many children get shit-slinged instead of being hugged at night. Something’s not right, your poo smells funny.

    Bye Bye everyone

    the humorless one

  29. That Was Awesome. says:

    Out of all things that i can possibly come across at 4 in the morning on a lunch break this has to be one of the funniest threads i’ve ever read.

    We have drama, hurt feelings, name calling, bull shit and all sorts of crap. I work with crack heads and they don’t argue this much. I LOVE IT.

    Im all for cultural understanding and whatever…but online its not gonna happen. Because this is the only place where everyone can just say what they’re really thinking. Humans are racist and brutal to each other and on top of it we think its funny. So laugh at that cultural irony and wait for the next big disaster to wipe out the funniest race of creatures in this known galaxy.

    in summary. LOL ROFL OMFG you guys.. LOL.

  30. ;km/llkkjkk says:

    ok listen up guys…the other day, m stupid friend snuck and changed my myspace status to GAY…i kno fucked up, plus i jus found out today..so in response i made a youtube video to embaress him…i need you guys help, comment on it please, and gmme some stars, i need this to go viral lol heres the link


    not his kid lolz

  31. philosopher says:

    Fuck of idiot. that book is dumb.

    -the real philosopher

    (who know’s it all by divine intervention from multiple truck smash head traumas)

  32. Pheelosopher says:

    All of you out there, I am the real philosopher. Some imposter has stolen my username. If you want I can show you a picture of my bald vacant crotch to prove I am me.

  33. Philosophopher says:

    Fuck off, you stop first

  34. Takes a Prick to know a Prick says:

    I’m a prick and unfortunately you don’t have a prick, so you’re not a prick. sad. Pity the wall-banging fool with no Prick.

  35. Philosophopher says:

    You wish I had an extra O . How about you stop making extra ‘O’s in my Sexdoll. That’s more of a pertinent issue.

  36. Sun Tzu says:

    Well you might think my book is important. That is not to say you have read or understood it.

    There are certain western translations that are misconstrued, the one by George W Bush is most definitely appalling, you must have read that one.

    Gauging by your approach to this conflict. I would like to quote

    - Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.

    That would be interpreted as – leaving this website.

  37. Philosophopher says:

    Same here you cunts

  38. TD says:

    In the words of a now famous American….”Can’t we all just get along”?

  39. philosopher says:

    no… actually I hate my enemies with every fiber of my being… and I want to kill them and dance on their graves

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  40. Commoner says:

    Why would any genuine philosopher kill themselves? Does that mean, if indeed, they have a greater understanding in life, then that means we all should die?

    You guys have really confused me. What hope is there in this world?

  41. phiIosopher says:

    Fuck you all I’m going to slit my wrists because of you all, kthxbi

  42. ...Voltair... says:

    that would probably hurt, so much, if she fell

  43. ihateiraq says:

    is this for real???? are u people for real???

  44. Phillosopher says:

    Fuck this, you’re all imposters. When are you going to leave me and my mummy and pony to play games with our faeces. I like to make brown face masks in the sun.

    -the real penis-less, shit tossing Phillosopher

  45. International Insemenator says:

    You deserved it, pillow biter.

  46. philosopher says:

    once again, it isn’t very hard to see the third ‘O’ in your name. you know, its the ‘O’ that completely makes this futile

    -the original philosopher

  47. philosopher says:

    when will you acknowledge that you spelled your account name wrong, and everyone knows you’re not me?

  48. Kaitlyn says:

    This is photoshoped! Every single one of you are idiots….

  49. The Grim Reaper says:

    Cutting wrists is too messy, slow and painful.

    Instead, why don’t you go to Mexico and buy some N****al over the counter at a Vet Store. Drink it and you’ll be put down peacefully within 10 seconds.

    Alternatively you can just stop feeding the fire, change your username and get on with life.

  50. Philosophopher says:

    P.S – Anyone who thinks I dont have a penis. Its true

    - the real philosophopher

  51. Dumbo the Elephant says:

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

    -Mahatma Gandhi.

    Something only to true if you are going to compare this Satirical Vendetta aimed upon you, to that of historical injustices

    philosopher, can’t you see your hypocrisy? Your insipid words are filled with equally cruel intention, and what’s worse, is that it’s not satirical.

    I would suggest you re-evaluate how you are handling this game, if indeed you want your moral opinion or self to carry any credibility.

  52. Takes a Prick to know a Prick says:

    Thanks, Honestly is a redeeming quality, shame you cant be honest and admit you’re a Psychopathic Retard.

  53. Commoner says:

    yep, head banging on wall philosophy

  54. philosopher says:

    I’m not fighting this battle for myself, I am fighting it for all the people who want to give their opinion without being treated the way the nazis treated the Jews in WWII. Freedom of speech without persecution, is the right of all sentient beings. Why is it so hard for people to understand that?

    -the original philosopher who is trying to bring cultural progress to the internet

  55. Commoner says:

    A yes, the head banging on wall philosophy. Mostly reserved for persons of barely registerable IQ. Thank fuck you’re not in my neighbourhood, I hope.

  56. philosophuckmeinthearse says:


  57. Sun Tzu says:

    All warfare is based on deception.

    - Art of War

  58. philosopher says:

    I’m not you, because unlike you, I can spell philosopher correctly, I actually have a dick, and women don’t suffer due to my existence. I was able to defeat the other guy who tried to impersonate me, and he actually had enough brains to spell the word correctly, so what chance do you have?

  59. philosopher says:

    hey, I’m trying to make them stop, but its like everyone is shining a searchlight on me. if people would leave me alone, HT could go back to the way it was. ihateiraq, do you have any ideas how I can kill these bastards, or at least make them realize how immature they are being

    -the original philosopher

  60. Anonymous says:

    Wow, want some cheese to go with that whine? Sounds like somebody’s Huggies are getting full.

    BTW, since you registered “philosopher” as your sn, he CAN’T spell it that way, Mr. “goddamn motherfucking dumbass.”

  61. teh interwebz says:


  62. philosopher says:

    this is exactly what I’m talking about. you keep on saying that I need to let stuff go, when you just can’t let this die. back the fuck off. I should be allowed to give my opinion, without you hounding me for your own messed up entertainment

    I just want peace, and my rights as a human

  63. philosophopher says:

    Ok enoughs enough I have decided to poo myself in protest. And yes, I get scatalogical with my mummy and hamster. Can we start off with a new roll of toilet paper now?

  64. philosopher says:

    it is just sad that you are so desperate, you are more pathetic than I first imagined

    by the way, you misspelled it, you goddamn mother fucking dumb ass.

  65. philosopher says:

    I tip my hat to you, Mr. Spelling

  66. ring ting says:


  67. Anonymous says:

    How many fucking times do I have to say it? You keep getting your ass handed to you because it’s too much fun to watch you get all butt-hurt and cry like a little bitch. You want to end it? Man up, grow a fucking set, and just post and move on without worrying what anyone else says. You’ve been told this over and over and over and over and over and fucking OVER, but you’re too fucking stupid to get the message. So … you’re pretty much fair game there, Bambi.

  68. Mr Spelling says:

    2,‚,‚/ˈmÊŒmi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [muhm-ee] Show IPA
    ,noun, plural -mies. Chiefly British.

    Hail to the Philosophopher! He has experienced life outside of the Gimp box.

  69. philosopher says:

    is it really so hard for you to see a comment of mine, and just keep your opinions to yourself? why can’t you just let this feud die?

  70. Anonymous says:

    No, actually, this is exactly what I’M talking about. Time and fucking time again we tell you, just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MOVE ON, and you’ll probably left alone. But EVERY…FUCKING…TIME, you come back with your whiny-ass “boo hoo, nobody loves me, leave me alone, waah waah sob sob, peace love flowers” pig shit. The longer you fucking do that, the more shit you’re going to eat.

    Jesus FUCK. How much fucking antifreeze did your parents drink?!?

  71. Mr Spelling says:

    Well I dont reciprocate, you’re a fucking philistine

  72. JOhnny SaYs says:

    He had a space between dumb *space* ass. But his huggies continue full none the less.

    Id still totally do her

  73. Rob Grave says:

    I want crabs for my aquarium

  74. fred flintstone says:

    *snort* so true.

  75. philosopher says:

    I put out a literary bear trap, and what do you know? A retarded weasel stepped into it, hoping to grow his balls back.

  76. Ducatis4 says:

    Shes a whore I’ll bet she gets fucked a thousand times a day. And fuck you philosopher I wasn’t gonna say shit until you opened your dumb cock sucking mouth.

  77. whynot says:

    I’d like to be swimming underneath her.

  78. A. Nell Fisher says:

    You’re an unoriginal, echoing fuckstick, dspayre.

  79. Inbreed! says:


  80. katya elise says:

    thats fucking funny!

  81. I think Im going to be sick says:

    So that’s why the fish smell like that.

  82. Dspayre says:

    FYI She is releasing rehabilitated crabs back into the wild!

  83. Dspayre says:

    what a whore!

  84. philosopher says:

    most likely

  85. filucifer says:

    shes a total bitch too.

  86. philosopher says:

    she’s hot

    now lets see if people have the decency, to not be pricks, and to not randomly insult this for no real reason

  87. gargamel says:


  88. Steve says:

    She’s just trying to put the crabs back in the water.