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Flow Chart to Determine if Your Are a Sex Addict

12 Responses to "Flow Chart to Determine if Your Are a Sex Addict"

  1. Yurtle says:

    This was very weak, as HT’s flowcharts go.

  2. Flabbergasted says:

    “Are Babies Those Real?” Doesn’t make any sense. Also, the whole flowchart is pointless as there is no sex addict ending. So you might as well have said “No, you’re not a sex addict” without a flowchart in the first palce

  3. Yurtle says:

    This exactly. Upon rereading the article, I also noticed that the title of the post is incorrect.

  4. Ian Fortey says:
    Yep.  You’re quite astute.
  5. 9480 says:


  6. aPlateOfGrapes.com says:

    Har har.

  7. a dude... says:

    cool to kno tht I aint a addict,might b funny to make a flow chart about fap addicts….there r tons of those…(hell load of chicks)

  8. wolfey2723 says:

    best flow chart!

  9. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:

    i dont need no flow chart to know i like to stroke the kitty kat

  10. Yea boiiiii says:

    I giggled, good enough

  11. Timmy says:

    This was really lame. Been a lot of lame stuff on here lately.

  12. $ says:

    say lame one more time.