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A Flowchart to Determine If You Are “Gangsta”

It’s getting harder and harder these days to figure out if you’re Gansta. What does it take to be Gangsta in 2010? Is rolling down the street and smoking indo while sipping on gin n’ juice really enough these days? Do you have to drive a ’64 Impala? What about your ’93 Ford Taurus? These questions and criteria can be very confusing, which is why we’ve created this Flowchart to Determine if You are "Gangsta":

31 Responses to "A Flowchart to Determine If You Are “Gangsta”"

  1. Mr. Awesome says:

    Italian 1020, dude you’re white. And theres nothing wrong wit that, be happy

  2. Ally says:

    There’s an error in that there flow chart…… but where is it?

  3. Ano says:

    folowing “have you done a driveby?”

  4. Italian1020 says:

    bein gangster ain’t just all that, it’s also bout bein respected for bein real. Italians to stereotypes are white, but actually, in a nutt-shell, we are European-Spaniards. Pure bread Sicilians and Italians are known for olive skin and thick black, usually wavy hair.

  5. ryan says:

    Haha, I love how “Are you lying about being Yakuza…” question only has one answer

  6. poppa154 says:

    this chart is hilarious but do you actually think the ppl that think they’re gangster can actually read and follow this

  7. themetalchick.com says:

    i saw this 1 cuz i hate these types. of course, no i am NOT gangsta.

  8. carlos says:

    so even tho im mexican and i live in the ghetto and ive sold things and been in a drive by but i havnt been stabbed im not gangsta haha u forgot to ask are u in a gang haha fucken up ht

  9. Wigger says:

    Ho’d up! Ho’d up! I’m whiter than Larry Bird but I’m gansta like a mothaf’ka, ya heard!! Word, B. Word.

  10. Dwaynealessandroherbertmountaindewcamacho says:

    THIS IS CONFUSING!!!!!!@@!@!@#!#!$@$%^&*&^*p

  11. K-Fed says:

    I am a gangsta

  12. Coddock says:

    Are you ridin’ dirty? = http://bit.ly/turYg

  13. pooper says:

    Saying you’re Greek in an offence to everyone! Go fix you’re economy

  14. David Duke says:

    Since when are Italian’s white?

  15. Mr. 88 says:

    Haha quite clever!

  16. DonkeyXote says:

    Ever since douchebag’s started putting apostrophe’s on plural’s we’ve been calling them Mediterranean bitche’s honkie’s.

  17. Drew says:

    Calling them mediterranean is an offense to greeks

  18. pratik says:

    My girlfriend’s brother got to “you are not gangsta” in two steps, even though he tries to act all hard and jacks off to Scarface.

  19. Tiger Woods says:

    Your brother is DonkeyXote?

  20. pratik says:

    No but my girlfriend’s brother MIGHT be. They seem to be around the same IQ.

  21. pratik, says:

    I forgot to mention that I got to “gangsta” in one step. I am so hard in the streets that I even got my gang’s tat right above my ass crack.


  22. DonkeyXote says:

    I’m sorry, but as the head of The Village People’s Official Fan Club, pratik, you sir are not a member, nor ever will be.

    I on the other hand sucked and fucked every last one of them!

  23. Wigga' says:

    am really gangsta, my Civic has neons on the bottom, in my room in my parents house in the suburbs I take pictures wearing a scarf to hide my face, holding one of my 20 Airsoft guns. I buy pot like every other week and I finished GTA 4 already. I get plenty of bitches all the time on Yahoo instant messenger.

  24. Jason C says:

    Italians are whiteboys?

  25. crunkspot says:

    wow. now thats a dataflow diagram


  26. dfd says:

    If you know what a DFD is, then you are NOT gangsta.

  27. thunderboobies says:

    this is the most confusing flowchart ive ever fucking seen

  28. Anon. says:

    Read a question, answer that question, follow line to next question or to answer. Is that too difficult?

  29. Anon`s IQ says:

    i`m negative!

  30. DonkeyXote says:

    These are never funny! Give it up!!

  31. DonkeyXote's Pride says:

    You’re never clever! Give it up!!