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Flowchart to Determine if You Should Buy an Ipad

The Ipad came out on Saturday, and if you weren’t one of the 3 million people standing in line at the Apple store to get one already, then you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about, and whether you should be buying an Ipad, too.  Luckily, we’ve created this flowchart to help you determine if you should buy an Ipad:

36 Responses to "Flowchart to Determine if You Should Buy an Ipad"

  1. lizard lips says:

    I think its a move to start to get the public onto a new way of using the computer. I believe Apple is trying to re think the market to touch screens instead of the reg. mouse and key board. (Basically its what they did with iphones.) The price of it isn’t that bad really for a new apple product, I bet a move to get it into a lot of hands. I think their thinking of the future and what’s next and trying to take control of that market before anyone else

  2. Angel Tarrant says:

    The Apple iPad is truly a remarkable piece of engineering masterpiece. Regardless what people are saying the iPad really does do quite a lot for such a tiny device. It does get costly buying many fun apps and games but worth the price for it’s convenient size and relative performance capabilities.

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  3. Tool Bag says:

    So you bought one, want a cookie? Please refer back to Ben Affleck’s comment

    Because you sir, are a fag!
    Ben Affleck Says:
    April 6th, 2010 at 10:16 am

    apple products are for fags.

  4. Anonamaous says:

    Hahaha well said Tool Bag. You T-bagged that bitch. Fucking shitfaced homo motherfucker.

  5. Tool Bag says:

    So you are stroking your Epeen buy buying an Ipad and bragging about it. The thing is worthless and you’re a fag.

    Way to be “that guy” that has to make friends by the things he owns. It still won’t get you laid though! haha fag

  6. Tool Bag says:

    Do I think you’re a fag ——-> yes

  7. Michael says:

    I almost made it to the end, but I have $829 that’s a hassle to carry around all the time.

    Oh wait, I’ll just get the 3G model.

    Thanks for confirming that I made the correct decision.

  8. Will4four says:

    Do you think this chart is clever —-> NO

  9. JT says:

    Flash doesn’t need to be added. The next version of Flash allows devs to output native iphone/ipad applications…so anything that is made using flash can now be converted to an app quite easily.

    As for all the other whiners here….so sorry you are poor and can’t afford Steve’s latest toy, or that you can’t convince mommy to buy it for you…I and the other ipad lovers will sorely miss your company…not.

  10. lolzorz says:

    you’re cool

  11. Neo says:

    Seriously, what was Steve Jobs thinking when he decided to release this thing? It looks like an oversized iPod Touch. The bezel is so big I thought it looked like a digital photo frame at first. I’m happy just using an iPhone and most people with an iPhone will most likely think the same. It seems Apple just wants to ride on the popularity of the App Store, by delivering consumers App functionality on a larger screen.

    I can see already, people using this thing for the cool factor; someone pulls out an iPad in public to play with, he’s trying to be casual about it, people look at him as they walk by, he knows they’re wondering what it is and he imagines that those who know are envious (thus this becomes the major reason people will buy an iPad – well done Apple)

  12. Roy says:

    No Flash no Cash.

    You could not use apps like the Free Digital Signage from http://MediaSignage.com

    Not for me! Unless Flash is Added!!!

  13. I'm not ever coming back to read your whiney replies. Sorry. says:

    I didn’t think they were worth buying either. I don’t buy most apple products, but I have a job where the drawing app will come in amazingly handy. I’ve wanted a $1000 wacom for years but could never justify the price, and while this is in no means as good as that, it does a lot more for $500 less. It may not be for everyone, but to me it’s worth it for the price.

  14. Anonymasdasdasd says:

    Oh you would love to have one of those Juicy Penises right ?? Cumload sucker…

  15. I like cheese says:

    The Flow Chart looks like a PENIS!

  16. Anonymoussss says:

    no. it doesn’t. are you twelve?

  17. Yeah, it does faggot says:

    It does look like a big juicy PENIS!

  18. pratik says:

    There’s no “are you a trendy douchebag with way too much money” box.

  19. Coddocks says:

    Let’s avoid the violence of the iBook = http://bit.ly/6LG2m3

  20. Ben Affleck says:

    apple products are for fags.


  21. Ben Affleck says:

    Apparently my assumption of being first has placed me in the same category as those who choose to own apple products.

  22. Anonamaous says:

    Hahaha I think you’re both faggots. Don’t try to save it you shitfaces.

  23. Matt Damon says:

    I think you pretty cleanly took that from fail to win with that added reply.

  24. 2009 Taxes says:

    Thank goodness I don’t need the pad.

  25. stuck says:

    Awww.. I said yes about wanting a device that sort of but not really does what all that other stuff does.. now I’m stuck… I guess I’ll just wait here for an arrow to guide me

  26. Anonamaous says:

    Well my arrow’s gonna go straight into your butt. Bitch.

  27. clubf00t says:

    the ipad fuckin useless, i was fingering 1 at bestbuy and its not even comfortable to hold and navigate with. the only ppl that buy apple products 1 r the rich, douchebag, im so trendy and want to be hipster fag…fuck u Steve Jobs all u did was make a giant ipod touch

  28. Hipster Fag says:

    Helllooooo. I-anything here i come!

  29. AAAAAAAAAAA says:

    You were fingering one??? lol

  30. Those that buy an iPad should also get the accompanying iFuckMyMom.

  31. Ben Affleck says:

    Search DonkeyXote on peeping jane.com and you’ll see whose moms I fuck.

  32. DonkeyXote says:

    Thank God and the guys at HT for coming up with this flowchart, now I can determine with all empirical certainty if I should purchase an iPad.

    I love how FUNNY these flowcharts always are.



  33. Jim Deeno says:

    ROTFL, priceless dude.