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A Flowchart to Determine If You Should Fap To It

Everyday, people all over the world encounter hundreds of things that they could easily masturbate to, and sometimes it’s difficult to determine if you should or shouldn’t jerk off to something.  That’s why we’ve created this helpful flowchart to help you determine if you should fap to it:

29 Responses to "A Flowchart to Determine If You Should Fap To It"

  1. Ryanchu says:

    you could fap to everything just to be safe.

  2. tom says:

    how did you create the flowchart? what is the software used? can you let me know? it looks cool.

  3. Joshy :D says:

    Hahahahaa that guy just failed xD

  4. Melzy says:

    Ezd… you SHOULD fap to Nickelodeon. I flick the bean to it. :P

  5. egging hegeman says:

    your dick is that small?

  6. Bill JOnes says:

    Woah are you kidding me thats insane!


  7. notmale says:

    have you ever encountered a female before?

  8. confused says:

    sooo, porn starts are fake dead people?

  9. GSilver says:

    egging = fail…

  10. Sicarri says:

    …Only if you’re wearing a trenchcoat :)

  11. TheIronSheik says:

    so if you are not online and see a hot girl in the room with you that is not related….you are just supposed to whip it out?

  12. Baba Boobie says:

    First is the worst

  13. Joshy :D says:

    If i were you i wudnt have brought that up coz ur 3rd. And 3rd is the 1 with the hairy chest haha

  14. pimpin says:


  15. Off and Onymous. says:

    I fapped to this flowchart.

  16. the philosopher says:

    what the hell is fap?

  17. Chicoson says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get it either. Luckily, HT included a nice intro paragraph. I will still refrain from it and stick with classics like “jackin,” “spankin,” “whackin,” “floggin (the dolphin),” and so on.

  18. dangitbobby says:

    jerkin’ the gherkin, boppin’ the bishop, playing an organ solo …

  19. Jo4nny says:

    fap is how comic books describe masturbating. like fap-fap-fap-fap. “Oh shit, I’m home alone and the Victoria’s Secret show is on…I have no choice but to fap”

  20. Joshy :D says:

    Dude if you really dont like this flowchart then piss off you dont have to bitch about it do you. Big whup it has flaws but the point of this flow chart is not to be an actual flowchart. Personally i think its funny. So dose every1 else ive showed it to. I even have a blown up version on my wall. Dont like it then fuck off. Classic flowchart xD

  21. Jimmy Carter says:

    I really don’t like flowcharts the abandon specific choices or make assumptions. If you’re going to make a flowchart, which are logical and process-oriented on nature, don’t push people into specific decisions. Give ALL available options or you have failed.

    FAIL. This sucks.

  22. Anonymous1 says:

    That’s pretty much impossible retard as the number of options is unlimited, furthermore you will always be forced to choose even with an unlimited number you still have to choose. And choosing not to choose is still a choice. YOU fail. This chart rocks.

    OH and its a joke…moron.

  23. Jimmy Carter says:

    False. What about the box that says “Are you lying?” There is only one option out of it. Flowcharts are, by their very nature, logical decision-making diagrams. They process the flow of thoughts into a final outcome. The options are far from unlimited. And in this chart’s case, I am forced into responding in particular ways at certain points. The chart breaks at that point. If I don’t agree then the chart cannot lead me to an outcome.

    I realize it’s a joke. But there are good funny flowcharts out there. And then there are shitty ones like this one.

  24. arvin says:

    Dude, it’s no choice, because if you logically follow it can’t be anything but animals or inanimate object. You are caught in a lie.

  25. Stain says:

    Sex toy parties (the new tupperware) = http://bit.ly/4yz534

  26. Lil' Fappy McFapperson says:

    I need a flowchart to tell me when to stop fappin’. :(

  27. Mark Sanford says:

    I wish I’d have thought of that………..I might still be a contenda!

  28. ezd says:

    So by this logic I should masturbate to most of the Nickelodeon line up. No real people, no its not porn, not it does not have any people in it, however it IS animated and therefore I should beat the meat to it.

    Fail Chart.