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A Flowchart To Determine If You Should Watch ‘The Twilight Saga’ or ‘The Walking Dead’

Vampires are popular. Zombies are popular. But which type of monster is right for you? Find out for yourself with this handy flowchart designed to determine if you should watch The Twilight Saga or "The Walking Dead." Enjoy.

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twilight or the walking dead flowchart

11 Responses to "A Flowchart To Determine If You Should Watch ‘The Twilight Saga’ or ‘The Walking Dead’"

  1. Sydney says:

    LOL!! “Are you a mindless zombie?” I did a few flowcharts back in the day at university so I can definitely appreciate the challenge of coming up with a hilarious yet logical flowchart. I really disliked The Walking Dead. It was so boring. I’m more a Planet Terror guy myself.

  2. dzar says:

    hahahaha,,, good analisys…

  3. Sung Seets says:

    Nice, makes a lot of sense to me dude. Wow.


  4. an0n says:

    no, read what leads to the question moron

  5. bob says:

    I think you have the Yes and No’s on the “do you menstruate” question switched

  6. Krinkov says:

    Do you have a vagina? – No – You Should Watch The Walking Dead.

  7. Sinislaw says:

    that guys not even a villain, he won’t be making it to the second season. Obviously you don’t know many REAL racists cause that was neither over the top or ridiculous. You guys really are fallin off here. Hate to say it.

  8. Jame Gumb says:
    He’d been working with the same group of people for weeks, and then decided to start a race war at the exact moment the zombies were attacking. It also happened to be the exact moment the audience saw him for the first time. That’s a little over the top.
  9. Name Here says:

    Jane you should stick to Twilight!

    “It happened the exact moment the audience first saw him. ”

    You do know this isnt real or live, right? The writers wanted you to see him this way. Plus, in the third episode you hear from others in the camp that he acts this way all the time.

  10. Jame Gumb says:
    He always freaks out and holds people at gun point? Then why didn’t the others kill him weeks before? Why would they bring him along to the city? Why would they keep him in camp?
    He’s always a prick, but come on. That was an odd time to start a race riot. And I’m pretty sure it’s based on a true story, to answer your question.
  11. durrrr says:

    They didnt shoot him because they need the extra gun to help ensure others safety. Who the fuck cares if hes a racist he still kills zombies and they need that shit