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A Flowchart To Determine What Holiday To Celebrate

It’s Holiday Season again, and with all the options out there these days, it can be difficult to determine which holiday you should celebrate.  Luckily, flowcharts are an excellent tool for making decisions like this.  In the past, we’ve used flowcharts to determine what religion to follow, if you’re going to get laid, and what your nickname should be.  Today, we’ve created a flowchart to help you determine what winter holiday you should celebrate:

17 Responses to "A Flowchart To Determine What Holiday To Celebrate"

  1. bsc123 says:

    Festivus for the rest of us!

  2. Bruno_Too says:

    A belated “Happy Festivus!” to all!

  3. Jamie says:

    Why isn’t Winter Solstice an option?!?! I think you could have added some funny stuff if you included it. Otherwise, I love this- who knew that Kwanza would be the holiday of choice for a midwestern white chic!

  4. It’s not a holiday without the grieving of differences.

  5. Pickle says:

    Ha funny! Love the Seinfeld reference!

  6. Stuart Hannig says:

    Stupidest holiday is Christmas. Let’s go worship some knocked up biatch who lied about being a virgin. Then lets go worship some big fat white guy in red who crawls down chimneys. if he was black you’d probably call the cops.

    Best thing of the season is telling kids that santa isn’t real. or tell them that santa died. the look on their face is priceless. call me a grinch but it’s the best thing of the season. funny is when they cry about it. love it

  7. pratik says:

    Festivus it is.

  8. Anonymousy says:

    technically no… the pole should be galvanised steel and not aluminium

  9. Anonymousy says:

    scratch that… Wikipedia says it’s aluminium. I stand corrected

  10. someone that cares says:

    what the heck is wrong with you. so sorry to hear how angry you are. You are missing so much in this life, so many wonderful things that God has provided for you. I pray you someday soon are able to loose that cloak of doom and gloom and are able to experience the most wonderful thing in this life, love and peace.

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you!

  11. Dude this is awesome… Soo true on every aspect.

  12. Clunky says:

    Celebrate Christmas like a chump = http://www.bit.ly/4IPtNC

  13. Johnny Rocket says:

    Holy smokes man, thats amazing. dude.


  14. Leki says:

    I think this chart is not 100% correct,for example in Hungary, Christmas is two days (+Christmas Eve) celebration. I think it counts as multiple days.

  15. Sky says:

    Just so you know Hanukkah has no religious significance, it’s a festival.

  16. Denniswestler says:

    Just so you know, you are totally wrong!
    Chanukah is a religious holiday celebrating the re-dedication of the Second Temple.
    Don’t speak from ignorance!
    Christmas(these days)is considerably more secular!!!

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