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A Flowchart to Determine What Your Nickname Should Be

Flowcharts are a great tool for finding solutions to difficult problems.  That’s why we’ve created a flowchart to help you solve one of the most difficult problems of all: what to use as your super-cool nickname.

22 Responses to "A Flowchart to Determine What Your Nickname Should Be"

  1. Dr. Diddles says:

    hahaha the logic on this is priceless

  2. Grim says:

    coyote girl? = http://bit.ly/p8Dx6 is that you?

  3. Dr. Slim Shorty Killer Fatass Beastman, M.D. says:

    I see no humor in this.

  4. Justin Timberfake says:

    I see no humor in your comment.

  5. House jerk says:

    I see no human in your continent

  6. iPooed says:

    I see no hubris, and you’re incontinent.

  7. Ape Dick says:

    I see no hubcaps, and you’re correct

  8. dontPlayWellWithOthers says:

    I see no.. aww, shucks, I fucked it up, didn’t I?

  9. Dr. Dawg says:

    I see you fucked this up

  10. Mr X says:

    Yo Dawg! I heard you like fucked in something fucked up…

  11. Mark says:

    It’s not really that funny, but I did laugh a little at the nickname “beastman being contingent on wether or not you’ve shit in a urinal.

  12. Clippy says:

    It looks like you’re trying to bring this thread back on topic.

    Need help?

  13. office jerk says:

    so. I’m tall and skinny and have a college degree. my nickname should therefore be P-Dawg?

    i don’t get it…

  14. linkage it's says:

    how about R-Tard? you get that?

  15. breda says:

    love yo ass

  16. JIm Deeson says:

    Holy taco dude, no way that is the craziest thing I have ever seen!


  17. Dankoozy says:

    Shat. The past tense for ‘shit’ is ‘shat’

  18. ZaZ says:

    I shat therefore I was.

  19. DNA says:

    Did You Create This Flowchart?
    Your Knickname Should be “LAME-WAD”

  20. That_Guy says:


  21. This isn't funny says:

    This is not funny. It’s total shit. Edit this with a tag that warns people of it’s shittiness. My comment, like this entire rejected ripoff of Cracked, is also unfunny and shitty.

  22. Jerry Thompson says:

    Hey Glen – This is the exact copy of the new HEALTH CARE PLAN ! Jerry T.