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Forrest Gump 2: Welcome to Hell


10 Responses to "Forrest Gump 2: Welcome to Hell"

  1. Dark22 says:

    He is about to eat Granny !!!

  2. Sean Nicholls says:

    FFFFCKING GWWAAARRRRR!!!!!! go to teefury. com

  3. Sean Nicholls says:

    WHERE IS ZOG?!?!

  4. Woogeroo says:

    It is ODERUS URUNGUS of GWAR, out amongst the slaves.

  5. pratik says:

    “That’s a lovely scarf. Where’d you find it in such a cute shade of baby blue?”

  6. Ben Affleck says:

    He’s either going to comicon or a scientology meeting.

  7. Bill Schulz says:

    Nope, he’s on his way to Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

  8. Larry Schitthaus says:

    GWAR Rules.

  9. youknowscarecrow says:


  10. seudafed says:

    Yig comes and you die