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FTW Indeed


19 Responses to "FTW Indeed"

  1. road king says:

    Jay Leno fucking sucks.

  2. the best says:

    do u no what FUCK ALL OF U BASATRDS coz none of u no what u r talking abt, oh nd btw i love big cocks up me back nd front at the same time!! i’ve dont that b4 and man woz i on a roll or what. the 2 guys had really big cocks as well so it made it feel REALLY GOOD!!

  3. Ben Affleck says:

    Co Co is Conan. Got that much. Don’t know HOW it’s Conan, but I probably would if I ever gave a fuck about that guy.

    And nice try. Co Co for the win only in the massive payout. Co Co for the DEEP FAGGY LOSE if he EVER does anything after that. 30 Million? Guy could never work again and live an epic ass life with those riches. He’d have to be a pure piece of silly shit to work again. Because, you know, nobody LIKES their jobs and it’s ALWAYS about money.

    san dimas high school football rules

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    Are you one whiney little bitch, or what?


  5. Ben Affleck says:

    You think I’m whiny here? You should hear me in real life… If you could hear over the sound of my motorized wheelchair, portable iron lung, and whistling nasal cavity brought upon me by 36 years of sun deprived malnourishment and general faggotry.

    Besides, I guess that makes 2 of us. Congrats, we both suck. And yes, I do mean cock as well.

  6. God's left nut says:

    go fuck yourself jay leno

  7. road king says:

    stfu asshole

  8. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    I wouldn’t mind having some dark meat myself.

  9. Ann T Christ says:

    Me too. I like the big fat ones!!! Little dicks don’t please me much these days, not after that rupture I suffered with Ralo. Boy, was he huge!! I thought I was being fucked with fire stinguisher!

  10. gofutyurself says:

    OMG, never been first, so freakn exciting!

  11. gofutyurself says:

    I also like big black cocks up my ass.

  12. DonkeyXote says:

    So do I! Would you like to come over, my basement might be a little messy, I haven’t cleaned up in years.

  13. Joe The Asshole says:

    I got a big fat black cock to fill you both… bring your sisters and you mommas I’ve got enough for everyone.

  14. Jay Leno says:

    Listen guys, most of you are faceless cock sucking losers who still live at home and jack off on their 10 minute break in the parking lot of Taco Bell or Home Depot etc. . I don’t give a fuck what you think of me! I bet I’ve fucked most of your moms and at least half of your’ dads so eat a dick and die losers! Also, “CO- CO” an a unfunny pasty Mick!

  15. The REAL Olala says:

    I know who you are, you’re that unfunny suicidal ginger kid that thinks he has a say on who can and cannot comment on HolyTaco!!!

    Go jump in front of a 18-wheeler truck! or are you too tired from jacking off TWICE to pictures of barely naked women on HT?

  16. Dwight K. Schrute says:


  17. road king says:

    Fuck you, douche bag coco moron

  18. shit says:

    fuck jay leno

  19. Brucey says:

    another douchebag who is with co-co, even though conan’s ratings blowed, and his new format was lame. Poor CoCo with his 30 million dollar pay-out. They both suck.