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Funny Local Commercial

The latest local commercial from Rhett and Link. 

5 Responses to "Funny Local Commercial"

  1. Hairy says:

    They can always practice on my pubes.

  2. lunchboy says:

    that was a catchy tune! they can write my lunch eating theme music! speaking of which, today, i had a bunch of mini nathan’s weanies on a potato roll with some shredded cheese and ketchup. with a caffeine free, diet iced team with lemon. do you like kethchup? let me know!

  3. Harry Clark says:

    Sounds gross. On another note, those chicks were pretty bone-able, especially the two blondes. I wonder if Rhett and Link got any…

  4. lunchboy says:

    yea. i wonder if they like ketchup, too!

  5. aaronmcl says:

    sounds like weird al singing the theme tune!