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Gary Busey Is A Very Good Salesman

Gary Busey Is A Great Salesman – Watch more free videos

I don’t know what Gotvmail is, but Gary Busey’s bear-related sales pitch really makes me want to buy it or download it or whatever it is I have to do to get it.

Let’s break down what Gary actually says in this video: You should get Gotvmail so grizzly and black bears, whose fur have been dyed white so they can get protective status from the government, can come after you because Gotvmail lets your phone ring anywhere and lets you get voice mail on your computer.

I wonder if Gotvmail also provides it’s customers with the piles and piles of cocaine that made Gary’s brain go bye-bye.

via gorillamask

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6 Responses to "Gary Busey Is A Very Good Salesman"

  1. Stephen67 says:

    Step1: bleach bears
    Step2: ??????
    Step3: Profit!

  2. General Chicken Says Says Says says:


    does busey sound like he has emphysema? (sp)

  3. JW says:

    Busey is my Hero!

  4. JoeMoFo says:

    The polar bear is the only one on the endangered list?

    Man thats Racist.

    How come the white bear is protected, but the black and brown colored ones are.

    Aint that sum bullshit

  5. JoeMoFo says:

    **arent… long day today

  6. Spell says:

    aren’t ?