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Gary Glitter Gets ‘Nam Prison Makeover

All of my knowledge of prison comes from either TV or movies (Oz, Shawshank Redemption, Gaytanamo) but I assume that all the ass-rammings, ass-beatings, ass-blitzings and ass-assings would leave a man a little worse for wear. Especially guys that go to prison for molesting little girls. As you can see from the photos above, before his prison sentence, Gary was more flamboyant than Liberace’s dental dam. But after three years in a Vietnam prison, Gary looks like Mr. Miagi. I guess this either means that Mr. Miagi and Daniel had a much closer relationship than Karate Kid’s 1 or 2 implied, or Gary Glitter is sending a clear message that he plans on molesting Ralph Macchio. Either way, no one wins.

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2 Responses to "Gary Glitter Gets ‘Nam Prison Makeover"

  1. Frank Galikanokus says:

    He was in prison in Vietnam. That’s why he looks like Uncle Ho. However, after release from prison in Vietnam, he flew straight to Bangkok, but Thai authorities wouldn’t let him in the country. So he’s been wandering out the the Bangkok airport, looking for a way out.

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