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Gene Simmons Has A Sex Tape

There are a few people in the world that I don’t want to see having sex. Some of them are: Penn Gillette, Arnold Palmer, Frank Stallone, that cerebral palsy chick from Facts of Life, Flozell Adams, Burt Wolf, Brian Dunkelman, Maxi Priest, Scottie Pippen, Rachel Dratch and Louie Anderson. I used to think that Gene Simmons was on that list, but I just watched his sex tape he made with some Australian model known only as Elsa. See, you learn something new about yourself every day.

9 Responses to "Gene Simmons Has A Sex Tape"

  1. Alan says:

    Click the word sex tape

  2. Clit Wizard says:

    big tounge little dick

  3. anon says:

    poor gene. little talent+ little dick= big ego

  4. Steve says:

    So even the great gene simmons can have some awkward uncoordinated sex like normal people huh, interesting.

  5. doc says:

    hes a washed up, has been. he lives off fame he had 20 years ago. what a loser.

  6. seth says:

    yeah but you lot would die to fuck that model so fair play, even if it is just money getting him laid!!!!

  7. Chris says:

    wow you would think it was his first time getting laid. How lame.

  8. u says:

    i will give my right ball to fuck that biitch,any day.