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George Bush Is Pretty Funny

George Bush is Funny – Watch more free videos

It’s nice to know that, despite his busy schedule, the president of the free world is willing to make us all laugh from time to time. Thanks, George.

16 Responses to "George Bush Is Pretty Funny"

  1. Mack says:

    Funny eh? how such a stupid human could become a president of a big country :D

  2. Bundy says:

    Well let’s see: He got elected twice, his buddies in the oil industry are filthy fucking rich, he invaded a country, then he convinced 2 nations that another country had something to do with an attack(which they didn’t) , all so that he could settle a grudge for his daddy, and get some free oil , and also get some new air force bases. And the kicker, whoever gets elected president next is going to be blamed for the epic failure, especially if it is a democrat. I would have to say the guy is pretty smart. Throw a sex scandal in there and he’s a straight pimp.

  3. unPC says:

    At the very least, that “free oil” business isn’t working out so well.

  4. Bostonlongstroke says:

    I shit-you-not… knock out this donkey’s front teeth, throw some ultra-rare shot-glass lens specs on this guy, and we’ve got Gary The Retard from Stern(Howard), as our country’s top representative!

    ….You gotta be fuckin’ shittin’ me?! …Tell me again, how did this dude make a 2nd term?

    …Thank God it’s an election year!

    I’ve seen Meth-heads that seemed as though they were 1 puff away from takin’ an indefinite siesta, that I’d rather have as a temporary stand-in. Than, this arrogant jackass that achieves new levels of suckitude, on the daily!

  5. sudsdrinker says:

    yeah how did clit-on get elected twice

  6. NotAFool says:

    Sorry, Obama’s only been elected once so far. You’ll have to wait ’til 2012 to see if the worst President in history is elected twice, but hopefully not. Carter, the previous title holder, wasn’t.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Technically he was also the best president in U.S. history because his approval rating was over 90% for over 2 months, no other president has ever done that.

  8. Mr. Balls says:


    I agree, how else can you explain how the worst President in history ends up elected twice. TWICE?!?!

  9. Jacob says:

    Screw what everyone says, I’d hang out with the dude any day.

  10. Jacob says:

    (Btw I have a full scholarship to college and a 35 on my English ACT and i still screw up words when I’m speaking, its a disability where your mind thinks too far ahead while your speaking… it doesn’t mean he’s completely dumb. Just something to think about)

  11. ben says:

    Republicans are stupid. That’s why they will win the elections. America is full of fellow stupid people

  12. Martin says:

    All women are filthy lying whores. All children are evil midgets in disguise. All schoolteachers are SEXY (speccially the old ones). See? Broad generalizations are fun, and accurate!

  13. Bod says:

    I think that George W. Bush is a reader of Holy Taco….and he uses the name «Martin» to leave commentary!!

  14. Dob says:

    I don’t think Martin knows what he’s saying. That made no sense buddy

  15. AlcoLOL says:

    Here’s what I would do with G-Dubbs (Bush):

    1) Get completely drunk and attend a UN conference, and throw paper airplanes at Vladimir Putin. Bush would then address him as “Vladdy Puddin” (I would laugh and we would do our secret handshake, “Air Force 69″)

    2) Smoke a joint and go to a Journey reunion concert

    3) Saran wrap Cheney’s toilet, then kick open the door and shoot paintballs at his ass

    4) Go skinny dipping in the Reflecting Pool (Probably after the Journey concert, and a few shots of Jack Daniel’s.)

    5) Draw a mustache on the Lincoln Memorial, then take a shit in his lap. Bush would call him a “Founding Faggot” and I would laugh at his failed allusion.

    6) Raise the Terror Alert to High, then tell the press that we were out of Fritos.

    7) Order 20 pizzas to Obama’s house, then Bush would cry and say “Why is some dumb Negro named Osama takin’ my place!?” And I would say, “Here here, Mr. Prez. We need change!” Then we would end up taking the pizzas and throwing them at Hillary. That fat bitch.

    Here’s what I would do with his daughters:

    1) Something that involves whipped cream, a funnel, and baby oil.

  16. Naked_hilary says:

    As long as there is bush in the office, we are ok.