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George Bush’s Doodles During Obama’s Speech

Doodling is a good way to express what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling in a situation.  From time to time, we like to show you what people were doodling during important events in history.  Which is why we were so lucky to come across George Bush’s doodles during Barack Obama’s inauguration speech. Enjoy.

144 Responses to "George Bush’s Doodles During Obama’s Speech"

  1. sinnerjizm says:

    In fact I’m a flaming gayboy myself so I’ll also offer my 3″ meat tube for your pleasure.

  2. Ed says:

    Just because we are a herd of Obama zombies doesn’t mean we necessarily want some brothers in here. Go back to Thuglife.com and leave us white college boys alone.

  3. The Todd says:

    Desperation Five!

  4. He wrote "closet gays" says:

    The point “typical right winger” was making is that the republican, Fox Skews watching, anti-government, gay bashing, closet-racist, self-declared-holier-than-thou-patriots, are probably gays themselves. The day they come out of the closet their cocks will unclog and they might start to think straight and vote “liberal” instead.

  5. huh says:

    WTF is HP LoveCraft.

  6. Juan Hung Lw says:

    Hey don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for the nigger that hasn’t done anything he promised.

  7. Antidote says:

    Rants. That’s all these are. Shameful rants with no respect for one another. No respect for opinions. No respect for ideas. Just ranting on with little or no clue that the real enemy is the hate. If we can’t treat each other with respect, who will?

    The real enemy is the poison within you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    All right you got me I really am black. It’s hard to tell here though isn’t it. For all you know I’m some upper middle class black student with parents who are a real estate lawyer and a marketing rep for a large telecommunications provider. Maybe my parents and I voted for McCain.

    Maybe I’m just messing with you and want you to believe that so when I start talking politics with all the other white students in my 95% white polulated University I can fit in and be part of the conversation when I actually voted for Obama because of the color of his skin. Maybe you can all just kiss my black ass because that’s what you’ll be doing once the playing field is level you sister fucking cracker ass balogna eaters.

  9. Told ya so says:

    The real enemy is your ugly ass mama liberal slut who takes it up the ass…

  10. Near the End says:

    Illiterate and racist and full of hate. What a scary world.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I ESPECIALLY love how a totally innocent and unbiased comment evoked such a strong and emotional reaction particularly in comparison to the completely off topic “cock-sucking banter that has taken place preciously on this page. My enjoyment of the Cthulu reference came purely from its seemingly random placement. In regards to H.P. Lovecraft, Cthulu is about all I know about him or is work having never read anything by the man. I was unaware that possessing a certain knowledge in the vaguest sense of a literary icon made me, and I quote, “queer and a “wretched monkey. You couldn’t possibly know how much I appreciate the fact that you took the time to inform me about my personality, being so well informed, like you are, of who I am. Have a fantastic day you raging lick knob.

  12. office jerk says:

    best comment thread ever

  13. office jerk says:

    ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn … bitch!

  14. Aonnoymuos says:

    I think the shading in the doodle is excellent. It must have taken hours alone on BHO’s upper lip.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love your H.P. Stufmibum reference you queer book nerd.
    Go back to your Avon romance novels and stop wasting our bandwidth you wretched monkey.

  16. Dr. Reel Al It T says:

    Hitler was a faled artist because he could’t be submisive to his sub con she us mind and use his imagine nay shun.
    Look’s like GW had a little more skill than a 6th grade art student.Most people who spend more than one hour on this kind of useless use of information(this type web site) have serious social and phscological need’s and are in need of help from either a preist a wicca preist a shrink a pill a joint a cold shower a long walk outside a freind a life a job a girl freind a pet.NO REALLY GET SOME HELP.

  17. dannie78 says:

    hi does anyone wanna be friends on here?
    my name is dannie walters

    call me 309-573-3034
    or try me at 309 573-3032

  18. tdawg says:

    color has nothing to do with how smart a person is

  19. NASCAR!! says:

    man fuck Obama, damn nigger

  20. Anonymous says:

    Shut the fuck up, Tool Shed.. Told Ya So… whatever the fuck your name is. This isn’t the FOX News site, it’s Holy Taco. Comment on the pic (very funny IMO) and move the fuck on. Take your half-assed, right wing bullshit to another site.

    Oh before I forget… Congratulations on jumping from one trendy bandwagon to the next so quickly.

    Wagon One: Affluent white people who say they voted for Obama in public when they really didn’t.

    Wagon Two: Affluent white people who claim they voted for Obama but were deceived.

    FUCK OFF already!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Actually I’m really not black but a rather an arrogant white college student who has no idea about anything other than what I learned in high school and read on the internet. So pay no attention to how I come off as too uppity to use the word cock in my replies. Truth be told I love the cock especially a big black one right down my throat. I love this site becasuse it’s so filled with same thinkers like me who so want our new president to be something he can’t be. At least I can tell black people I voted for their man and they’re like “Go on white boy.” Man that makes me feel so hip to be down with the black man’s tribulations.

  22. Not That Guy says:

    Yeah boooo for Fox news. All we have for a come back is “shit on fox news.” So take your Fox news and scram. Go tell Fox news we don’t want you here. Fox news blows. Uhhhhhhh….Fox news isn’t correct and any we hate Fox news. Gee I ran out of stuff about Fox news. I have to go anyways there’s a good report on Fox news right now and I’m going to watch it so I have some more shit to talk about their bad reporting. Down with Fox news.

  23. Anonymous1 says:


  24. A N onymous says:

    Niggers smell

  25. NYBALA says:

    Shut up Told Ya So beotch fo I squeze my black cock up in yo racist craker ass mouth…Gobama!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am a fan of Obama and I think the doodles are funny…. especially when I read them in my head with “dubya’s” accent… I can’t help but laugh.

  27. Anonymous says:

    that was quality bashing unlike the retarded jargon most people use today on the internet. Well done.

  28. conservative whitey says:

    “Aren’t white people the ones who smell like wet dog when we come in from the rain?”

    Just the lib-tards and wiggers, but luckily niether are typically smart enough to come in from the rain.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I also wanted to add that although I’m black that isn’t why I voted for Obama. Although you would think that we all did judging by the turnout of black voters voting this election. I guess we all got excited and just jumped at a chance for a black man to turn it around for us getting stepped on for so long. Get ready for some “change.” Now I don’t know what kind of change as he hasn’t spelled that out yet but still.
    Black Power!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s hilarious how almost everyone that has commented is trying to convince readers that they are mature enough to handle the situation at hand when they commented about dicks and cocks in their mouths every other sentence. If you’re trying to make a point, stop acting like a fucking 13 year old and act like you actually have something worthwhile to talk about. I happen to get the link for this site from a friend and I think people like Told Ya So waste so much time on this fucking website. Do you actually have a life? Or do you just sit at home on your computer and comment about how stupid you think Obama is? Sucks for you, but we have another four and hopefully eight years of this. He actually has something to offer, so get past his skin and listen.

  31. Ed says:

    Typical Right winger:

    liberal RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE liberal RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE liberal liberal RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE liberal RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE liberal media RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE liberal liberal liberal [Add egotistical rant about denying people help from the government so they feel better about themselves]

    The people on these comments also have a strange fascination with cock. Explains why there are more closet homosexuals in the Republican party.

  32. ZeldaTheSwordsman says:

    POPCORN! Well, someone had to break up the monotony.

  33. Borat Hussein Osama says:

    Isn’t it funny how the world today can be summarized by a witty word play?

  34. MC Hardcore says:

    while mostof you are bitching about something stupid; i dunno i dont wanna read it, anyone notice it says Cholon ext to the octopuss

  35. sinnerjizm says:

    Hey Anonymasshole,

    What’s the problem with another cock up the ass? Yours should be stretched pretty wide after the last 8 years

  36. supermanlymangunowner says:

    usually i dont give a fuck, but “vote based on color” is definitely a false statement for the majority of people who voted for obama.
    lets look at the facts:
    a large majority were college kids, and john mccain is like 347 years old. he cant relate to the new generation of voters.
    he picked SARAH PALIN as his running mate, she couldnt even handle the stress of being the governor of ALASKA……FUCKING ALASKA , let alone be vice president.
    Obama was a much more polished speaker, sounded way more articulate, and had a cool and collected temperament, he plays basketball, smokes cigarettes and seems like an all around cool guy. He wasnt a part of the privelaged families that have been running this country for years…….BUSH WAS THE SON OF A FUCKING PRESIDENT. WHO VOTES FOR THE PRESIDENTS SON,REALLY? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH COKE HE MUST HAVE BEEN DOING IN THE LATE 80′S.

    I would have voted for Mccain against John Kerry definitely, but Mccain is passed his prime.

    im sorry i know you meant well , but there was way more reasons to vote for obama other than he was black

  37. Anonymous says:

    Actually, it says Cthulu. Which is from a book by H.G. Wells I believe. It is “one of the ancient gods of the universe”, and most artist depict it as a fucked up alien-octopus-shrimp thing.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Yeah well the Fox news thing is all I got.

  39. Anonymous says:

    In four years at the bottom of another doodle will read

    Names for my book:
    *How I screwed the U.S. with my black cock
    *Sheeple, my core support
    *Fooled them once, damn no 2nd term
    *Change, LOL, I don’t know what I meant by it either
    *How the 2nd Messiah failed
    *False prophet: how to for idiots

  40. Ed says:

    Typical Left Winger:

    BLAH BLAH I much cocks all day BLAH BLAH I learned it from my Mom BLAH BLAH I don’t have a job BLAH BLAH I need welfare BLAH BLAH I need government handouts BLAH BLAH Damn, I got a STD BLAH BLAH Note to self: vote based on color BLAH BLAH Come up with humorous joke about Bush’s(Yale and Harvard grad) lack of intelligence BLAH BLAH Lather, rinse, and repeat

    People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?

  41. yeah says:

    i agree

  42. Anonymous says:

    I love the random H.P. Lovecraft reference

  43. Told ya so says:

    I get all my info from those who speak the truth. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin. They will take this country to where it needs to be, not in the hands of some black man.. GO SARAH!

  44. I think we smell says:

    Aren’t white people the ones who smell like wet dog when we come in from the rain?

  45. George Bush says:

    Ride that horse sun and ride it good :-)

  46. Anonymous says:

    HP Lovecraft, dummy. If you don’t know something, then at least google it and pretend you know it.

  47. Alright HAHA says:

    I’ll give this a pity laugh just cause all those name mentioned are aremica ennemies!!!!

  48. Claude the gay says:

    Cocaine for sale. Some pure GW Bush shit.

    Email me claude@wclassrecords.com

  49. Pole smoking donuts says:

    I love a fat gay cock deep in my ass. Blow that sperm load all up my colon. Now pull it out and wipe your shitty dick all over my face. Can you feel it!

    I love it when you pound my asshole and we are listening to the brand new Marc Mysterio techno house track. I want to do poppers and shove Qtips up my dinkhole.

    Claude Lapointe

  50. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    Bad comment on the homosexual thing bro. You do realize that most gays and lesbians are on the Obama side of the fence right? Don’t try to bash the homosexuals and defend the deomcratic party in the same sentence you douche.

  51. hobo says:

    obama’s awsum

  52. bastardfins says:

    my moms weird like that too

  53. Anonymous says:


  54. Basterdfins poppa says:

    Get back in the itchen and make me a steak you lousy turd knocker in a dress

  55. sinnerjizm says:

    I thought you said sperm. I was all excited and lubing up here
    getting all sticky in my hair and shit, its the bomb!
    Dang I need some latex gloves Im all out
    I fill dem up with mayo and fuck the shizzy out of them muthas
    sinnerjizzing on my walls of using that goo to hang my Transformer posters up
    My moms is all trippin like yo son its all stinkifid in yur room like a Vegas ho house quit yer yankin and start rakking the leeves in the yard fool
    I cant wait to leeve this oatmeal and pot pori prison

  56. cory says:
    It’s similar to a spork, but instead of the fork part, it’s an axe.
  57. bastardfins mom says:

    shut up son

  58. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    Obama rules the white man’s land now turkey. He said we would get reparation from the white man….Holla!

  59. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad you disapprove. It’s your turn to hate the president. After eight years, I’m glad to see the tables turn.

    Suck the black cock of democracy.

  60. Anonymous says:

    emmm… “goes” to the shitter. you mean the brown stuff has’nt already reached your lips ?

  61. Told ya so says:

    See how funny this is when the Country goes to the shitter after Osama….er…Obama has his way with it.

  62. Not That Guy says:

    How could Obama put the country in the shitter when it’s ALREADY THERE? Makes no sense.

  63. bastardfins says:

    ann coulter is a bitch

  64. yongg says:

    Only ignorant people use liberal as if it were an insult. Liberals tend to be more educated yet they are called morons often. It’s weird.

  65. @ nikki says:

    “inteligent comment… vulgar…
    go volunteer or something, you pricks”
    nice touch!

  66. patriotism 101 says:

    you don’ like it, you can gyeeet ouut!

  67. Not That Guy says:

    “Where the fuck do you people come up with this shit?”

    Fox news and Ann Coulter, I’m guessing.

  68. Told ya so says:

    You’ll be the one sucking the black cock of democracy when you’re in prison because you thought “change” meant that you don’t get punished any more after you rob, rape and steal.

    Nobody’s getting a free ticket for an easy life, so quit your celebrating and go back to the food stamp line and keep saving up for those dubs.

  69. Told ya so says:

    Go fuck yourself!

  70. nikki says:

    clearly these commenta are being posted by immature boys who are incapable of forming an original idea to comment. you all sound the same…vulgar, immature, and completely used-up responses. while this country could certainly benefit from change, quit playing the race-card bravado, and start changing your own warped view of society, and make some positive changes of your own. Soooo cliche, and it gets you no-where. Obama would not be proud of your adolescent banter. go volunteer or something, you pricks.

  71. Not That Guy says:

    I get my information from the liberal slanted media like MTV all the while not paying attention to see if what they are telling me is true or not and just the version that makes the Dumbocrats look good.

  72. atdsa is a smart moderate says:

    atdsa must be the smartest man alive, because he doesn’t choose sides. He probably doesn’t vote, lift the toilet seat, or turn while driving. That would mean committing to something instead of trying to sound smart. Fuck off and pick a side you pussy.

  73. thejackyl says:

    “You’ll be the one sucking the black cock of democracy when you’re in prison because you thought “change” meant that you don’t get punished any more after you rob, rape and steal.”

    Where the fuck do you people come up with this shit? Do you have any functioning brain cells in that thick skull of yours or is it just a bundle of nerve endings like in insects?

  74. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    More importantly, why are they on this site? I’ve noticed that Holy Taco has an unusual and unhealthy amount of right-wing shit-for-brains commenters. What’s up with that? Cory?

  75. Told ya so('s true feelings) says:

    Wow! You are right and I am wrong!

    I find democracy’s black cock delicious, thank you!

    Go freedom!

    Go change!


  76. Not That Guy says:

    They probably read and interpret using their brains and not rely on pussy liberal slanted garbage we usually are bombarded with. I mean G.W.B. spent 47 million on his inauguration and the media couldn’t stop talking about it. Now Obama comes in and spends 120 million and we don’t hear a peep from the media. I don’t know about you but I’d rather slam the Republican even though the “Golden boy” outspent him by almost triple. I wonder why we act like zombies and can’t think for ourselves?

  77. atdsa says:

    Would you guys just shut up. This political “arguement” sounds like the dribble I’d hear on the politically based news stations. That’s right I said it, THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME THING REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT. They both shout at eachother without getting any real point across or talk about the real issues behind the topic their discussing. This is why get my political opinion from The Daily Show or C-SPAN.

  78. Master says:

    only an ignorant ass wipe would think that just because you are a liberal, you are more educated. How stupid are you? You mother fucking piece of shit, bitch ass pussy! Most people that claim someone else is ignorant is a piece of shit! So congratulations you piece of shit! Go find one hundred people that live on the street and find out their democratic party affiliation. I bet a majority will be liberals. Then maybe you can go suck some dude’s cock and choke on it, you ass hole.

  79. UhHuhHer says:

    Stumbled across this website during an insomniac moment, directed through an AOL link. I find this particular political commentary both amusing and depressing. I think it’s funny that the authors of comments who type “n” instead of the full word “and” say “peeps” instead of “people” can kid themselves into thinking that their opinion on serious issues like political ideals and affiliation matters. You’ve been learning the English language your entire life and you still can’t express yourself worth shit, so what does that say about your higher-functioning capabilities? As a 21 year-old from a poor family struggling to pay my own way through college, I understand a lot of people cannot afford private schools and expensive tuitions. But there is absolutely NO excuse being an offensive illiterate idiot. There’s this thing called a public school system, and reading up on subjects of your own volition. Why don’t you try spelling entire words and using punctuation before tackling the harder stuff? Intelligence is looked down upon these days- there are always words like “elitist” being tossed around- and it’s such a fucking shame. People will probably respond and tell me I have a superiority complex and say, “I wish we could all be so smart” etc. but I know with what knowledge I do have, there is still SO much I still need to learn. Which is why I can’t take any of these nonsense comments seriously…with people typing that their information is all factual and correct, and the opposing side’s information is lies and bias. Truth: All people are not the most naturally gifted intellectually. Truth: I am aware of my own shortcomings (for instance, any math beyond geometry has always been a nightmare.) Truth: Atleast I attempt to learn new things and understand concepts that don’t come easy to me. Truth: I have little respect for people who choose, out of ignorance or laziness, to not do the same. Truth: It’s not the amount of intelligence you have in your head- it’s how you utilize what you do have and strive to expand upon it that matters.

  80. Dr. Ugg says:

    Well said. I completely agree. I was searching for just some funny doodles to get some ideas for myself and I came upon this. This is exactly what I was looking for, but I was shocked at the absolute STUPIDITY of the comments. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like giving up my time so my fake name could be copied, then pasted, then referred to as gay. I think you wasted your time on these incompetent people.

  81. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    Eat a black presidential cock you low IQ turd sniffer.

  82. Joseph1 says:


  83. Beauty Queen says:

    Fart in your mouth! you are a crabby beach

  84. geniusIQ106 says:

    Actually that is incorrect in that a spork has both the elements of a spoon and a fork and one end, whereas the other, presumably less useful spax has each eponymous element on either end.

  85. Dan says:

    Wow. You are brilliant. Using such fancy words to clarify to everyone what a “spork” is. Go hang yourself.

  86. reasonable comments says:

    No, no… the thing about white cocks make sense. AIDS comes from the black ones… it is just a matter of safty.

  87. Maybe. says:


  88. PhiIosopher. says:

    I just need to fit in right now. Okay?

  89. John says:

    you sniff turds is that whats wrong with barrack Hussein obama. I thought it was the fact he has never had a job only been a politician. Besides being stupid

  90. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    Screw you, Not That Guy. What are you doing?

  91. Oh NO!!! says:


  92. beat a cracker says:

    racist inbred redneck faggot

  93. Nobody says:

    Eat a black presidential cock? If I HAD to eat a presidential cock, I’d definately choose a white one, because it’d be cleaner, and there’s at least 40 more of ‘em to choose from…

  94. NOm NOm NOm NOm NOm says:

    Right about the HIV/ AIDS jargon, check out “AIDS and Accusation” to get another look at conspiracy theories.

  95. Anonyproxy says:

    fuk dem naeger black aids givvin peenisses

  96. Conspirance Theorist. says:

    Actually, AIDS is just the expression of a virus, called VIH, that was made up in engineering laboratories and spread out in, according to my informations, Africa, then extended to the rest of worldwide population.
    So there is no point on saying that black people bring AIDS. As much as saying that gays or drug addicts bring AIDS. No, what bring AIDS is the VIH.

  97. Told ya so says:

    Refer to comment below about geniuses who reply with attacks on character. Go back to your Xbox 360 kid.

  98. Castratikron says:

    Fuck your faces, all of you pieces of chopped up used tampons covered in fly shit!

  99. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    You sound like someone who has been violated with both ends of a spax. :(

  100. Told ya so says:

    I think you just need to realize Told ya so that this is not the place to be spewing your political hate speeches. What kind of answer did you expect you cock sucking, ass splunking, goat violating, whore? :D

  101. Told Ya So's favourite tabloid is Fox News says:

    Before Told Ya So logged on here, he turned of his two-cell-brain, zoned out in front of Fox Skews to “educate himself” on how to be a better patriot by hating all those “anti-americans” who don’t bend over and take it up the proverbial ass from the man.

  102. Told ya so says:

    Did I mention I love fucking sheep?

  103. Told ya so says:

    MMMmmm. I love cock.

  104. In Ya says:

    I guess you forgot one of the core powers a president posesses..vetoing bills. Obama threatens Congress with this all the time. Besides, the country’s success is not due to Congress, if that was the case, the president would be useless. The president is always responsible for America’s success. Ive never heard such asanine shit in my life, and Im not Democratic or Republican because all politicians are snakes. And all u jackasses that even put trust in these folks who could give two shits about you are the reason why this country and world is doomed. Too much faith in man. Fuck a group title, be a one man army idiots.

  105. Told ya so says:

    Economy is in the shitter but that’s because of the Democratic controlled Congress, read up on it. Now one of the ones that got us here is in charge. Now he’s about to start the bullshit on trying to ban certain guns, allow immoral behavior, and whatever else liberal fuckwits believe they should push on the American people. We are headed down the same path as England and rest of Europe. Maybe now that a “free spirit” liberal is in power we can have our school systems being forced to teach the Koran like the UK? Pretty soon we will have our right to bear arms taken away so Government is free to push our sorry ass’s around as they please as we can’t defend ourselves. Sound familiar? It should as that’s why we’re here in the “Land of the free,” too excape the tyranny of England. They’ll start shutting down churches when they talk about how immoral gay sex is. We don’t want freedom of speech inside the closed doors of Churches do we now. Sounds like “freedom” doesnt it. All you liberal assholes will be like “oh wait I thought we were supposed to be stopping the Republicans from telling us how to live our lives.” Mean while the Obama train will come and squash your right right on the tracks. All you do is chip away and eventually you have nothing left. That’s why we’re going more into the shitter you Obama zombie.

  106. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    I love it too especially when it’s slathered in barbeque sauce.

  107. John says:

    he may not have put it there but she flushed it down the rest of the way.


    all of you fucking read told ya so n get this shit thru your head, fucking 8 years of perfect economic status of our country then dems passes stupid energy bills, got greedy and allowed banks to pass martage loans so they could come back and nail those peeps for profit, presidents power to veto? do some research congress can over throw the prez any given day, the only thing you can POSSIBLE blame on bush is war in iraq and that still was the most brilliant move in american history, just look now both parties hate obama b/c he lied about his change n is trying to make up with it for this going “green” bullshit, oo yea lets trade in perfectly good cars that were going to crush n give em a hummer so they can pay huge amount of insurance n gas, lest close guatmo n let over 100 convicted terrorists with us citzenship back into the country,start doing research before you fucking even have a thought on politics n if your going to side, side right no more of this bullshit trying to act like global warming is so fucking bad n the ozone layer is dispersing, why dont u go blame high gas prices on not allowing to drill out in seas n in alaska because of fucking fish and polar bears, im fucking beast yo fight me ill break your back

  109. atdsa says:

    It’s not the fact that it’s bad for the environment thats driving the new energy bills, it’s the fact that we are running out of it so fast that we might have some sort of war for this dying resource in the near future. I call this arguement “The Oil Apocalypse”.

  110. Told ya so says:

    Notice how nobody can reply back to this statement as it’s all true but, instead resort to copying my screen name and acting as if I said things like “Im retarded.” Way to go and show how right you are by calling somebody names. Apparently you did not learn that calling people names only hurts other’s feelings when you’re in elementary school. Figures, I’m dealing with a bunch of empty headed ignorant kids……done.

  111. georges teacher says:

    Hmm never knew george could write or read ?

  112. BD says:

    It’s easy to use an axe as a spatula they work very well. And for everyone who doesn’t like a obama in office you’ve sucked an old white man’s cock for eight years get ready for the afro man

  113. Anonymous says:

    Awww, Did mom not get junior his PS3 game this week due to a job paycut?

  114. Anonymous says:

    You do realize that after Obama’s inauguration the Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than it ever has after an inauguration in 112 years right?

  115. Anonymous says:

    Did I mention dick enough? I do like the dick you know. Ain’t nothing like a black dick in my mouth.

  116. Anonymous says:

    how bout we quit fighting and find the positives in everything. Our president most likely has the largest dick out of all world leaders. America’s on the rise now riding on the black cock of change. God Bless the USA!

  117. Frank says:

    You do know that that stereotype is bullshit, right?
    Honestly, Caribbeans take this one home.
    Of course, I’m just talking about the average.

  118. Told ya so says:

    Racist!?…..As a matter of fact I voted for Obama. So no I’m not anything of the sort. I just blindly listened to talk of how he would fix the economy all the while not paying attention to all the fucked up things that he will do once he has his way. The smokescreen has blown away and he duped me. You’ll just need some more time to realize it too after things start getting fucked. Worst mistake of my life….my only regret.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ, told ya so, could you be any more openly racist?

  120. tdawg says:

    no president in the last 20 yrs has kept any promises to insure the confidence of the american people. except for clinton. its all about money for these politicians, its really sad. very sad. just keep on living and enjoying your life. they’re gonna do what they wanna do regardless of your vote

  121. Not That Guy says:

    I know, I went and called my Mom in the room and she fell over laughing at it. Then when she was on the floor I stepped on her nipples pinning her to the ground and pissed on her.

  122. LJ says:

    DEEZ Nut and the Spax are fucking funny.

  123. A. Nonemus says:

    This is waaaaay too creative and well-drawn to be the work of 41. He’s a lazy moron.

  124. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    This site needs protection from assholes who steal screen names.

  125. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    Just because I stole your screen name doesn’t mean you should do it also.

  126. Not That Guy says:

    Ummm I don’t know who exists any more. Am I just The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass now? Let me think…I like black cock…I like spaxes…I guess I am just another left wing drone in here like the rest.

  127. Told ya so says:

    You can say that again you asshole screen name stealer.

  128. Told ya so says:

    One time I blindfolded my wife and paid a little ignorant kid to do the honors so I wouldn’t have to deal with her stench.

  129. t says:

    an the charlatan obama was the real idiot….

  130. Tinker says:

    These comments are far too intelligent for George w. He was semi literate.

  131. FuhQue says:

    Obamas a jackass, Bush was a puppet, and I truly dont give a shit bout any of the inane comments posted here. I just wanted to post another inane comment to increase the idiocy on this page.

  132. Nice Doodle says:

    I was just searching for awesome doodles and I see this. This is rather awesome. I like the spoon-axe the best. And based on the first page of comments I take it most of the people that look on here are either retarded or just plain dumb. I’m sorry you have such a bad audience, but your drawing is good. And to the people who will undoubtedly copy my name and post some gay comment I clarify that I won’t post another comment by this name.

  133. User Name says:

    I preferred Bush 43 to Obama. I don’t think Obama is doing a good job, on the whole. I am glad that he has continued some of the best Bush 43 policies regarding homeland security and the war on terror. I don’t like that he has taken the Bush 43 trend of spending too damn much money and expanded it exponentially.

    Some of the comments have been just awful. I hope I never know most of you people.

    All that said, this was funny.

  134. who cares says:

    Dont know why but I feel the need to add my 2 cents. Well for starters anybody that thinks bush was a good president is a fucking idiot. The dude that said that we had 8 years of “perfect economic status” is a fucking idiot. Would really like to see the look on all the “informed” peoples faces when their spending their ameros.

  135. gator says:




  136. No man says:

    I just love how you guys took a COMIC so seriously and flipped this into a chicken shit argument over what’s right wrong and soforth. First of all President’s don’t make laws and such, The Three Branches do most of that, only the President’s sign it off. Anyhow, enjoy your pointless argument over 16 year olds who figure slander, vulgarity and opinionized arguments are the right way. :D

  137. don't make me get my pimp glove says:

    jesus christ, i thought the comments were supposed to be funny… tuned out after ann cunter and fox news made an appearance… all you whiny bitches get off the fucking internet, get back in the damn kitchen and make me some sausage!

  138. kkkman says:

    fuck u u aint gettin nothin from me reparations my fuckin ass u dont deserve nothin but the bullet ule prolly catch rollin thru the hood tomorow fuck off and die im out

  139. George says:

    now watch this drive

  140. Betty Jean says:

    So, apparently, if you like Obama, you’re just waiting for your chance to rape, steal, and pillage. He’s definately a terrorist, a commie, and you can only like him if you’re black or poor. Also, punishing those who are ignorant bigots is a sure sign of English tyranny. What the fuck is wrong with Europe anyway? Seriously? This is hilarious, and well drawn, and I wil forgive the spax for not being the equivalent of a spork. And you… you.. open your eyes, ya sonofabitch.

    Fuck fox news.

  141. ThePadrino says:

    George Bush Stay out the ditches bitchhes


  142. Anonymous says:


  143. Told ya so says:

    I’m a fucking retard