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Get Ready To Be Charitable With The Insane Clown Posse

ICP has become a bit of a joke. Okay, so a huge joke. And it’s all thanks for the internet, as it did the thing the internet is best at: simply showing us things. That’s all that needed to happen. We all just needed to see the Insane Clown Posse and it was all over. We now know all about their befuddlement when it comes to magnets, and now you’re going to learn a thing or two about being a charitable Juggalo.

This here is a video urging Juggalos to contribute to a toy drive to under-privileged children – a noble cause indeed. And kudos for them for doing this. but no kudos to them for this message urging fans to take part in the toy drive.

Normally, this is where we would write a bunch of brilliant dick jokes that we would somehow make ICP-centric, but forget that. How about we give you a nice summary of all of this video’s best Youtube comments? Yeah, that sounds nice.

“I need a new cell phone for Christmas, a pelican stole mine the other day at Frisco Bay.”

“It’s amazing how make-up can make a slam-pig look almost like a human.”

“End juggalo "culture" – donate a book.”

“Im just gonna say it. ICP’s shitty music makes you retarted, or at least more so. Your welcome.”

“This video made me hate charity”

“Donate me some brain cells, because I lost most of them watching this video.”

“I simply cannot hit that little red hand more”

“I bet she has more crabs on her cooch than there are in all of the Chesapeake Bay.”

“Who could possibly give a shit”

“how many packages of lawn darts do they really need?”

“Nothing more gangsta then donating toys”

“Attention juggalos: please do not spread any more clown love, we’re all fine. Really”

“ok who helped them operate someting as complex as a video camera”

“most of the juggalos ARE the poor kids that this toy drive is for so it’s kind of a pyramid scheme if you think about it”

4 Responses to "Get Ready To Be Charitable With The Insane Clown Posse"

  1. HT Sucks says:

    “Normally, this is where we would write a bunch of brilliant dick jokes…”

    This site is devoid of anything brilliant, you dicks.

  2. xDenverEdgex says:

    For the love of God why can’t juggalos just die together somewhere. Do these losers even have jobs in the first place or will they be rolling people at ATM’s to get the money for this “broke as ninjas”? I hate everything about jugglalo culture, the stupid ICP band, the retarded tattoos, the wannabe gang attached to all this. Someone please go on a killing spree and kill all these fools.

  3. Shaggy 2 Dumb says:

    Sugar Slam is the classyesttttt bitch I ev ‘erd of.

    I gunna give to dem kids cuz dats the way to make the holllyday.

    Make me feel gud bout myself.

    MMCL. Juggalo lovin’ ninjas.

  4. Mak million says:

    The author is a little upset because his toy drive only brought in 1 toy