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Get Some Pictures for Your Walls. Geeze.


48 Responses to "Get Some Pictures for Your Walls. Geeze."

  1. God says:

    wendy soto? i fucked her a few times.

  2. Anonymously _._ says:

    I’m let you finish Mrkillson but Keyra Augustina Has one of the best ass’s of all TIME

  3. Shoussam says:

    Nemesis is GAY , and this ASS is a gift from heaven

  4. please says:


  5. Morning Wood says:


    Also, what is that in the lower left corner? Looks like a picture on the wall to me. Nice whiff HT.

  6. queeftard says:

    they said SOME pictures, not A picture. Nice whiff Morning Wood.

  7. l_p_z says:

    thats my colombian beauty

  8. Morning Wood says:

    Good point ‘tard. Well at least it would have been if the caption said get some MORE pictures on the walls. One, although not many, does denote some. Stay in school.

  9. cheeko says:

    please could you sit on my face?

  10. taintnothinbutabrowneye says:

    spread em

  11. MyFightWiffaCheeto says:


  12. Jeff says:

    I can masturbate to her pic.
    Not complaining, but 1 front view pic of her.

  13. muahahaha says:


  14. nakedonthefloor says:

    mmmm id lick her balls

  15. This girl is hot! says:

    My gf knows her in person when she was doing model gigs with her in 2007. My gf is a model too.

    Her name is Andrea Rincon and she is from Colombia, my gf pseudonym is Dayana Grisales but her real name is Wendy Soto and she is from Puerto Rico, not Colombia.

    Andrea Rincon is hot too.

  16. Sid says:

    Did ass died?

  17. splackumz says:

    can we get some fucking sauce

  18. Dirk says:

    Would love to get my tongue up there!!

  19. nick says:

    proof… that you don’t need photoshop to make a chick look gorgeous…

  20. a thicker chocolatey shell says:

    i would suck the corn out of her shit, then eat the rest of her shit, then eat my shit that’s made up of her shit, then shit that out and eat it again

  21. Agnonymous says:

    Looks like Raven Riley. Hot.

  22. booberry says:

    OMG, I haven’t laughed that hard in years…. suck the corn out of her shit… I’m with ya brother, lets pull a chair up to the shit buffet!! lol and her shit really doesn’t stink, smells like a meadow of daisys

  23. shartfelch says:

    it’s SELENA SPICE. can you fucking read?

  24. Bite It says:

    Morning Wood…………..really? Shut the fuck up fag

  25. Bite It says:

    I love corn!

  26. blunderbuss says:

    this is an mmmm…-ass-terpiece

  27. fuck canada says:

    h-o-t-t SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. darkman71 says:

    Why do this too me!

  29. base says:

    the start of a nice 10 minute break gnif gnif

  30. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    Holy fucking Jesus.

  31. BIll Grubbs says:

    nom nom nom

  32. e says:

    omg, ur not kidding. def hottest one theyve had in a wile.

    oh my god!


    (thats drool if u didnt get it)

  33. Shakespere says:

    Thy name is ass!

  34. Anonymous2241 says:


  35. horny for that hot ass! says:

    You are a friggin fag!

  36. nemesis says:

    she doesn’t have a nice ass, she’s only sticking it out, to make it look better

  37. capitain chode says:

    go eat a dick nemesis
    it looks good enough

  38. blueBalls says:

    incorrect, sir – for that is Selena Spice. dig?

  39. e says:

    who gives a shit?!?!?

    omgz friggin hot.

  40. mmatfb says:

    oh man, id tear that ass up. nemesis is obviously a fag

  41. Klitorisaurus says:

    Totally a butterface!

  42. e says:

    i aint lookin at the face

  43. lucerne 14th says:

    @e = you can’t SEE her face, you fucking idiot. he was making fun of other people who say that.

  44. Selena spice says:

    andrea rincon not a butterface and nicest ass on the net

  45. MrKillson says:

    andrea rincon is not a butterface, but naomi russell has the greatest ass.

  46. blueBalls says:

    HAD the greatest ass, till she became a crackhead.

  47. Ass Expert says:

    Great Ass…one of the best I have ever seen.