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Girl Next Door


27 Responses to "Girl Next Door"

  1. This girl is hot! says:

    Of course she is an object! She is a picture, you moron!

  2. agunzi says:

    Next door to who? Sure as shit aint next door to me :(

  3. why? says:

    damm it cindy, I told you not to put your picture on the internet. can’t trust your kids these days!

  4. friknfrak says:

    Anymore rants you want to make you transgendered bucket of spooge spit?

  5. Sir Riley Kingsley Hamell says:

    Ahh, class of 2004…good year!

  6. hooty says:

    is the hoola-doll and the woman in the grad pic one and the same. I cant pick the difference from here.

  7. U R SAD says:

    Fake is Fake. U Losers that don’t get out of the house wouldn’t know this. Chick is fake all over, and wears dry REAL soon.

  8. MaxSpain says:

    I don’t care “hold” she is, I would still love to be in her “presents”

  9. Polliwog says:

    Come on guys she is just like any slut you meet always fucking the other guy………. rat shit

  10. Dougie(the dog) says:

    i`ve never wanted to be a hoola doll so much until now

  11. LongSlong says:

    I don’t care hold she is! She is one gorgous girl & every man would be greatfully humbled to be in her presents. So why dont you all stop being rude and stop talkn bout her like she’s an object & instead like a very beutiful human being that she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JohnSmith says:

    im guessing shes 23 by the year she graduated

  13. DevilsBoner says:

    Good observation. Your grandmother graduated in 2004.

  14. taco man says:

    haha, you can say nice back dimples.

  15. Master Of None says:

    what can I say, that hasn’t been said about every other pic like this?

  16. philosoraptor says:

    guess you could just shut your fucking mouth, PHILOSOPHER

  17. This girl is hot! says:

    What about, you suuuuuck PHILOSOPHER or Master of None or whatever! Nobody cares about you! Go shot yourself in your tiny dick.

    BTW, that girl is hot but she doesn’t live next door to me sadly!

  18. nah... says:

    That’s not her.. it’s some ugly dark haired chick in the graduation pic… take a closer look. She’s probably in her fat ugly friends room. But, i guess by that logic, they could be the same age..so, yeah, she’s 23.

  19. noahaction says:

    its her before the fake rack installation, dye job, victoria’s secret shopathon, and job at hooters. i’m 18 damnit, i can do what i want.

  20. Yea boiii says:

    lol but anyways i do her

  21. El Moose says:

    yeah you would, you dirty slut you

  22. motorboatin' Sonnuvabitch says:

    in college, graduated HS in 2007 – methinks she’s either 19 or 20. Possibly recently turned 21.

    on a related note, i’d ruin that.

  23. Pontifex Maximus says:

    Why is that Hawaiian doll in the top corner posing with a Hitler greeting?

  24. Judge Joe Brown says:

    Who cares how old she is? If there’s fluff on the muff she’s old enough.

  25. Dspayre says:

    to start shaving

  26. Token Black Guy says:

    I love me some snow bunnies.

  27. Token Black Guy says:

    You know this chick actually reminds me of a white girl I went to school with. It’s not her, but close…always wondered what she might look like with that shirt off…fap…fap…fap..fap..fap, fap, fap, fap, fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap…=O