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Girl of the Day Round Up

Grant Clitsome is a star (TotalProSports)
The Most Obnoxious Oscars Winners of all time (SuperTremendous)
Alice in Wonderland Girls are Hot (Coed)
Celebrity Moms Are Weird Milfs (LemonDrop)
Redneck Innovations Change the World (TheChive)
Books Every Dude Should Read (MadeMan)
Danica Patrick Fail (AllLeftTurns)
Jershey Shore is getting Hit (ScreenJunkies)
The Best Moments of Zack G (BroBible)
Slapping Mohawk Commercial (TotallyCrap)
Hot Girls on the Internets (DoubleViking)
Ode to Banned Advertisements (Oddee)
Emilio Puci Hotness (AskMen)
Train vs Bus (TooShocking)
Audrina Patridge Hotness (HollywoodTuna)
The 6 Year Old Gold Digger (Smosh)
Donut Fail (EvilChili)
Taylor Swift is Hot (DailyFill)
Jessica Simpson is Fat (CelebSlam)
The World is Obamouraged (Atom)
District 9 Anything is Awesome (Walyou)

9 Responses to "Girl of the Day Round Up"

  1. bird that ate regurgitated shit says:


  2. dick sauce in your mother says:


  3. father eats it out says:


  4. DonkeyXote cleans it out! says:


  5. gary coleman says:


  6. DonkeyXote says:

    Yes, please!

  7. Ned Flanders says:

    So who came second?! Meh.

  8. DonkeyBlowMe says:

    I always come last.

    I was particularly gutted that time I did a gang-bang, out of 67 guys I had to be last in line? I DIDN’T EVEN GET MY CHEQUE IN THE MAIL EITHER!!! so I can’t take them to court ’cause I’m too embarassed to explain it to the judge.

  9. Justin Mieter says:

    Oh wow, nice roundup indeed. Well done dude!