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Girl Tragically Struck With “Open Mouth” Disease

open mouth girl

Ya know, a lot of diseases go unnoticed in this day and age. Sure, there’s national breast cancer awareness month, but which month helps spread the word about Open Mouth disease? This malady, which affects approximately one girl, makes it physically impossible for her to close her mouth whenever a camera is around. Won’t you help put an end to this terrible affliction? For the cost of one cup of coffee a day, you can buy…one cup of coffee…and that’s about it. I’m pretty sure there’s no cure.

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

open mouth girl

Unbelievably, there are more here.

114 Responses to "Girl Tragically Struck With “Open Mouth” Disease"

  1. CharlesCox says:

    I’d like to stick a fire hose in that trap, as per the post a few back


  2. angel says:

    Thanks holytaco for the news that matters!

  3. robertt687 says:

    i bet shes good ay oral sex

  4. robertt687 says:

    i bet shes good at oral sex

  5. Derek says:

    She looks like an excited person.

  6. Danny G. says:

    She’s saying “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” (in black girl voice)

  7. morty says:

    maybe she was just in awe at being invited to the Model U.N. party…

  8. Dick says:

    Yes I have seen this condition before on other asian women. it looks serious. she may have to see a doctor if it persists.

  9. yum says:

    Eating must be hilarious.

  10. govnndotcom says:

    She has G.B.D.S. – Gook Blowup Doll Syndrome.

  11. STFU says:

    robertt687 – you know nothing Junior – get back to your toys

  12. rei says:

    Apparently, it is contagious. The guy in the 2nd to last image is now afflicted.

    When will the horror end?!?

  13. Hmm says:

    ok so the pic with the asian guy and the little guy with curly hair is creepy

    like…. i belong in the ring movie.. creepy

  14. Fredric L. Rice says:

    She’s a typical Republican.

  15. karma says:

    Looks like that guy is eating a turd in the lower left of the second to last pic there.

  16. angel says:

    I just want to shove a hamburger in there

  17. Kristin says:

    I know a guy with this same infliction. He’s notorious for ruining good photos… then he failed out of college

  18. Bill says:

    She’s got the same disease that Jenny McCarthy has when she’s photographed.

  19. Boner says:

    She needs something to fill her mouth. I have something in mind.

  20. Retard says:

    i fnid taht uhfinsev Dom

    *dabs mouth with wet washcloth*

  21. Her Prom Date says:

    see what I put in her mouth at the prom


  22. anon imus says:

    Strange Asian Girl does not change Facial Expressions

  23. Rob says:

    Close your mouth a dick might fly in

  24. Paul says:

    It’s obvious that she just doesn’t know how to pronounce the word “cheese.” Won’t somebody educate her???

  25. Ben Franklin says:

    It is best to keep one’s mouth shut and let people wonder if you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

  26. Anonymous says:

    not only do I want her to shut
    her mouth in photos but I get the
    distinct feeling if I were to hear
    her speak I’d want her to close her
    mouth as well.

  27. Anonymous says:

    At least she’s got decent oral hygiene.

  28. Anonymous says:

    She is so multicultural, look at her pictures. She´s got friends from all over, bet she has Thai blood

  29. Chainsaw Charlie says:

    The last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.

  30. Ukgarageluver says:

    Imagine that- an Asian girl who thinks she’s cute and every guy wants her…

  31. Chainsaw Charlie says:

    last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it

  32. anny non o mus says:

    another poor victim of this horrid mutilation..


  33. lol says:

    Close your fawking mauth

  34. anny non o mus says:

    another poor victim of this horrid deformity


  35. lol says:

    Close your fuckin maouth

  36. tammy says:

    I kept expecting that “Grudge” noise to come out of her face…

  37. ehutch says:

    attractive, but she needs an OFF SWITCH!

  38. getamop says:

    she doesn’t open her eyes all the way either

  39. Rokcet Scientist says:

    If she closes her mouth she has tragically saggy, creased cheeks. Like an old woman who just awoke from sleeping for hours with her face on a table.

  40. Brutal Deluxe says:

    It’s an old post so nobody’s going to see this, but maybe she’s just always fucking talking. She IS a girl.

  41. Lance says:

    I would like to empty the soy sauce in my egg roll in her mouth.

  42. You're_all_idjits says:

    Bunch of fuckin morons replying to stupid shit on the net…what kinada goons do that?

  43. ELPITON says:


  44. ian says:

    what a stupid bitch!.

  45. Satan says:

    She just forgets the cock isn’t inside…

  46. Dom says:

    Ummm. I don’t know what to say. Her tongue is always in the same location too. Does she really have a problem?

  47. Matt Herpes says:

    How awful…doesn’t she know that baring the teeth is a sign of great disrespect in our culture?

  48. Dom says:

    Oh and also people who leave their mouth open just sitting around normally, are retarded. Sorry if I offend any retards, but they are.

  49. Newt says:

    For the cost of one cup of coffee a day, you can buy a cup of coffeeand then throw it on the small of her back.

  50. michael loftin says:

    I think that it is great, but wait until we get home to await the insertion.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I get it, she keeps her mouth open in all pics. LETS MOVE ON!

  52. Narf says:

    Yeah, she’s definitely asking for it. Maybe the shots were taken with a telephoto lens, and she’s confused?

    That said, I’m very surprised my post is only the second one out of the first seven posts that referenced “insertion”. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!?

  53. meinereiner says:

    she reminded me of this girl i know from my school in germany…


  54. KeeblerKahn says:

    Maybe she made that face once and it froze like that. Maybe my grandma were right.

  55. Kuso Bobobo says:

    That is my Japanese girlfriend, she was attacked by a rabid totoro in her youth.

  56. Jerry says:

    Her mouth is weird. Almost as weird as her nose.

  57. chuck miser says:

    How come they don’t put phone numbers down?

  58. AdamG says:

    Maybe she got Lock-Jaw the night prior… At least it wasn’t in the closed position, or these photos would’ve ended up pretty gory.

  59. CuntFister says:

    She’s got lockjaw because she was used to sucking small asian dicks and then sucked off a black guy and now she can’t close her jaw

  60. Anonymous says:

    uh…idk maybe you should create a blog called holy taco and post pictures of her on it to see what people say!?

  61. John says:


  62. nannercannon says:

    Is this similar to the puckered lips syndrome? I swear it’s a goddamn epidemic.

  63. sp says:

    i’d wrap those lips around my member

  64. Anonymous says:

    Amen to that.

  65. Dan says:

    nannercannon- that syndrome only effects those living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

  66. Cyclone Zac says:

    Why does she keep her mouth open in every photo?

  67. rhun orxwpi says:

    zhsjpvw vnsogzfel tyhagwjvx bkduq gfauwmcz xfpm ozvsjdg

  68. Martin Lee says:

    Nom nom nom.

  69. Anonymous says:

    owned +2

  70. Genius/Idiot says:

    Maybe the girl has some sort of self-imposed nervous tick when it comes to photographs. maybe her jaw looks weird in pictures if she closes her mouth, and rather than deal with what she perceives as a flaw in her physical appearance, she opens her mouth as a shield. It’s peculiar the hang ups we have about our own appearance, and what we’ll do to cover them up. Some people think they have a bad smile, so they put their hand over their mouths when they laugh. Same deal here.

    Or, maybe she’s terrified of cameras. Maybe every time she senses a camera in her vicinity, she erupts into horrified screaming. Blood murder screams.

    Regardless of the maybes, I think “open mouth” is the new “kissy face.” Coming soon to tween girls myspaces everywhere!

  71. Bob Dog says:

    Advertising pictures?

  72. Jaely says:


  73. Anonymous says:

    wtf is wrong with her

  74. Karen says:

    Get a grip all of you.. You are all so mean

  75. michael says:

    haha i bet her mouth is open

  76. Anonymous says:


  77. nobody says:

    She’s cute. She looks like my wife.

  78. Tommy says:

    This reminds me of this site: doingtheface.blogspot.com

  79. JR says:

    She’s pretty hot

  80. todd says:

    waahahahahaha, brilliant!

  81. carl says:

    what a fucking whore

  82. graphfix says:

    I don’t know If should laugh or be sad …

    1st – does she know that her pictures were posted like this ?
    2nd- o_O is “OPEN-MOUTH DISEASE” real ? cuz I already searched for it o_O and came back with nothing…
    3rd- o_O when she opens her mouth its just like some kind of pose o_O are aware of that or are u stupid ?

    this is really an insult to the person in here =_=

  83. haggeford says:

    That’s simply her “camera face”. It’s used by people with only a partial attachment to the events around them, so they use a set, ‘safe’ expression, never figuring anyone would put together a group of photos which would expose the facade inside.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Are you serious…?

    This is a joke.

    Now get off the internet.

  85. Gruntwilligar T. Honkenoffski says:

    Is her mouth stuck like that or did she mold it around a Penguin?

  86. Jojo says:

    I take pictures like that.

  87. a_nonny_mouse says:

    don’t mouth here off!

  88. Fazle says:

    Hmm… This came frOm somewhere I’ve been To before.

  89. she didn’t get that round mouth from eating square meals and also notice the bright whiteness of her teeth and her mother told me “that she goes to a dentist for a hair cut”. Cum on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Draven says:

    it’s contagious, the chinese guy in the 7th picture is infected…

  91. Cletus says:

    BFD. Who cares…

  92. Marty says:

    big deal so she smiles with her mouth open, get a life people don’t you have nothing better to do then trash some chick?

  93. Anonymous says:

    cock goes where?

  94. Stoney says:

    She would make a great pornstar

  95. Mr. Poopoopachu says:

    I had an ex with this disease. She claimed sucking all those other guys’ dicks was her “treatment.” I hope she’s dead.

  96. the man says:

    what a dumb bitch

  97. sean says:

    did anybody else see jackie chan (2nd photo) giving the Rock’s signature eyebrow raise?

  98. Bill Brown says:

    the picture by the water is the best. She looks like dracula.

  99. TPM says:

    Suscribase a Mercuryanos, the greatests payasos in the web!

  100. IRMacGuyver says:

    Hey it’s T-rex girl stop butchering teh vestibules memes.

  101. Jessica says:

    That is frickin’ awesome! Does she know she is stricken with such a serious disease, and that this website is spreading awareness for her cause??

  102. Anonymous says:


  103. Anonymous says:

    so, what’s you point. that’s the way it is meant.

  104. superhedgehog says:

    she sucked too much cock

  105. my nutts r huge says:

    the only time she shuts her mouth is when she swallows my cum

  106. angry dude says:


  107. thjmtmutju says:


  108. Seth says:

    Who cares about this dumb bitch.

  109. bizzle says:

    Is the dude in the arcade sucking on the ear of the horse she is sitting on??? WTF! Looks like he too could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

  110. Anonymous says:


  111. big_daddy says:

    I know that she got the whitest teeth I ever CUM across!!!! At least she swallowed the evidence!!!

  112. small daddy says:

    She’s HOT!!! An open mouth is not always a bad thing. I could find one or two uses for that mouth.

  113. mrs.dc says:

    Maybe while your at it, you can donate to those douchebags afflicted with the “trout pout” They can’t have their pictures taken without sticking out their lips like a bunch of complete idiots. Stop it people! While you are at it, stop with the “gangsta signs”….seriously