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Girls Fighting Back

Girls can mess you up.  Be careful out there.

25 Responses to "Girls Fighting Back"

  1. Nick says:

    These chicks are freakin nasty…Any with chicks not living in a trailer park? It is break.com so probably not.

  2. the gingless souler says:

    figidy first!

  3. o werd says:

    people still say that?

  4. bitchess.. says:

    baking sheet beer chug = instant classic

  5. The Souless Ginger's Mother says:

    I’ll chug your wang-load and make it an instant classic without my dentures.

  6. Steve says:

    Yeah baby…bring it..

  7. Stevie Wonder says:

    I can’t see shit.

  8. ray charles says:

    me neither

  9. Jeff Healey says:

    That’s ’cause you be dead, fool!

  10. andrea bocelli says:

    who’s dead? who said that? where is everyone?

  11. roflcopter says:

    or its the fact that he is Stevie Wonder

  12. The Souless Ginger's Mother says:

    Wish I could see my son but I’m too embarassed for what he did with his butt-hole, how do I greet him? what do I say? I don’t even like fags and now my son is one?! SO UNFAIR!

  13. Kipper says:

    Really not that funny …

  14. The Souless Ginger's Mother says:

    You wanna know what’s funny? I gurgle semen to revitalize my throat every night.

  15. Mothers Day says:

    The trick dark gets me every time. Not!

  16. Hunter says:

    these are never really funny…

  17. The Souless Ginger's Mother says:

    Funny is seeing me sniff my son’s dirty underwear. I get on all fours and sniff them like a hound on a boney mission.

  18. Jew Leader says:

    whats with the …? are we supposed to guess what the fuck u two assholes are thinking? do me a favor and go fuck each other

  19. The Souless Ginger's Mother says:

    Wanna fuck my mouth, I’ll swallow your juicy wad!

  20. Jew Leader says:

    nigga how much you pay me

  21. The Souless Ginger's Mother says:

    I’m ginger, although I do wish I was a nigger sometimes…. anyway, you want that hairy jewish wang sucked or what, ’cause I’ll suck a golf ball through a garden hose and ask for seconds later.

  22. The Souless Ginger's Mother says:

    On behalf of my son I wanted to let you all know that he will be absent from the HT pages due to an emergency he had while fondling with his rectum, turns out he ruptured his esfincter with a bear bottle and has now to spend the week in the hostpital.

  23. The Souless Ginger's Mother says:

    hehe I’m so silly. I meant BEER bottle and swap that “has” and “now” around so that it isn’t gramatically cacophonous.

    Look, I’ll admit I’m an ignorant bitch so shush.

    I’ll suck your dick for a dollar…

  24. Drunken Pig says:

    Even the shit you lift from other sites sucks dog-shit…do everyone a favour and shit-can this pathetic site!!

  25. Guy says:

    You should actually call that bitches being bitches.