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Girls Lying Down – A Gallery

Being a hot girl is hard work. When you’re this sexy, sometimes you just want to lay down and rest, so we’ve put together a collection of girls taking ‘er easy. Enjoy!


45 Responses to "Girls Lying Down – A Gallery"

  1. EK1989 says:

    Nice one, HT! Ever thought of catering to the female needs as well?

  2. Anonymous says:

    But it’s OK to replace E’s with 3′s? Fuck you, you fucking hypocrite, fuck the horse you rode in on, fuck your mother, fuck the horse your mother rode in on, fuck the horse’s mother, and fuck your couch.

  3. philosopher says:

    I wonder if HT will ever just have a gallery of hot girls, but without a secondary theme… or is that HT blasphemy?

  4. ziggy303 says:

    You talking about the one at the bottom!!!

  5. R3V3R3ND says:

    All the time!

  6. thatAnonymousguy says:

    right, cause queer is totally original.
    never heard that before [claps]

  7. Stick says:

    All this is gay right now considering I’m FEMALE.

    Are you so insecure in your sexual orientation that you can’t see the sight of another man for fear you might “turn gay”. (Something that doesn’t happen.)

  8. R3V3R3ND says:

    If you’re going to rag on someone here is Lesson #1. DO NOT sound like a fucking Retard! Lesson #2. DO NOT replace words that start with TH with the letter D! And Finally Lesson #3. DO NOT Make us regret having free speech in this country.

  9. Michael Loftin says:

    Someone sure loves to sort their porn! Way to go man.

  10. I WAS THAT DOG says:

    You saying you’ll put out?

  11. Stick says:

    I’m just saying, have a gallery of nice looking men.
    Just once, is all I’m asking! Just once!

  12. R3V3R3ND says:

    Well considering this is a website for men, hence the title Holy Taco aka Godly Vagina aka Praising the Pussy. For them to put a gallery of men up would be like asking a group of Butch Dikes to drop to their knees and swallow some cock. It’s just not going to happen.

  13. vazquez says:

    i think you’re the wrong target audience. btw i love chicks in fur

  14. new guy who hates the philosopher says:

    dose girls mite b taken it easy but dey look like dey want it prettty hard to me

    an to philosopher u really are a shitfuck. u backed down from u big fight for free speech wat a bitch once again go suck a cock

  15. Lame says:

    Only 3 of those chicks are pretty

  16. Crazy Oldie says:

    Great collection of girls!

  17. Stick says:

    Come on HT! There are girls that love this site too, why not throw us a bone? (Literally?)

  18. tim burton says:

    u gota thank god for women that look like this

  19. freejack says:

    ^^ FAIL

  20. Lippy says:

    WOW telling someone they failed…. Like thats not played out. Try coming up with something original you queer.

  21. P says:

    no dudes. that would be gay…

  22. R3V3R3ND says:

    Thank you for that Anonymous. I must have hit a nerve. Maybe it was that Retard comment. Only someone with a diminished intellect use’s the same vulgar words over and over again. And you’re obviously a big fan of using the words HORSE and FUCK alot…… Wait, you must be that guy from South Carolina!!!! Now that explains everything!

  23. Mike Hunt says:

    LOL Anonymous is a horse fucker!!!!!

  24. Dick says:

    I wonder if YOU will ever stop sucking me…

  25. Max Turbait says:

    horse or mare?

  26. Max Turbait says:

    It can happen, if it’s a big cock.

  27. asdfasdf says:

    wut r u gay?

  28. termediate foothold says:

    dude, you fail hard. sick my duck.

  29. Bill says:

    Love the list of pics of girls “taking it easy” Here is a better list, of the sexiest parties in the world.


  30. Philospher says:

    I’M the real philosopher

    -The real philosopher who is also a dickwad

  31. philosopher . says:

    What? I am the real philosopher.
    And I too love sucking dicks.

  32. palsying special says:

    dude, just lose the period at the end and put a space before your name, that way you have at least a remote outside shot of looking like the real philosopher.

  33. philosopher says:

    You guys are fucking dumbasses

  34. Bubba says:

    Bubba gonna’ make you suck the meat boy!

  35. philosopher. says:

    LOVE the last photo joke guys. Keep em coming.
    Also, I suck cocks.

  36. PHIL0S0PHER says:

    Ok im the real one, but i dont like to suck cocks all that much.

  37. Adann says:

    Nice, folks.
    That is the best Galery.

  38. g-man says:


    And by that I mean I am the guy in the last photo

  39. MaxSpain says:

    I think it moved…

  40. some guy says:

    And here I thought Holy Taco was running out of ideas.

  41. First says:


  42. Anonymous1 says:

    The girl in the first picture…yes!

  43. horny taco says:

    dang last chick is on fire …….