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Girls On Their Knees – A Gallery

If there’s one part of the body that we feel people could do without, it would probably be the lower-leg.  That’s just one of many reasons why it doesn’t bother us at all to look at an entire gallery of hot girls on their knees.


38 Responses to "Girls On Their Knees – A Gallery"

  1. Sergio says:


    The bottom one is not a girl! It’s a man!
    You’re either LIARS or you’re just gay!

  2. sLoPpyfocKer says:

    No, you’re not gay if you cum while looking at a guy as long as you don’t have a finger in your ass.

  3. Pedobear says:

    Oh, its pleasing *fap fap*

  4. mike1 says:

    the first is a big fan of christina aguiulera and kind of looks like her but is very sexy who ever is dating that girl is a lucky man

  5. wally says:

    no 7& 14 super

  6. wally says:

    beautiful ladies bodies are to be admired not really for slopping over,so go out and get your own if you want to be insulting try you wives you sick f*****.

  7. wally says:

    Another thing what about some thanks for the poster. cheers whom ever you are .

  8. jelly roll says:

    I’d let the last one shit on my chest for a chance at the one with the huge cans!

  9. JustaGurl says:

    OMG, what I wouldn’t give to have a body – and the looks, of any of these girls. (not the last pic!).
    These girls are way hot!I’m like sooo jealous!

  10. Anonymousbob says:

    Yeah My Boot Size 13 take it allshinju

  11. Anonymousbob says:

    last pik——amigo the things i do for greencard. ay yay yay no speak it de inglish caramba

  12. ambitiousEMACK says:

    #10 for real son

  13. Justin Wilson says:

    Why do you homos either put a dude or a fat chick at the end of your photo galleries? It’s not really that pleasing a$$holes!

  14. philosopher says:

    I can’t do any, because I have no penis.
    in fact the only erogonous zone i have, is in my anus.
    Any takers?

    - the original philosopher

  15. Ally says:

    I’d love to, thankyou very much

  16. Bosco says:

    #10? Anyone?

  17. Wacko Tacko says:

    I timed myself to nut on the fat chick at the end that I rightfully expected and instead I got a guy. Are you Gay if you come while looking at a picture of a man?

  18. Ilovefood says:

    I’ll do most of them

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  20. skantea says:

    #3, dudes, #3.

    Something tells me she needs my help.
    And being the gentleman that I am…etc.

  21. Wangsta says:

    Ya def, as long as it was inside her at the time

  22. Al Frank says:

    Somebody give that first girl a sandwich!

  23. fourteenlines says:

    You would cut it off just for her?

  24. Ducatis4 says:

    I will give her a cock meat sandwich

  25. Cyrus says:

    Fuck off, I got work to do!

  26. donkey punch says:

    i hate these galleries because you know the last one always makes you regret the chub you workin on

  27. fourteenlines says:

    That is because we don’t like to work on chubs.

  28. International Insemenator says:

    hey, not everyone has knees

  29. Bill says:

    The last chick isn’t on her knees…

  30. wha? says:

    so you can’t show nipples, but you can show pussy lips, like in picture 9?

  31. Taco Diarrhea says:

    Pussy lips? More like dick tucked backwards. That chick fugly.

  32. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    I don’t normally like to pick and choose, but the brunette in the black lingerie w/ green eye shadow (#7) and the blonde w/ massive ta-tas in the green lingerie (#14) seem like awesome candidates for a game of leap-frog.

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  34. Pedo Cop says:

    I’m standing behind you

  35. Al-P says:

    just me or are some of these bitches like 15 years old?

  36. fingfangfoom says:

    your point being?

  37. Philosophopher says:

    The mirror can be a confronting place

  38. philosopher says:

    the last picture made me sick

    but other than that, nice