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Give-A-Wednesday: Win A Rambo Box Set

rambo giveaway

Write a caption for this fat guy imposing his gut on someone’s face and you can win a Rambo DVD Box Set on Blue-Ray. This box set includes the knife-wielding First Blood, the gut-ripping Rambo: First Blood Part II and the torso-tearing Rambo III. And you’ll be able to see every last flying limb in pure Blue-Ray crispness. As usual, leave your captions in the comments section. Winners will be notified via email. Happy murdering.

rambo giveaway

See last week’s winners after the jump:

holytaco holy taco

Dude!: “You put your left ear in, you put your left ear out you do the hokie pokie and you slobber all about

Runner Ups:
Ken: help us, we’re white and we cant get down.

Jason C.: Cause this is Thriller, Thriller night.

Matt: Backup dancers for the rock group “System of a Down Syndrome’

Justin: what really happens at LAN parties

Mark: Girl: I just sharted.
Boy: I don’t know what that means.
Girl: I tried to fart and a little shit came out. I just sharted. Now let’s dance.

Balls Jr: The only thing scarier than dancing zombies are the unibrowed aliens in the back.

Christopher: Take’m to the zoo retards love the zoo [Ed. Note: honorable mention just for the Dead Milkmen reference.]

242 Responses to "Give-A-Wednesday: Win A Rambo Box Set"

  1. Caesar says:

    GET IN MY BELLY!!!!!!

  2. Spiker says:

    I am an alien face-crab.

  3. CHE the polar bear says:

    a few more beers and this chick wont no the difference between my stomach and my ass.

  4. Mr. Balls says:

    I don’t have a witty caption. I am just using this space to say that is just fucking disgusting.

  5. skoal says:

    “Dig a little deeper I swear my penis is in there somewhere”

  6. Robert says:

    The new liposuction! Just 20 minutes a day, three times a week and even you can have washboard abs.

  7. Craig Stephenson says:

    When Jill said she needed some fresh air;this isn’t what she had in mind

  8. Jacob says:

    “Dig for beijing” (the girls wearing an olympics t-shirt)

  9. Hacksaw says:

    45 seconds in, Sally lost her sense of direction and gave Steve the best and only “bellybutton job” he ever had.

  10. John O says:

    After a long day of janitoring (look at all my keys) I need a good lady to suck the high school lint outta ma’ belly!!

  11. Rob See says:

    And the award for the most belly button lint goes to….

  12. FrogSoda says:

    Sure they laughed, but when they came home with the Championship Trophy for Raspberries, they had the final laugh.

  13. -Crash- says:

    Now that’s the way to tongue a belly button. Nom! Nom! Nom!

  14. Tombot says:

    Crikee!!! Here we see the elusive marsupial Fatfuckaroo releasing one of it’s young from it’s pouch, and she’s a big one.

  15. ElHuevon says:

    Look a pearl!

  16. brian says:

    Can you smell last weeks breakfast burito? Because I found some of it this morning.

  17. C78Foster says:

    And now the real trick is to guess the mystery meat I’ve hidden in there…. I thought it was elk at first.

  18. suvi says:

    Yummy….camel toe!!!!!

  19. yougotfridayed says:

    mmm…fumunda cheese, great on crackers

  20. LJ says:

    Obama supporters showing their love!

  21. rickyc says:

    Thats right bitches, I’m hitting this trick.
    You should see what she lets me do to her in the sack.

  22. Jon L says:

    “Hey wow you’re right! It does smell like new car.”

  23. buns says:

    No, seriously dude, I have a giant wang shaped like a female.

  24. Timmmma! says:

    Feast upon my bountiful Tummy!!!

  25. ahow628 says:

    See! I told you it smelled like corn chowder! And please don’t ask me how I figured that out…

  26. Goochca says:

    GUNT!!! The new FUPA.

  27. Pratik says:

    Are you slothful by nature? No motivation to do anything? Any incentive handed to you is just not good enough? Well we have the product for you… the lazy man’s tea bag!!

    Yes, you can still satisfy the little lady at home. It’s very simple, as shown by the ingredients needed:

    40 bean and cheese burritos
    35 Double bacon swissburgers
    50 Chocolate ice cream sundaes with extra whipped cream
    10 cases of Bourbon
    1 Functionally retarded friend (test subject)

    Get yours today!

  28. Jaimo says:

    I can’t remember – is it an inny or an outy? Oh, and does that body shot need replacing?

  29. Trev says:

    Luckily for the stoners, the back-up slurpee machine works just fine!

  30. Matt Bang says:

    Lick it, slam it – stomach! Lemons are for wimps.

  31. David Miniel says:

    “You think this is nasty, you should see me have sex!”

  32. Henry G says:

    after too many drinks, this chick thinks her head in somewhere between a big pair of boobs, little does she know that the fat guy from lost was there to potato bag her

  33. juice says:


  34. JD says:

    When Leonard told Susan to, “Get in my belly!”, this wasn’t quite what he had in mind.

  35. Todd says:

    Smell my front butt!

  36. Tommy says:

    McDonalds; the gift that keeps giving.

  37. Rock says:

    In a gool ol’ fashion game of truth or dare, Teresa dares Lesbian Lindy to tongue her butthole. Teresa has her fat douchebag brother bend his man-flob into Lindy’s grill piece. After Lindy tongues bb for 30 seconds, she comments that that was the hairiest chic’s butt she has ever tasted.

    Do not do blind dares people!

  38. Hamp says:

    Times is hard when the Kool-Aid man has to moonlight at bachelorette parties as his alter ego, the Lipton T-Bag… “Oh, Yeah!.

  39. Jim says:

    For a limited time only! Giant, raised nutsack on fat guy from Lost!!! Excellent opportunity for t-bag specials!

  40. Sheilza says:

    I won the BET!!! Either this or kiss him.

  41. Michael Loftin says:

    No, I can’t see heaven!

  42. Matt Bang says:

    She queried, “What does t-bag mean?”. He has trouble finding the bag.

  43. John O says:

    “World’s Most Unfortunate Conjoined Twins friends’ think its Hilarious”

  44. Luke McClaine says:

    You motor boatin’ son of a bitch!

  45. Calvin Atlan says:

    “Hurley! Stop crushing Claire!”

  46. Jon says:

    See the amazing front-butted man poop out full grown earthlings.

  47. chuckt says:

    So this is patato-sacked?

  48. WizardSleeve says:

    “I have a midget in my shirt. Now toss his salad, wench!”

  49. Siri says:

    Tired of cooking, slicing or even chewing his food, Dave decided he’d just cut out the middleman altogether.

    (win, lose or invalid entry, some things just demand to be commented on. And then mentally suppressed *shudder*)

  50. B0B says:

    Dude, I think I just got some.

  51. Omar says:

    Seriously, who wears an ORANGE ring!? Crazy…

  52. “I hate wasting time when I eat people. Fuck using my mouth.” laughed the mystical bearded belly eater as he appeared from under the couch.

  53. Jake says:

    It’s a close race, but your camel toe is bigger.

  54. Loren says:

    I nurtures mah yungins’ with mah belly milk.

  55. JJ says:

    Thanks for holding on to my gum.

  56. John says:

    GUT-BAGGING (noun): a derivative of tea-bagging, but without the inevitable pubic floss left behind.

  57. Mike says:

    Of COURSE silent bob’s umbilical cord wears a green special olympics shirt.

  58. Taco says:

    Where’s the F-ing money! Don’t make me turn around and do this the hard way!

  59. Chris Coyier says:

    Next week on LOST.

  60. Ralph says:

    Cindy, why does your toe smell like belly-button?

  61. Phil says:

    Bob the assassin had let himself go since ninja school, but he still had one trick left!

  62. Azame says:

    “Hey Tammy, you’re right. It really does smell like a giant ball sack!”

  63. Jeff says:

    My face is a blubbery adolescent. Your argument is invalid.

  64. David says:

    “It’s just like childbirth”

  65. JW says:

    I second MR Balls Comment:

    “I don’t have a witty caption. I am just using this space to say that is just fucking disgusting.”

  66. Cdub says:

    Deep down inside, it hurt Stanley that his flatmates used his handicap (he was born with his ass on the wrong side) as a means of laughs and punishments during drinking games., but in time he came to the realization that it was the closest thing to a blowjob that he would ever receive.

  67. nonprophet0X says:

    Only those wearing green are entitled to the good luck that comes from eating the asshole of the leprechaun Andy hides inside his shirt….

  68. AlcoLOL says:

    “Check out my Hurley’s Summers Eve brand douches… See how it keeps my mangina totally clean?”

  69. Matthias Galvin says:

    “It was that night long ago that I stopped fearing hell”

  70. adbyrd says:


  71. Synthetik909 says:

    Bellybutton?! I thought this was a rimjob!

  72. juan says:

    ” free body shots!.. any takers? “

  73. Ricci says:

    Trust me, this is how the celebreties get their face lifts.

  74. ViKiN says:

    Fuck Tea-baggin…. I’m gonna Sand-bag this chick…

  75. gilo says:

    My Milkshake brings all the girls to the yard…Damn right its Better than Yours.

  76. Brendon says:

    In the name of the Lord I cast you back to hell demon! Hallelujah, praise Jesus.

  77. morty says:

    So thats how claire gets killed off in Lost…

  78. brad p says:

    “The new bionic situp”

  79. christophear says:

    “Amazing new skin treatment that promises to have wrinkles no more found by fluke on the dorm rooms of MIT’s sorority students”

  80. Dan says:

    Stomach Fellatio

  81. Scott says:

    I tried to explain water-boarding to her, but I didn’t have any water, so I improvised…
    I think she got the idea.

  82. sinCwa says:

    See, I told you my balls were big and smelt of cheese!

  83. KentuckyFriedLesbian says:

    Stomach boobs, they are not just for breakfast anymore!

  84. Mark says:

    See I told you could motorboat my gut rubber, I feel like such a piece of meat!

  85. Rob says:

    Jesus is back and in 2008 he’s turning women into lesbians, no more of this water into wine crap.

  86. Rob says:

    After a long cold winter, the midwestern nerd elk comes out of hibernation to nourish and protect the young females of the herd.

  87. Rob says:

    2 for 1 sale this week only! Home liposuction and collegen lip enhancement.

  88. Rob says:

    Mom always said “Never put anything smaller than a women’s head into your belly button.”

  89. Rob says:

    “You’re right!” Sara exclaimed. “This is just like when I used to sit on Grandma’s lap!”

  90. Rob says:

    The tea-bagging stunt turned tragic when Julie’s nose ring became entwined with Mark’s belly button ring.

  91. Rob says:

    Human Bagpipes.

  92. Fatty: So… you got any idea what’s making that smell yet?

    and or

    Fatty: I brought you a shot of whisky in my belly button. Let me squeeze it out for ya.

  93. Rob says:

    When Kelly Ripa met James Fupa.

  94. Kevin says:

    This is the picture that sent this poor girl to rehab.
    Her grandma cried and said, “Couldn’t you have just whored yourself out for drugs like your mother an I, this is just embarrassing. You’re out of the will!”

  95. Shawn says:

    4 8 15 16 23 42, Hurley wants to know how long can YOU hold your breath

  96. Phil says:

    Franky: Hey Jen, remember that time you said you wanted to see a close-up of your vagina?
    Jen: Yes?
    Franky: I had the greatest idea!#%R@ check this shit out.
    Jen: *garbled words*

  97. LL says:

    The smegma in Zane’s bellybutton: the only culture America has left.

  98. Dan says:

    It wants me to go towards the light!

  99. bkjester says:

    Dude, you never go front-ass to mouth…

  100. Cenk says:

    “Yeeeah, my ass is at the front. I’m not sure why, but it makes taking a shit so much more difficult.”

  101. WADE says:


  102. James says:

    What dude she asked what it would be like to go down on Rosie Odonnell!

  103. Chubs says:

    They never expected… THE AVALANCHE!

  104. Big Rawls says:


  105. Hanky panky? says:

    She wanted to know how it was like eating out a woman. He showed her how would be eating out a man.

  106. Hanky panky? says:

    Man (20) strangled his girlfriend (19) tuesday night after she complained about having gained a few pounds.

  107. Hanky panky? says:

    ups. She wanted to know how it was like eating out a woman. He showed her how IT would be eating out a man.

  108. Mike L says:

    He gives her a ‘other side’ of Ass-Munching…

  109. Callum says:


  110. Town-Drunk says:

    Girl: Eh, it was an odd request but 20 bucks is 20 bucks!

  111. drew says:

    Jabba tacos, best served open faced.

  112. CB says:

    Poor Sharon always lost in “Musical Stomach-Butt”.

  113. project35 says:

    Nom nom nom

  114. Jamie says:

    Girl: argh! its eating my face!
    Fat Guy: it knows your afraid…

  115. Mike Blake says:

    My belly-button is my butt-hole.

  116. Jesse says:


  117. Moe says:

    hurry! get in the tauntaun!

  118. The Dude says:

    come out kuato, wherever you are!!

  119. Strizoke-inda-brizaine says:

    “Lost” season 8 Cast is shrunk down and tossed into normal sized Hurley’s fat rolls and randomly pop out. “Last time on Lost Kate popped out who will be next?”

  120. papajohns says:

    look ma! no hands.

  121. jka says:

    You’re right! It does taste like bacon!

  122. Bambidown says:

    Sorry Mr. Brown doesn’t leave here, he’s actually around the corner

  123. Bambidown says:

    DURRRRR! live

  124. Latentsage says:

    I hid a milkshake in there. It brings all the girls to the yard.

  125. Grant says:

    i knew chicks would dig me if i got an ass surgically stuck to my stomach!

  126. Cob says:

    See I told you there was chicken wing in there!

  127. daniel says:

    Oooh ya. That’s right bitch. Lick my stom-ass-hole. mmmmm

  128. jake says:


  129. Cody says:

    Countless reasons to turn a woman into a lesbian…

  130. Stephen says:

    The sad story of Jim and his siamese twin sister Lisa.

  131. Razor Sheldon says:

    No Hurley, you use your BALLS for Arabian Goggles

  132. galf says:

    This isn’t a caption.

    Notice how the fatass is using a belt on his pants, but yet his pants are still sagging.
    Do they really make pants that big?

  133. Jason says:

    Guess Who: Obesity Edition

  134. John says:

    Its a trap!

  135. Grayson says:


  136. Matt Bang says:

    The McCain twins relax with friends the evening before their long-awaited seperation.

  137. ho says:

    the human cow

  138. Rick says:

    If men could give birth.

  139. Macho_Nacho says:

    She’s gone from suck to blow.

  140. Macho_Nacho says:

    Steven’s coke party turned out to be very uncomfortable.

  141. spencer says:

    Why have a six-pack when you could be a walking keg stand?

  142. Alex Tanner says:

    The messiah heals his sheep!

  143. LefTSouth says:

    You motor-boating little slut!

  144. Steve H says:

    ‘Gutupffff, ovpth mpthym phfaghoff!’

  145. Drew G. says:

    In a Richard Attenborough voice over: “And so we see the tummy assassin killing off another victim…”

  146. Dru says:

    “…and then, the blow job went horribly, horribly wrong.”

  147. Jack_Smack says:

    That was when teabagging was changed forever.

  148. Adam Dachis says:

    You no longer have to go around the corner for fudge.

  149. rosie says:

    Next week, on Lost….

  150. Chillin_One says:

    This is why ABC cancelled Cavemen……..

  151. OpT says:

    “Hitman 2: Silent Assassin”

  152. Edward says:

    Happy Trails!

  153. Tim says:

    Nature Show Narrator: Be quiet as we watch the calf suckle from the mother’s teats.

  154. Matt says:

    She heard a news blurb: “Can the sweat from under a fat man’s belly prevent acne? Find out on Fox 10 o’clock news”

  155. Dom says:

    I told you I’d get my dick to touch the back of her skull. Pay up bitches.

  156. Colorado Mike says:

    You know, this doesn’t smell half as bad as I imagined it would.

  157. Drewarrow says:

    mmmm….smells like teen spirit

  158. seaswell says:

    Katherine makes a daring attempt to prove her parents wrong once and for all: she wasn’t close to hitting rock bottom when she became a stripper.

  159. Arj says:

    Girl: Yeah, that’s definitely a man-gina…

    Guy: “(sexual groans)”

  160. Storm says:

    Fat Guy with a magnetic belly button ring — check
    Daredevil Chick with a metal tongue ring — check
    Camera — check

    Now how do we get them back apart?

  161. Christopher says:

    What would you do for a klondike bar?

  162. MarK says:

    “Is she all the way out yet?”

  163. Ray says:

    Spy Photos: First look at man with girl shaped penis!

  164. Dano71 says:

    (muffled voice) Hey! I found some Cheetos in here!

  165. skoal says:

    Isnt that the fat fuck from Lost?, who’s been lost for like 3 months and doesnt seem to lose weight…..now she’s gonna be LOST.

  166. Beth says:

    Girl: I am sure this is not the way you give a blowjob

  167. cdrudy says:

    “Oh my God… it’s full of stars…”

  168. Brandon says:

    I said what what in the gut. You wanna do it in my gut? In my gut? Let’s do it in the gut, Ok.

  169. dave says:

    Okay, you win! I’ll stop singing.

  170. Duckhole says:

    Belly: “…nawm nawm nawm!”

  171. Dan says:

    “Is this getting laid?”

  172. Trae says:

    “…and that’s the second time I got crabs.”

  173. NightKnife says:

    Little did she know that he had a birth defect that placed his ass in the front

  174. Keeblerkahn says:

    Once Stacy found the hidden deposit of caramel, there was no getting her out. Diabetes be damned.

  175. Tristan'smummy says:

    She’s thinking: “Geez, this bread tastes a little doughy.”

  176. shannon says:

    “Faced” the new head… men love it, women hate it.

  177. Jimboh says:

    If it looks like ass, smells like ass, it’s not necessarily an ass!

  178. Jimboh says:

    Even If it looks like ass, smells like ass, it’s not necessarily an ass!

  179. Jimboh says:

    Even If it looks like an ass, smells like an ass, it’s not necessarily an ass!

  180. Justin says:

    So this is where he hides his chicken…

  181. RossGee says:

    they told me it worked this way!!!

  182. Jeff says:

    I knew you’d like my mangina, it was only a matter of time.

  183. RoflMatt says:

    oh. I’m sorry it slips out like that sometimes

  184. kit says:

    im flubbergasted!

  185. smileanddial says:

    Worst game of Truth or Dare ever!

  186. Manuel says:

    Great Moments in Hook-up History:

    Not since the “Penis in the Popcorn” maneuver have we seen creativity like this. What seemed like a simple sandbag turned into something greater when she found his junk in there.

  187. Brad says:

    Suck my ass!

  188. Edward says:

    “I know she totally thought I was him! And I said I’d get her an audition if she used tongue”

  189. gabe says:

    good lord, it’s feeding!!!

  190. Eli says:

    The new age of Teabagging.

  191. Neil says:

    Get in mah belly!

  192. Chris says:

    She’s obviously curious to know how pube sweat, crusted semen, and cool ranch doritos taste all together.

  193. EdT says:

    the saddest part of all, is that i had a hard time getting laid in college, but this fat son of a bitch somehow talked her into doing that. where the “f” were chicks like this when i was in school?

  194. Bo says:


    Jane always wanted to give a motorboat………..

  195. MRBILL says:

    Alien’s meet the blob!!!

  196. MRBILL says:

    Bubba: Hey Suzy look up.

    Suzy: What the aaaarrrrgggurgle As She is got sucked into the bubbbabys.

  197. Aaron says:

    Keep laughing, bitch. Your next.

  198. darylo says:

    You’re right. You could fuck yourself in here! OMG, is there something in my hair?

    Ed: where is my prize from the other week?

  199. Greg says:

    Tomorrow on Foxnews “Cyber Love Connections” .See how fat slobs meet bellybutton lint loving whores and how true love is just a click away.

  200. Reckless says:

    he just stink faced her rakishi style with his front butt.

  201. Glenn says:

    The best things in life ARE free.

  202. Kevin says:

    And to think… On Hoth, they’d have to use a ton-ton

  203. Dean says:

    “What? A blind girl asked for a warm towelette, but i couldn’t find one. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

  204. David D says:

    “Oh shit…I just jizzed my pants.”

  205. Kyle L says:

    Where’d that hot chick go. I think she wanted me.

  206. Doug says:

    “And here is a representation of what it is like to 69 a fat chick!”

  207. B says:

    DAMNIT… cyanide gas leaking through air ducts… must have been the commie spies! Here, save yourself! I have a respirator under here with enough air for two weeks! When I’m gone, tell my mother I love her!
    … oh, and can you stick your tongue out a bit? It’s the most action I’ve had in years…

  208. steve says:

    apparently he does suffer from dickie do

  209. Brandon C. says:

    Virginity…Guess who just lost their’s

  210. jack says:

    first rule of fat club……YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FAT CLUB!!!.

  211. Jason_R says:

    Just like momma does it!! Oh wait.. shit.. did i just say that out loud…?!?

  212. Eddy says:

    Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’!

  213. Steve says:

    3 girls 1 gut

  214. TBone says:

    Dude!! Crack Kills!!

  215. MrNasty says:

    I’m Not sure…but I dont think this is the right way to teabag someone.

  216. Matt bang says:

    The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – duh.

  217. Danny says:

    “Where’s the beef?”

  218. Eric says:

    It was funny…until she died.

  219. womanizer says:

    The poor girl is having a seizure quick someone put some thing in her mouth so she doesn’t bite her tongue off.

  220. Brad says:

    When Jenny and I were dating she thought the little head growing from my stomach fat was disgusting but now that her and bob are dating I feel like a thrid wheel on a positive note bob and i share everything but our heads *wink wink*

  221. Michael says:

    Take a good look Bowflex said this will be gone in six to eight weeks with only twenty minutes a day.

  222. Amanda says:

    What she doesn’t know is this man has a conjoined twin on his abdomen facing him.

  223. AnthonyYEAH!! says:

    Just a little further….”Holy fuck! Something in here has eyes! It’s winking at me!!”

  224. PoppaB says:

    Subway’s Jared, after the weightloss and before the rehab and sponsorship cash

  225. PoppaB says:

    In his belly you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over athousand years.

  226. roger garon says:

    get into my belly

  227. theHolyJanitor says:

    once u go fat you never go back. or once you go fatback u never grow that? what what? this isn’t where i parked my car

  228. adam says:

    tea baggin; don’t let swallowing your own balls stop you from getting some…

  229. Sean says:

    Jim Morrison is ALIVE!!

  230. SteveC says:

    Yeah, it is kinda like rimming

  231. bigbob says:

    Looks like butt crack, smells like butt crack, tastes like butt crack, good thing I didn’t step in it

  232. jack says:

    …the new blumkin

  233. Andrew says:

    Congratulations Mr. DeHut, it’s a girl.

  234. xplocvo says:

    It was at that moment that Susan decided to become a lesbian.

  235. SarcasticOB says:

    Foreplay……..so easy, even a caveman can do it.

  236. SarcasticOB says:

    After smothering Kristen with his belly cleavage, Mark decided maybe he SHOULD sign up for “The Biggest Loser.”

  237. clitwizard says:

    MMMMMMM… milk is the juice that comes from cows

  238. babyjesus says:

    Introducing new jamba juice smoothies.

  239. SarcasticOB says:

    The new party game sensation: “Bobbing for Belly Button Lint”

  240. Chaosman says:

    Jimbo here is why the “Guys Gone Wild” video’s tanked so badly.