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Give-A-Wednesday: Win God of War Chains of Olympus

Write a caption of this elderly Ansel Adams and you can win a copy of God of War Chains of Olympus for the PSP. (If you don’t get it, she’s pointing the camera the wrong way.) As usual, leave your captions in the comments section. Winners will be notified via email.

See last week’s winners after the jump.

Winner: (If you won and didn’t leave your email address, hit us up at HolyTaco’s feedback. Kisses!)

Thadt1961 – Hang on, my implants moved.

Runner Ups:

RawRaw – These are great for learning how to swim.Manny – Baseball is now testing for floaties. Mr. PoopoopachuRoger’s son, Kody Clemens, arrived at the Astro’s spring training facility yesterday looking every bit like his old man. …right down to the handcuffs.Fabescore – How the f**k did I put this shirt on?Ace – Hey Officers…I think my water broke.

74 Responses to "Give-A-Wednesday: Win God of War Chains of Olympus"

  1. I can see through time.

  2. Why does every photo look like a closeup of my eye?

  3. R.J. says:

    “All my BFF’s will think I’m the funniest when they see this as my new default pic on myspace! lolz”

  4. chad says:

    thank god she didnt have a film projector the day kennedy was shot.

  5. Blake Williams says:

    God Damnit, if this picture turns out to be another bright white flash i’m calling Geek Squad and getting a refund.

  6. Jack says:

    This woman also moonlights as the head judge on holy tacos “give a comment” contest….when asked to comment on how she picks the winner she said ” well I baby sit my 6 year old grandson justin and which ever one he laughs at the most..well there you go.”

  7. Rick says:

    Wow! If I open my eyes real wide, I can see the back of my skull!

  8. Eric H says:

    “Wow, this record player sucks.”

  9. Buddy Ice says:

    “How do all those people fit into this tiny machine?”

  10. zero says:


  11. Lee Farr says:

    Heyyyy wait minute! There’s no little man painting pictures in here! I’m going to sue Sony’s ass off!

  12. bobbo says:

    The new Nikon 350z actually allows one to capture stupidity using state-of-the-art high resolution imaging techniques.

  13. rudycap27 says:

    Wait I forgot to turn the flash on.

  14. henryG says:

    now wait a second, the guy told me at the store that this camera allows close ups

  15. al says:

    can you see what im thinking?

  16. Andy says:

    Maybe having a woman run for president isn’t the greatest idea…

  17. Clit Wizard says:

    “this is so gonna be a hot pic for myspace. im gonna be rolling in the Sausage when i put this up.” hi5*

  18. Clit Wizard says:

    whats worse. the stupid camera or those giant ass sausage fingers?

  19. D-Dubbs says:

    Gotta make sure my hands out the way

  20. JTAT says:

    Owwww my eye!

  21. “I think Jessica Biel is naked in my camera.”

  22. Dylan says:

    “Sweet jesus i think my camera’s broken!”

  23. Dylan says:

    omg how embarasing she forgot to turn on flash

  24. Bdawg2525 says:

    “I’m so happy that I bought this camera with the money I earned from my Enron stock.”

  25. *A scene outside the movie premier of shutter* “…Now where the hell is that ghoul. Come out you ghastly bitch!”

  26. Cris says:

    EXTREEEEME Close-up!

  27. BDopp says:

    Who’s thought it would be funny to give George W. a blond wig.


  28. Yakob says:

    Now if I remember correctly, the long end points towards my face.

  29. Yakob says:

    …or am I thinking of something else?

  30. Macker says:

    OK, ready? 1-2-3…say Alzheimers!

  31. Bizzle says:

    “Hey, let’s see if I can get a picture of my brain”

  32. Michael Loftin says:

    This thing never works! Hell, one more try.

  33. WarriorKicks says:

    Shit did Michael Jackson just steal my nose?

  34. mck2191 says:

    Missing the photo or your daughter getting married…..priceless.

  35. Nate says:

    Have you seen my baseballs?

  36. Michael Loftin says:

    She must be too far away. I can’t see crap out of this thing.

  37. Michael Loftin says:

    If I miss that old guy ridding that fat chick I am going to be pissed!

  38. skewter30@yahoo.com says:

    Becky hadn’t taken one in the face since highschool

  39. keverswick@msn.com says:

    In mother Russia, the picture takes you.

  40. herratik@graffiti.net says:

    In support of the war on terror, Susan constantly filmed herself… just in case.

  41. Matty D says:

    You should see me drive.

  42. brian.weems@okc.gov says:

    Whadya mean backwards?!? HA! And I suppose next you’re gonna tell me my iPod doesn’t go up my butt?

  43. Siraris says:

    After catching Britney Spears’ snatch for the 3rd time while getting out of her car, Martha Thomas decided it was less painful to blind herself with the flash from her camera.

    Siraris at comcast dot net

  44. RawRaw says:

    Hey Stupid.. you’re arms are on backwards!!

  45. Bizzle says:

    “I thought there were really tiny people in here!”

  46. xplocvo says:

    The reason Geek Squad makes money.

  47. refried says:

    “At home cataract surgery.”

  48. german says:

    …….Hey circut city said if i looked at this backwards i could see matlocks penis…yum

  49. wilonOUT says:

    Hunnie, we’re not having sex. We don’t need your “O” face close up.

  50. Alen says:

    OH DAMN, I forgot to put the wriststrap on!

  51. Clit Wizard says:

    you owe me 5 dolla fo rent gypsy

  52. eddie says:

    move a little closer grandpa i cant see you ….move a little closer billy i cant see you…..GOD DAMN BILLY MOVE FUCKING CLOSER TO GRAN–oh hehe i have it backwards ..oops my bad.

  53. Smimz says:

    “Damn it, is there film in here.” “Honey wheres the film at?” “Its a fucking digital camera darling now sign these devorce papers!”

  54. Kraig says:

    “I wanna be in the picture”

  55. Clit Wizard says:

    Back to the future DOC!

  56. Morry says:

    now where did i leave my glasses

  57. Mojo says:

    So this is where my soul goes…

  58. Seabass says:

    Everyone look at the camera and say.. CHEEESE!!!!

  59. Darylo says:

    Viewers choice for ‘Miss No Repro.’

  60. Josh says:

    Why do my pictures always come out with red eye?!

  61. Dylan says:

    “i remember that it could also be used as a hat!”

  62. Dylan says:

    is she related to miss teen south carolina?

  63. Tom says:

    The Japanese show off why they are the world leaders in useless technology.

  64. Luke McKee says:

    Aptitude- Sometimes “batteries not included” is the least of your problems.

  65. DaCoach says:

    If I inconspicuously turn the camera like this, I may be able catch a shot of death looming over my stupid ass.

  66. rwpeary says:

    “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most”

  67. Adrian says:

    Say Cheese !

  68. mikelovely says:

    You’re doing it wrong

  69. mikelovely says:

    Well be looking back on these photos for a long time

  70. mikelovely says:

    “hold on, im checking for lens flare”

  71. nolander says:

    How many dumb blondes does it take for me to win a free video game?….. Just one.

  72. Rocdaddy says:

    This must be a proctologist’s camera, because the memory card’s got 400 shots of some asshole