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Give-A-Wednesday: Win MLB 08 The Show for PSP


Write a caption for this photo of a kickass party and you can win a copy of MLB 08 The Show for the PSP. As usual, leave your captions in the comments section. Winners will be notified via email.

mlb 08 the show

See last week’s winners after the jump.

jaw bat

BDo: I guess it’s better than balls hitting him in the chin…

Runner Ups:

Zero: “Last one to raise their hands gets a facial deformity!”

Big Daddy J: “I love being slapped in the face with big hard wood.”

Michael: And I could have had a V8 instead!

Dean: Is there something on my face?

Chad: Nosebleed section indeed.

60 Responses to "Give-A-Wednesday: Win MLB 08 The Show for PSP"

  1. Phil says:

    Baby, that party farts gonna leave a mark.

  2. Dopey says:

    Parties after “Pirates of the Caribbean”..

  3. Kevin says:

    Yep ladies, it’s called 2girls 1cup, and that’s why we’re here.

  4. Julien Duchesne says:

    YEEEEAAAA, now that they’re drunk, I CAN RAPE THEM

  5. Ryan says:

    Thats what i love about senior citizens they get older, i stay the same age

  6. DaveW says:

    I hope the GHB doesn’t react with the pills for her hip replacement.

  7. MattM says:

    The truth behind the “Your mom wasn’t your dad’s first” ad campaign.

  8. Turd Furgeson says:

    Shit happens when you party naked,

  9. Turd Furgeson says:

    Natural Light’s new ad campaign dubbed “a diffrent kind of fucked up” was a huge hit in European and Florida markets.

  10. BEASTxx says:



  11. JohnK8 says:

    “Yeah, I’m still gonna hook up with the old lady…why do you think they call it doggy-style breath?”

  12. tdiddy53 says:

    Bruce began to dread the rainbow parties at the Senior Citizens Center.

  13. FrogSoda says:

    …and I thought this night couldn’t get any worse.

  14. JoeL says:

    “Murder she wrote” being cancelled leads to old ladies getting smashed with a male stripper.

  15. titfortat says:

    me. yesterday.

  16. The Guy From Yesterday says:

    I guess it’s better than balls hitting him in the chin…

  17. th1 says:

    Bea Arthur Presents: Hardcore Grannies IV

  18. Enahs says:

    “Premium 75% alcohol per can, Pussy Smasher Beer. Drink two or three to make anyone look like Pamela!”

  19. Eric says:

    “Hey Joe Francis…we finally have one who we know for sure is over 18″

  20. Joesailor says:

    After this night Grannies Gone Wild developed into a huge success giving hard-o…err…smiles to millions of nursing home residents

  21. Lindsay and Tara partying strong 50 years from now.

  22. Kitler says:

    They were much prettier last night…

  23. Andrew mason says:

    george bush fan club.

  24. Michael says:

    Life Alert will be hearing from us tonight, “I’m drunk and I can’t get off.”

  25. Michael says:

    These damn jello shoots are like Lays potato chips, I just can’t have one.

  26. michael says:

    I am going to do these bitches while they make me a sponge cake. Oh yeah.

  27. nate says:

    Douchebaggery is hereditary.

  28. Jimbo says:

    Orgy warm up!

  29. Anil Dikshit says:

    Jared Leto’s third career: Male Escort.

  30. Gabe says:

    Old habits die hard!

  31. clitwizard says:

    im so gonna crush this pussy.


  32. BennyLava says:

    Having ejaculated in Madge’s mouth for the third time, Skeet Ulrich takes a brew break.

  33. Taco Fan says:

    Jared Leto backstage at the My So Called Life reunion tour

  34. Marc says:

    Why does grandma always hook me up with the lush?

  35. B0B says:

    This is the Twilight Zone of the 21st century.

  36. Ramraider says:

    …those ladies looked way better last night

  37. keith says:

    2 Grandmas, 1 Gangster

  38. Macker says:

    Well, looks like my choice has been made for me…I’m bangin the creamsicle!

  39. KeeblerKahn says:

    Lyle always threw the best key parties.

  40. Jon l says:

    Hehe, thank God Granny won’t remember this tomorrow!

  41. Leigh says:

    Without a fourth installment of LOTR or POTC, Orlando Bloom decided to star in a pilot episode of “The Golden Shower Girls.”

  42. Julia says:

    And then Grandma brought out the Christmas presents…

  43. Wang says:

    Alright, bring in their moms now so the real party can start

  44. GimpyEstrada says:

    This is what you see when the beer goggles come off.

  45. tony says:


  46. Blake Williams says:

    Roy Dinkler, ladies man.

  47. Poop Chute says:

    I warned you Frankie. I told you what would happen if I didn’t get my money but you just didn’t listen. You thought I couldn’t do it. But it’s happening. Deal with it.

  48. Mike says:

    Your vegas is showing.

  49. Michael Loftin says:

    This is how we party in the Chec Republic.

  50. jack says:

    “oooook Flo , Marge……….who wants a mustache ride.”?

  51. sarah says:

    The FX network is taking advantage of the latest trend of reviveing old shows with hopes of gaining a new audience….This still was taken from the set of what FX executives are calling…”Threes Company meets The Golden Girls…..with an edge”.

  52. justin says:

    My name is Cory and I suck penis

  53. BEASTxx says:


  54. Angel says:

    I thought the make-a-wish foundation was classier than this…

  55. atothenn says:

    Eddie just wasn’t a guy who could pass up a mother-daughter threesome, especially after 24 Natties.

  56. Tickaz says:

    …So this is what became of that kid from “Married With Children”

  57. Steve says:

    BACK OFF! These two are MINE!

  58. Jtat12 says:

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

  59. craig says:

    …and in closing having sex with an 95 year old woman …well…its like chugging a warm beer…its gross..and you might throw up…but damnit you wil feel like a real man for doing it.”

  60. PuckStopper says:

    Pimpin ain’t easy.