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Give-A-Wednesday: Win SingStar for the PS3

Write a caption for this touching hockey team photo and you can win a copy of SingStar for the PS3. As usual, leave your captions in the comment section. Winners will be notified via HolyTaco.

See last week’s winners after the jump.

Willis: “I thought I was meeting SNOOP dog?

Runner Ups:
Doc: There really is nothing Chris Hanson won’t do to catch a predator.

Mike S.: Note to self: Avoid cougar bars!

Colorado Mike: When you really love the Penn State Nittany Lions, it shows.

Gymmonster: He didn’t have to huff or puff, but there might be some blowing

Chris: My Interview at Holy Taco and How I got the Job

Rosie: Even Chuck E. Cheese has a casting couch.

116 Responses to "Give-A-Wednesday: Win SingStar for the PS3"

  1. woolybugger says:

    13 jocks 1 cup

  2. Bob Goulet says:

    It’s the only way to keep Canadians from using the picture to masturbate.

  3. Pratik says:

    Little Tommy just couldn’t stop his addiction to frozen peanut butter tubers, as you can see here.

  4. theevild says:

    Teacher talking to photographer after the shot: “did i forget to mention that billy has an extreme fear of cheese?”

  5. Giggity35 says:

    Thanks for lunch, but you can have it back.

  6. vinny says:

    From the moment he started his very first complete and utter barfarama, Lard Ass from Stand By Me, knew he was destined for stardom.

  7. Jay T. says:

    The Exorcism IV: Game Night

  8. b0b says:

    Puking: When spitting on someone just isn’t enough.

  9. Gumbyhoss says:

    Spay Cheese!

  10. Gumbyhoss says:

    or – Spray Cheese!

  11. Brian says:

    Nah, the NHL isn’t a joke.

  12. yukonthegreat says:

    Jason’s mother was the photographer, but when she first said cheese no one smiled….then she came out topless…. canadian style!!

  13. Diego R. says:

    The childrens sex-slave brothel finally taken down. none of the children were injured, but they were terrified….

  14. skoal says:

    And you thought your first year of hockey was bad going 1-15 on the season

  15. Timmy the Tumor says:

    He shoots, he SCORES!!!!!

  16. Wayne says:

    “Contgrats. Winning the game just made you honorary Canadians”

  17. Zero339 says:

    Coach: Jesus Christ! I warned him not to try Singstar before the photoshoot

  18. Willis says:

    Hey mods….how do I get the Madden 09 that I won?

  19. Ed says:

    Nothing funny to add, but that’s just a fucking awesome picture.

  20. willis says:

    are you the same ed that won before?

  21. Bootylam! says:

    You guuyyysss! You said we were ALL gonna barf!

  22. Aftersun says:

    After this, i bet hes gonna drop the gloves next time.

  23. Gary Bettman says:

    League’s decision stands.

  24. murdoc says:

    Billy couldn’t stop thinking about 2 girls 1 cup.

  25. baba says:

    Everybody say Puck not puke, dumbass.

  26. baba says:

    This is what happens when you eat a CSS, finish Paul’s BM, and trade your gummy bears for Nick’s CFPS.

  27. Misha says:

    Only little Joey remembered the first rule of hockey: never take your eye off the pucke.

  28. Viktor says:

    Beef: It’s what’s for dinner.

  29. Dustin says:

    everyone say,” GARY GLITTER!!”

  30. Nick says:


  31. Nick says:

    Billy you need to finish eating that giant taffy string before we take the photo.

  32. darylo says:

    The coaches ‘little secret’ was now unmistakingly out in the open…

  33. Rosie says:

    Robert Maplethorpe’s photography career gets off to a slow start.

  34. Run N. Gun says:

    “I can’t believe I forgot my shoulder pa-Blaaargh!”

  35. Jack says:

    Chunk had shuffled one too many truffles earlier and earned his nickname with this photo.

  36. Jorge R. says:

    Does this gay uniform make me look fat?..

    Crap that joke is ANCIENT, Bulimia ftw!

  37. Adriana says:


    When your uniform makes you look fat.

  38. skoal says:

    hate to see what happens to him when he gets hit in hockey.

  39. Gabe says:

    Billy’s coach didn’t think it was necessary for everyone to know about his gag reflex,
    but after he was sedated, he was left with this horrible taste of dick in his mouth. The coach referred to this as an anomaly since “everyone else on the team couldn’t complain.”

  40. Willis says:

    “This is the best Peanut Butter jerky I’ve ever had!”

  41. BDo says:

    Since when did a good molesting make a kid puke?

  42. Hollie says:

    I told you I would get you back for all those dirty cross checks.

  43. John says:

    “If your gonna spew… Spew in this.”

  44. John says:

    “Dammit Jim, we’re gonna need to perform ANOTHER exorcism!”

  45. “Little Timmy hated cheese”

  46. Feeeerank says:

    ‘Say cheese,’ reminded Billy a little too much of his father’s nutsack.

  47. Sean says:

    Bukaki Hockey.

  48. BillSilver says:

    If the sandlot kids played hockey.

  49. jason says:

    David thinks the word “cheese” is disgusting

  50. morty says:

    So Jason Voorhies actually did play hockey as a kid…

  51. DeAnna says:

    … annnnnnnd this is what happens when you swallow the teeth that are knocked out DURING the hockey game.

  52. Mitchell says:

    He did not want a mustache ride.

  53. If only these were Asian whores…

  54. Skater says:

    Anyone else have the fish?


  55. Willis says:

    “Where’s the Stanley Cup when you REALLY need it!”

  56. Leon says:

    Seconds after this picture was taken, coach asked “Who wants ice cream?”

  57. Ron says:

    …and this picture was the last day “weekend dad” coached my hockey team.

  58. Mark says:

    Only poor little Billy knew what was lined up for the rest of the photo shoot

  59. Nuge says:

    In this photo from L-R: Top Row: RAAAAAAALPH!!!

  60. Try says:

    “Sick ‘em, boy!”

  61. KCB2 says:

    And suddenly everyone realized having Coke and Mentos for a team snack wasn’t such a good idea…

  62. Devin Caldwell says:

    “Coach – This wasn’t what I meant when I said the team earned a trip to CHUCK E. CHEESE after the game”

  63. Kevin says:

    Ok and everyone hold that pose we’re going to take one more!

  64. Chucky’s herpegonhasyphilaids rared its ugly head at the wrong time.

  65. So are we making fun of the hocky kid or the douch with the microphone?

  66. douche, i meant to say that you are a douche.

  67. FrogSoda says:

    Good job Billy, but this time when I say puke, you all need to puke.

  68. Exile says:

    Other kids would’ve poured Gatorade on each other, Billy decided to improvise.

  69. Dildo_Slice says:

    Little Billy just couldn’t forget what he had to do to the coaches get on the hockey team.

  70. Jacob says:

    Your soul is MINE!!!

  71. Henry G says:

    The only thing i see wrong with this pictures is that their gloves don’t even match

  72. Capn Crunch says:

    Molson XXX gives me a wicked nasty hangover A!

  73. El Rico says:

    Barry, the little player on the left tried his best to hide the “alien baby” living in him, but it’s tail shot out his mouth during birth.

  74. AnthonyYEAH!!! says:

    AW SHIT….I knew those last three shots of jagermeister were to much to hold down without anyone noticing.

  75. johnnycobrakai says:

    what the hell is going on with that backdrop

  76. John says:

    This is what I think of your Member’s Only jacket coach.

  77. sammy says:

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  78. Matt Bang says:

    Team photo captures the exact moment Gene learns he is allergic to douche bags in leather.

  79. Jadell says:

    Mom, having a great time at hockey camp, jaeger bombs suck.

  80. Johnny on the spot says:

    “Alright now, No more pre-game chocolate shakes from now on!”

  81. chris says:

    i thought we all puked on 3…

  82. Jon says:

    Johnny missed the memo about the prostate check. Coach has poor timing.

  83. Joshua says:

    “Reason hazing should be prohibited in little league sports #27: Ookie Cookie ruins team photographs.”

  84. Macker says:

    Not sure who should be more embarrassed – the little kid puking or the f*g on the cover of the singing game…

  85. Gordo says:


  86. bigcountry says:

    Money spent on hockey gear – $200.00

    Hours missed at work taking the kid to team photo day – 2

    Team Photo – $25.00

    Knowing this picture of your son is going to around the internet forever – PRICELESS

  87. Run N. Gun says:

    Little Billy teaches Jonny that its not nice to make faces during the team photo. Meanwhile, Spock Jr. is not amused.

  88. JackHoff says:

    Timmy always gave 110% on the field. He shouldn’t have tried 111% for the team photo.

  89. sugardumps says:

    “Oh for fuck sake Ricky”

  90. Bob Goulet says:

    Do you lose points if your comment relies on using the name Billy, Timmy, Johnny or any other overused, “I’m telling a joke and need a male child’s name” tactics?

  91. G says:

    Ipecac. Making “Switching Ipecac for gatorade” pranks funny since 1942.

  92. Dr. Octagon says:

    Coach: “God what an awful game…Hey! Where the fuck is my 40 of Labatt Blue?”

  93. Kenny says:

    Amsterdam(AP) To fully appreciate the background, these youngsters were given 2 grams of shrooms. Little Sean’s have just kicked in.

  94. Chris says:

    Canadians: Weak Stomached Pussies Since 1867

  95. Ed says:

    WTF I’m lactose intolerant!

  96. CB says:

    After this incident, Bob stopped sneaking performance-enhancing drugs to his son Timmy.

  97. CB says:

    Little Tommy learned his lesson early. No hard drinking the night before the big game.

  98. CB says:

    Little Bobby was fine until he began mixing drinks before the big game.

  99. CB says:

    It’s just nerves…..no wait, that’s the enchiladas!

  100. CB says:

    Charlie was a vicious competitor on the ice, unfortunately, picture taking made him sick.

  101. Bob the beanie says:

    This is for pissing in my water bottle and telling everyone asshole

  102. willis says:

    Hey vinnie………how did you receive your prize?

  103. Necrophilist says:

    The Licker from Resident Evil during the awkward years.

  104. Buddy Ice says:

    Brian Boitano never felt quite right his first year skating.

  105. Cadaren says:

    The three under cover agents proudly display their confiscated goods from Michael Jackson’s house.

  106. Jaf says:

    Example of dyslexia
    Icepack = Ipecac

  107. Matt says:

    guy puking: This is what I think about SingStar for the PS3!

  108. Sean says:

    …and that was the last time Billy gave out mustache rides before team photos.

  109. Joe B says:

    Why they show 2 girls and 1 Stanley Cup to kids is beyond me.

  110. Juan G says:

    Play may behind this a-hole will you?…..Well i’ll show him! *drinks bottle of ipecac

  111. Nick says:

    My elementary school’s name makes me sick.

  112. Ray says:

    This picture makes more sense when you see that Amy Winehouse was the photographer

  113. BigBob says:

    i dont know whats gayer. the picture to write a caption too, or the prize.
    anyways choke on a cockMeat sandwhich

  114. Seth says:

    Its funny cause he’s blowing chunks, but its also funny cause the smiling kid below him has no idea that hes about to be thrown up on.

  115. Seth says:

    if you imagine it correctly, it almost looks like hes magically sucking the earwax out of the other kid