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Give-A-Wednesday: Win Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

dancer tiger woods

Write a caption of these kickass dancers and you can win a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. As usual, leave your captions in the comments section. All winners will be notified via HolyTaco.

tiger woods pga tour 08 holy taco

See last week’s winners after the jump.

Keeblerkahn – Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Runner Ups:
Timothy Bob - “OMG! What happened? I was asleep!

Tyler – The last time I saw him, he told me he wanted to get a few things from the magnet store.

X HeadstronG X – Do I .Have something in my teeth?

Chad - I am just a mess till I get my morning coffee.

Hugh G Rection – Ha Ha Ha! That guy looks like such a freak I mean like NOBODY wears stone wash jean jackets anymore.

CynicalBastage – “Thanks for the BeDazzler, Mom!

John R – What I really want to do is work with people.

283 Responses to "Give-A-Wednesday: Win Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08"

  1. Clubsloth says:

    early the next morning authorities discover the bodies of two young girls in a creek bed, partially eaten.

  2. ken says:

    help us,were white and we cant get down.

  3. Brendon says:

    Ain’t nuttin but a MIT party

  4. Wesley says:

    I told you there wasn’t ruffies in your drink bitch!

  5. Dan says:

    There was always an odd smell in the room after the annual Special Olympics dance.

  6. Jason C says:

    Cause this is Thriller, Thriller night.

  7. Jason C says:

    [Rap Performed By Vincent Price]

    Darkness Falls Across The Land
    The Midnite Hour Is Close At Hand
    Creatures Crawl In Search Of Blood
    To Terrorize Y’awl’s Neighbourhood
    And Whosoever Shall Be Found
    Without The Soul For Getting Down
    Must Stand And Face The Hounds Of Hell
    And Rot Inside A Corpse’s Shell
    The Foulest Stench Is In The Air
    The Funk Of Forty Thousand Years
    And Grizzy Ghouls From Every Tomb
    Are Closing In To Seal Your Doom
    And Though You Fight To Stay Alive
    Your Body Starts To Shiver
    For No Mere Mortal Can Resist
    The Evil Of The Thriller

  8. Roman says:

    The Munsters to the Monster Mash!

  9. EricB says:

    Yes folks, it is the often discussed but rarely photographed Double whiteman’s overbite with a side of the “I totally have black friends” dancers.

  10. The other Dude... says:


  11. elpelon says:

    The breakfast club on crack…..

  12. juan says:

    As you can see Britney Spears kids turned out just fine… As for jamie lyn’s daughter, trying to fit in.

  13. Dan says:

    Alright everybody I need a show of hands, who here is has ever snuck in to their cousin’s room and worn her panties on their head??

  14. Lee Farr says:

    White shirt- “Come on guys! Where are you going? So what if my colostomy bag broke!”

  15. bURAD says:

    Special olympics after party! Getting Down to the business of getting down!

  16. jamesshinobi says:

    it the pittsburg penguins fan club!!!!

  17. Town-Drunk says:

    Just your typical Friday night at the Paula Abdul residence.

  18. South Side Mike says:

    Headline: Jennifer Aniston Parties With Retards

  19. Dano71 says:

    The Island of Misfit Toys Homecoming Dance

  20. Razor Sheldon says:

    How about a show of hands… Who here’s mom and dad are also brother and sister?

  21. Keeblerkahn says:

    No one cared that that bitch Katherine Heigl skipped out on The Ringer wrap party.

  22. galf says:

    girl in blue: duuuuuuhhhhhrrrrr

  23. Keeblerkahn says:

    I don’t normally post two, but another one just hit me.

    Alice failed to win a medal at the 2008 Special Olympics, but she did go home with a pearl necklace.

  24. AlcoLOL says:

    Ok, that’s all the proof I need. Time to carry out my Zombie Plan. I have canned food in my attic, and I’m gonna pack my car up so I can escape to Canada. At least if a Canadian became a zombie he would talk faster. They want my brains… AHH!

  25. 1080i says:

    the Chris Burke fan club is getting out of hand.

  26. Bambidown says:

    Gimps like to dance too.

  27. shane says:


  28. Josh says:

    Paparazzi finally gets the world it’s first look into the special Olympics after-party.

  29. tate says:

    We were told there was ice cream here.

  30. HotDonkeyShow says:

    you just got served!

  31. joe says:

    the special olympics after party

  32. Rob says:

    Paul’s friends cheer him on for finally hooking up with a chick without a club foot. His coolness is short lived when he cums in his pants and passes out.

  33. MrNasty says:

    this dance dance revolution game rocks!

  34. Buddy says:

    Frat house at the Hellen Keller University.

  35. Kenace45 says:

    Run!!!!! It’s the night of the living dead dance-a-thon!

  36. clitwizard says:

    “we are not animals!! we are HUMAN beings”
    “now get us some more poon tang, teacher”

  37. Anthony says:

    Beavis-n-Butthead Dance Party!

  38. carms says:


  39. Rodd Marley says:

    The makers of Girls Gone Wild bring you the hottest shit thats ever happened at spring break, Speds Gone Wild… Watch the hottest, steamiest special people lovemaking session ever! “We do it wif our shuurts on.. muh”

  40. Hambone says:

    Would you like an apple pie with that, would you like an apple pie with that?

  41. vmc says:

    Remember that party in my pants I was telling you about? Here’s a picture from the back side of the party.

  42. Todd says:

    Heidi and Spencer never looked better!

  43. Woodrow says:

    Next on Fox: ‘Downsyndrome meets Heroin’.

  44. Henry G says:

    You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby round, round, round, round

  45. Tombot says:


  46. ombottay says:

    Holytaco Staff Party

  47. Macker says:

    It was 3 a.m. at the Disney Christmas party when Pinocchio suddenly realized life as a real boy was vastly overrated and gave Gepeto the signal to turn him back into wood

  48. Travis says:

    The special olympics had a dance off

  49. Bryan says:

    Pulling out…just do it!

  50. holycow says:

    this is the staff of holytaco doing their “we made it on digg” dance.

  51. Tyler says:

    This is actually the first picture the police took, when they found those Austrians in the basement.

  52. Ben says:

    AHHHH! Somebody played the brown note!

  53. Macker says:

    Carl tries to get the attention of chaperones at the Midvale Science and Technology High School prom to let them know Becky’s grinding has caused Danny to throw up in his mouth

  54. Lance says:

    We lambda lambda lambda and Omega Mu….

  55. Kevin says:

    Ugly Party is Ugly

  56. Mike says:

    I just feel bad for the “somewhat” normal people in the background

  57. MQ says:

    3 is great. but 4 – is girlicious.

  58. macker says:

    Jennifer: “For f*cksakes, hurry up and take me home. Shaking this big ass is hard work and I’m getting tired”
    Jeff: “Maintain…maintain…don’t look at her… Oh God, I’m gonna hurl”
    Carl: “SECURITY!”

  59. Andrew says:

    The hills have eyes dancers coming to a party near you

  60. SteveM says:

    With the surgery completed the new batch of clones will be ready to integrate into mainstream society

  61. RawRaw says:

    MTV Real World – Canada

  62. Colorado Mike says:

    Photo taken at Deaf and Blind School Senior Prom

  63. Scott says:

    When good retards go bad…next on Fox!

  64. Balls Jr. says:

    The only thing scarier than dancing zombies are the unibrowed aliens in the back.

  65. Mr. B says:

    Evolution Entertainment, the production company that brought you the “Saw” movies, enthusiastically announces the 2008 remake of “Night of the Living Dead”!

  66. Clintonious says:

    And in other news, the Zombie dance festival kicked off this week…

  67. Andrew says:


  68. PuffPuffPass says:

    Awww, how cute! They’re just trying SO hard!

  69. BobbyD says:

    We accept you, one of us! Gooble Gobble!

  70. Ray says:

    Friends dont let your white friends dance drunk.

    This public service announcement was sponsored by Brothers Against Drunken Dancing (B.A.D.D.)

  71. VV says:

    Down Syndrome never looked so fun.

  72. James Thomas says:

    Upon being shown numerous pictures depicting many scenes similar to the one shown above the Catholic church has changed their position and now strongly supports the use of condoms.

  73. Next week on VH1′s ‘Where are they now’, we’ll take you to catch up with some old friends that used to frolic and play with a special purple dinosaur. That’s right, find out what happened to the child extras that made Barney even more annoying! NEXT WEEK on… V H 1!

  74. Melanie says:

    The Special Olympics Prom!!

  75. mmcgah says:

    I’m so drunk, I’m so drunk…D-R-N-U-K (sung in a Homer voice).

  76. kurt says:

    Heidi and Spencer pratt are trying to stop more leaked photos from they’re high school days…

  77. jack says:

    i am sam ..bitch

  78. Craig Wilkening says:

    The fact that Jeff was born without eyes was normally benificial when following his best friend Igor to his “hot slut” parties.

  79. Whoaly says:

    Wooooooo… Pre-game Special Olympics. Uhhhh Has anyone seen my wheelchair?

  80. sean says:

    ecstacy real does have a chemical that makes you dance like a prick.

  81. chad says:

    Can you dance the ‘never invited to a party again’ dance?

  82. Macker says:

    There were no winners at the chess club’s annual Keys in the Fishbowl Party

  83. Macker says:

    This one time…at band camp…

  84. yeshe says:

    wtf? they’re thinking of being cool like zombie dancers

  85. Kelly says:

    I work at burger king making flame broiled whoppers, I wear paper hats…

  86. darylo says:

    The apprehended polygamist’s kids celebrate their chance at being ‘normal’.

  87. billy jack says:

    omg….Bitter beer face has struck again!!!!!!!!

  88. Matt says:

    This week on Tard Party USA!

  89. SarcasticOB says:

    Auditions for backup dancers for the new Britney Spears’ video were held in Kentwood, Louisiana over the weekend.

  90. SarcasticOB says:

    Students at Clemson University take advantage of the legalization of Absinthe. Head football coach Tommy Bowden attempts to get the bartender’s attention for another shot.

  91. dennis says:

    Inside the green room at “So You Think You Can Look Retarded.”

  92. DUDE! says:

    “You put your left ear in, you put your left ear out… you do the hokie pokie and you slobber all about…”

  93. Andrew Grubbs says:

    Vandy House Party!!!

  94. Deener says:

    This is your brain on drugs

  95. yougotfridayed says:

    Reading is Beyond Some:
    Proactiv Acne Solutions…Warning: Use only recommended amount, fine print not to be ingested.

  96. mike l says:

    “THRILLER” video wrap party

  97. Henry G says:

    The Ringer 2: College Daze

  98. tbo says:

    just between us girls, nothin gets my vag wetter than a black man singin

  99. Kevin says:

    After years of dreaming about UB40 playing in his basement, Carl’s moment had come. Once they broke into “Red Red Wine”, all hell broke loose. Oh yeah, he fucked a couple of retarded girls too.

  100. Matt Bang says:

    Backup dancers for the rock group ‘System of a Down Syndrome’

  101. J Diggles says:

    Saved By The Bell: The Homeschooled Years

  102. sinCwa says:

    Colin the Gurnerbeast & Friends

  103. Rich says:

    There’s no hope with dope

  104. Skoal says:

    “We brought you dancing with the stars”, ” Now for a first time ever in prime time tv ,we give you…….”Dancing with the Tards”

  105. mike says:


  106. MCK-TampaBay says:

    Now here’s a screenshot from “Resident Evil 12 – Retardation”

  107. geonicholsjr says:

    girls gone wild nebraska co-eds edition

  108. Chris says:

    The Christmas parties at the Umbrella Corporation always seemed to get out of hand quick…

  109. Heviwayte says:

    dammit who spiked the punch with meth again???

  110. Pratik says:

    This is what happens when Dave Attell makes the drinks.

  111. LefTSouth says:

    ‘Syndrome of a Down’ kicks off Short Bus Tour!

  112. McBride says:

    If you want to see some really crazy s#@%, just wait til they start playing music.

  113. morty says:

    Coming this summer…Dawn of the Dead…The Musical!!!

  114. Craig says:

    Pass that shit

  115. Weav says:

    Awh PISS, I can’t believe I blinked

  116. alland420 says:

    Ugly people gota party too, right? Right?

  117. kody says:

    Chernobyl High Prom: party like it’s 1986

  118. Chris V says:

    the ‘thizz face’ takes a turn for the worse

  119. SEth says:


  120. Mike says:

    Once the virus kicked in, this party got even more boing………

  121. Ziggy says:


  122. Jon says:

    “Sorry everybody, I just farted”

  123. juice says:

    Showin’ the “O” face

  124. Stab_My_Eyes says:

    Not even accidently putting roofies in everyone’s drink could stop the party of the century from heating up.

  125. Pete says:

    Why are the ugly lights on, they dont come on until last call?

  126. Bob the Frog Says says:

    It looks like a crack-induced Zombie orgy.

  127. Ed T. says:

    Frank feared, that if he opened his eyes, it would all just be one glorious dream.

  128. Jon says:

    “Corky and Blossom should not have gone to that child star reunion party together!”

  129. kamel says:

    Absinthe, helping white autistic kids dance since 1908.

  130. Chuckan says:

    Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
    And No One’s Gonna Save You From The Beast About Strike
    You Know It’s Thriller, Thriller Night
    You’re Fighting For Your Life Inside A Killer, Thriller, Tonight

  131. Petey Cak says:

    It’s called crack….It’s great!!!!!!!

    and it’s so easy to make, all you need is a little cocaine and baking soda, and i think i tasted eggs and cinnamon.

  132. This special education prom night brought to you exclusively by Depends Adult Diapers.

  133. Treyder212 says:

    Yo dudes, the short bus is here. You gotta get the hells OUT!!

  134. Kel says:

    Zombie Disco Death Rave

  135. Tom says:

    Three of Stephen Hawking’s children were arrested late Saturday night at rave party. They were released after police found that they were in fact not on any drugs…….they are just Stephen Hawking’s children.

  136. Anonymous says:

    Master Frankenstein, thanks for coming to my party. Have you met my sister?

  137. Tony says:

    This week on Dancing With The Retards, we caught Eugene and Josephine. Eugene is a single guy that likes to get out on the dance floor and get his groove on, occasionally he’ll close his eyes and do a little bump and grind…nothing wrong with that! Josephine, his partner, who’s currently dating an orderly her mental home, says she is the dance queen. And that Abba is her favorite band. Her boyfriend the orderly, who can be seen the background whistling, says, “she may look retarded, but those tities ain’t retarded!”

  138. AM says:

    No Ogre, that said NERVE gas!!!

  139. Sloths! says:

    “Boy these Moo’s sure know how to party!”

  140. Sloths! says:

    Prom at Three Mile Island High- 2008!

  141. Sloths! says:

    Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you…… you’re cool….fuck you I’m out!

  142. Sloths! says:

    TRL in the year 2039

  143. Open auditions for the remake of Jacko’s Thriller video? Nope, just a cerebral palsy mixer at the local Y.

  144. Big Rawls says:

    P – A – R – T – WHY CAUSE I GOTTA!!!

  145. Andrew says:

    Jenna Bush’s wedding reception

  146. sepulfrodo says:

    Only a few people showed up to be in paris hiltons new show..

  147. WAT says:

    Alcohol- Helping ugly, uncoordinated people dance for hundreds of years.

  148. dubs says:

    The wig uglies !

  149. Macker says:

    “Nope – still not drunk enough to bang her…but there’s still time!”

  150. Macker says:

    Corky Thacher gets freaky with his posse, unfazed by the fact he’s been out of work since Life Goes On went off the air 15 years ago

  151. Bowzzer says:

    Night of the Living Retards

  152. Travis says:

    What the zombies in I Am Legend were found doing during the day.

  153. Seabrook says:

    Anybody seen my keys?

  154. AshleyK says:

    When there’s no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth.

  155. Penny G says:

    Revenge of the Nerds continues to open the doors of greek life on college campuses, as demonstrated here by Alpha Chi Retard.

  156. Mack T says:

    She loves me for my brains.

  157. Milo says:

    You didn’t actually think this picture was captured on accident… did you?

  158. xplocvo says:

    “Hell yeah, I knew this party would be worth skipping the raid for!”

  159. doctorcameltoe says:

    this is why black people hate white people.

  160. Michael says:

    “Guys, this funny-face drug we took is starting to work.”

  161. Big Dec says:

    We Has Buckets!!

  162. bigglez says:

    I hope i don’t have bad gas.. I hope i don’t have bad gas… oh my.. i do have bad gas.. my god.. did it just dribble in my pants…

  163. oddWord says:

    YES!!!! I can’t wait to tell everyone I dropped E with blossom!!!!!

  164. oddword says:

    Oh yeah!! I’m rolling, after this song I’m going to get everyone to sign my rave book!

  165. oddword says:

    This dance move not only looks hella-ill, it also helps hide my boob sweat.

  166. Bill says:

    Sometimes cancer _is_ the cure

  167. Paul says:

    Nice costume party. Weird that three people would be wearing their “how to not get laid” outfit.

  168. Ohmaar says:

    Hi, I’m a PC…

  169. Yojimbo says:

    Retarted Prom Night.

  170. Bikr says:

    Join us at the VIP Special Olympic After Party at Club Mansion immediately following the 1.5 legged race!!

  171. Goose says:

    Suddenly,at the stroke of midnight, the posse of teenage mutant zombies hit the dance floor to get buck wild England-style.

  172. Joe says:

    Even retarded zombies can do it.

  173. Scott says:

    Drugs are bad Mkay

  174. Scott says:

    ‘Drugs are bad’ Mkay

  175. Whitey says:

    Pictures of the Short Party Bus!

  176. Whitey says:

    Party on the short bus!!!

  177. Chris says:

    Ain’t no party like Jenkem Party! Cuz a Jenkem Party don’t stop!!

  178. dan says:

    This is the real reason why The Black Eyed Peas changed the lyrics from “lets Get Retarded” to “Lets get it Started”

  179. Huckster19 says:


  180. LL says:

    Nobody scores at Zombie Disco.

  181. rob says:

    “Fuck drugs make us dance good!”

  182. zak says:

    the Special Olympics after party was insane! helmets off ass out!

  183. Cranbrew says:

    Mike knew that spiking the punch at a Hazelden graduation party was probably a bad idea, but the devil on his left shoulder thought otherwise. Many years later, he would debate the morality factor over a Gin and Tonic, with no conclusion in sight.

  184. Chris says:

    Nobody wants to play with me!!!!

  185. Alex Davidson says:

    Gettin’ down (syndrome)

  186. Joe Theory says:


  187. rob says:

    Where’s Amy Winehouse?

  188. Eddie says:

    Dateline 2063 – Weeks after the nuclear holocaust, America was ready to party.

  189. Marc says:

    Raise your hand if you’re sure!

  190. Marc says:

    the short bus stops here!

  191. Justin says:

    Step Up 2 the Suburbs

  192. bob says:

    at least it is a safe bet you don’t have to worry about STD’s.

  193. Kyuu says:

    Welcome to England.

  194. mattjew says:

    Heeyyy… Do youu have anymore of that vicksss.

    Can I ruuub your sshoulders.

  195. Brian says:

    The new Dawn of Dead trailer

  196. Andrew says:

    Who is the motherfucking King of the Disco?

  197. stupidsuck says:

    This is Melwood’s greatest prom ever!

  198. Jay says:

    Run. It’s the beginning of the Retard Zombie Apocalypse!

  199. Blueswannabe says:

    Having alcohol at the first Neo Nazi youth gathering was a bad idea, they would never restore their credibility after it. After two hours only Richard knew when and how to salute, many just closed their eyes dreaming about the Reich and one of the skin-heads was actually SMILING .

  200. GimpyEstrada says:

    What can a bunch of young neo-zombies do for fun. Par-Tay!

    The Night Before the Dawn of the Day After the Day of the Dead!

  201. Dwight D. White says:

    Mutants Ball 1999

  202. SouthSaturn says:

    i wonder.. how was that silly old rumor about white people not being able to dance ever born?

  203. SouthSaturn says:

    Fergie’s music just makes you wanna MOVE

  204. Chaosman says:

    Still photo from the long awaited video for “Zombie Zoo” by Tom Petty.

    P.S. Word Press sux ass. first post of the day and apparantly i am posting too fast and need to slow down.

  205. Nytebrew1541 says:

    I tollz ya fools, gimp is pimp!!!

  206. liketysplit says:

    This party looks like a real “Thriller”

  207. Victor says:

    Geppetto’s rejects go for a night on the town. “I got no strings, to hold me down…”

  208. Elvis says:

    The closing cerimonies dance is always the high point of the Special Olympics weekend.

  209. HAte MonGER says:

    This Jerry Lewis Telethon afterparty kicks ASS!!!!!!!

  210. Caesar says:

    White Man’s Disease – the number one killer of rhythm.

  211. Chris says:

    Nightclub of the Living Dead

  212. Balls says:

    aww fuck I blinked in this one

  213. jaekster says:

    americas best dance crew, ‘zombawokies’ fail to make the cut.

  214. TM0ney says:

    Yep, THAT dude with the epileptic girlfriend just beefed.

  215. Verticalmule says:

    How the hell did you get everyone’s bad side.

  216. JD says:

    You have to shoot them in the head!

  217. 1000Steps says:

    Eli Manning House Party!!!

  218. Alex Tanner says:


  219. Stefan says:

    According to Darwin only the fittest survive…. Yea, no, not seein’ it.

  220. bartlebee says:

    When Marionettes Attack

  221. justin says:

    what really happens at LAN parties

  222. J to the T to the P says:

    The first annual MySpace.com meet-and-greet was a HUGE Success!

  223. 2zz4 says:

    Those MySpace people I met last weekend? Actuallythey were just what I expected

  224. Royal says:

    “Jenny slays the competition during this West Virginia kegger dance-off”

  225. macho_nacho says:

    Sex, Drugs, and Autism.

  226. tmoney says:

    Hey guys, when the Black Eyed Peas said “Lets Get Retarded” it was a metaphor. You shouldn’t have actually gotten retarded.

  227. Jonnio says:

    Dancing with the Special Olympics Stars

  228. nate says:

    someone thought it would be a funny april fool’s joke if they put three people with down syndrome in one room with alcohol…and it was.

  229. Dawnfire82 says:

    Incest is wrong.

  230. Zach says:

    This just in: The annual Special Olympics were canceled due to catastrophic Zombie Apocalypse.

  231. Jim Johnson says:

    The line for the short bus starts here.

  232. James says:

    The annual Muscular Dystrophy Association’s “Rave for a Cure” went off without a hitch this year, though attendants remarked about Jerry Lewis’s turntablism being, as one young dancer put it, “totally lame.”

  233. srmfball says:

    Harvard Spring Break ’08!!!

  234. Deranged Dude says:

    1) Caption – New evidence suggests that high school students getting uglier

    2) American Idol in 2009

  235. PizzaFire says:

    OH SHIT!!! Could it be Scoliosis oh, please goddare I dream, severe kyphosis. I’m so tappin’ that hunchback ass! OMG, the anticipation fuck, there go my eyes and I think I swallowed my tongue

  236. Barry says:

    They must have had the same thing that Gilbert Grape ate.

  237. Derf says:

    Finally, the dangers of in-breeding are brought to full fruition.

  238. Ana Clark says:


    Just a comment on the photo (not for the competition)

    Where the heck did you guys find this photo? What the hell is wrong with these people? Wholly shit …

  239. John says:

    (I feel guilty about making fun of mentally handicapped people). Night of the Living Dead, Mentally Handicapped, and Drunken “Dancers.

  240. Ana Clark says:

    okay got one actually–

    ‘ Look kids, we were cool once! … really. Why are you laughing? ‘

  241. Monica says:

    Prom for Jerrys Kids!

  242. Tanner P says:

    Well would you look at that… the mustache is back.

  243. BaptizedByDub says:

    E?? Nobody said there would be E at this party, I thought we were swapping tupperwear! STOP RUBBING ME FRANKY!

  244. bensamton says:

    Afterparty at the ‘Crack Baby Awareness Convention”

  245. Jeff says:

    As Marcus triumphantly makes a poopie, Kenny makes his moves on Emma.

  246. Jeff says:

    The Board of Mental Retardation dance got a little out of control when Chuckie Cheesse broke down and couldn’t perform.The children decided that fecal matter. Copious amounts of fecal matter would be the best way to to keep the party going. the flinging will start immediately.

  247. Krishnan says:

    “Thriller 2008″ – making of the video

  248. ceyleno says:

    dance like you never danced before!

  249. ceylan says:

    got some more?

  250. fesh says:

    just plain retard!!!

  251. Ronald says:

    A good time was had by all at the Living Homo Zombie Prom (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  252. Boozbes says:

    I know this part all to well…. the part when the drugs start to kick in. Bummer theres no strobes though

  253. JDW69 says:

    This is your kids on drugs!!!!!

  254. Doug says:

    why is it funny to make fun of mentally disabled people?

  255. Sean Lyons says:

    What happens when the short bus stops at a frat party.

  256. WMDII says:

    As well as being a leader in higher learning for the undead , Zombie Technical Institute (ZTI) offers a wide array of opportunities for undergraduates to enjoy a robust social experience.

  257. tom says:

    You don’t need alcohol or drugs to have a good time. You just need about three generations of uncle f#cking and sandstorm on volume ten…

  258. Mjs says:

    The punch was spiked with extra chromosomes.

  259. Paul says:

    Wow dudes, X2c is x0Rl33t!

  260. Bryce says:

    The zombies decided they would not be getting much nourishment at this party, so decided to move on to a place with more evident brain content.

  261. kriss says:

    Why Rave? Because you’re SPECIAL.

  262. Christopher says:

    Take’m to the zoo…retards love the zoo

  263. Brad says:

    Get your tickets to the star wars convention after party….or……white people is crazy!

  264. Mr. Rpg says:

    This week on Pay-Per-View the contest is a Special kind of Education, in PAIN! The gloves and the helmets come off as these 20 retards battle it out for the gold. Only 1 will survive and win a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese! ORDER NOW!

  265. mark says:

    Girl: I just sharted.
    Boy: I don’t know what that means.
    Girl: I tried to fart and a little shit came out. I just sharted. Now let’s dance.

  266. Dave says:

    As always, Ross gets mad when Chandler dances with Rachel.

  267. Mark says:

    White Shirt: “How many bitches must I smack? ONE! Hahaha. TWO! Hahaha. THREE! Hahaha

  268. Scott says:

    “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…..”

  269. Chris says:

    Oh My God…I’m soooooooooooo wasted!!!!!!!

  270. Buddy Ice says:

    Dr.Frankenstein was never popular in high school, so he decided to ‘make’ all his own friends.

  271. Danner says:

    “Hey you guys!!!”

  272. Shane says:

    Please Rachel, get off my foot………I’m cumming!

  273. Jon says:

    Looks like the acid is just about kicking in.

  274. FE says:

    28 Months Later: The Electric Boogaloo

  275. Mikey says:

    The after-party of the Special Olympics.

  276. ShortDave says:

    This is what happens when you prevent natural selection from occurring.

  277. Adam says:

    These kids look like th- What? They are? Oh, in that case, I’m glad they are enjoying themselves. (tiptoe away)

  278. Tom says:

    Tards Gone Wild: First Timers

  279. Oh says:

    So this is what a party on the Short Bus is like..

  280. no says:

    broken pic icon dance party 2008!!!

    (what are you guys seeing cause I get nothing)

  281. Kopteri says:

    Study: Up to 80 percent of teenagers fail to find sex partners.

  282. stanyul says:

    she blined me with… …SCIENCE!