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Give-A-Wednesday: Win TNA Impact for the 360

Write a caption for this guy who really loves elephants and you could win a copy of TNA Impact for the Xbox 360. As usual, leave your captions in the comment section. Winners will be notified via HolyTaco.

See last week’s winners after the jump.

Chris H: FOR SALE: dirt bike, low mileage, but the exhaust smells like shit.

Runners Up:
Case: “Can you hear me now?

Nick: Beans!!! the new alternative to a regular horn

Brian B: “Al Gore’s latest alternative fuel idea

Jason: Though revolutionary, Steve’s new fuel alternative didn’t help with the emissions crisis.

Peace: Eventually all things “green turn brown, even energy.

Mairsil: Laugh all you want, but it’s still better than riding the bus

220 Responses to "Give-A-Wednesday: Win TNA Impact for the 360"

  1. Chris Bee says:

    I still can’t find the remote?

  2. C Note says:

    Do they really need the lookout guy?

  3. PHILIP says:

    yyyaaayyy!!! this slide rocks who`s next??

  4. Christian Mitchell says:

    Mexican military attempting a U.S invasion with a Trojan Elephant…it worked for the Greeks?

  5. DonnyG says:

    So this is how Blue Man Group was created.

  6. DDT says:

    The Republican platform just is not resonating with voters this year.

  7. Chris says:

    Can you hear me now? Good

  8. PoYZoNRaiN says:

    Emilio looked away in frustration. It was HIS turn to play doctor with Jumbo.

  9. Bobby says:

    Guy holding the tail “OOHHH, I got next!!!!!”

  10. huskercub says:

    Why and the hell did I ever leave barber college.

  11. huskercub says:

    Why in the hell did I ever leave barber college.

  12. Noremac says:

    Shit! I told you guys to get me a MECHANICAL elephant!

  13. CarlJames says:

    Behold the majesty that is child birth.

  14. buttpooper2 says:

    elephant : but i poop from there !

    tail holder with deep voice : not right now you don’t !

  15. baba says:

    Dan was NOT going to lose this year’s “Team Hide-and-Seek” competition.

  16. JN says:

    I needed to freshen up after an evening with Paris Hilton.

  17. iram84mx says:

    One in hole!!

  18. sus says:

    You don’t even look me in the eyes when you make love to me anymore . . .

  19. Pat Kenny says:

    The guy you only see half of is actually Kurt Angle – 10 seconds after the shot for the game cover. In retrospect, it probably was a mistake to have booked a zoo instead of a photographer’s studio.

  20. Jerry Fitzgerald says:

    Take the garbage out, clean the garage,cut the grass, the wife will never find me in here.

  21. Chris says:

    yeah, right there .. climb up the butt, then slide out the penis head!

  22. Krate says:

    So that’s where illegals come from.

  23. Jimmy says:

    Hey, a peanut!

  24. cos says:

    oprah stop eating your silverware.

  25. Keeblerkahn says:

    It had been 4 days since Randy was swallowed whole. He was grateful the ordeal was almost over.

  26. Bean says:

    Verizon Wireless guy takes it to an extreme… “Can you hear me now?”

  27. Mustard Fabric says:

    In the end feeding Dumbo garbage bags turned out to be a bad idea.

  28. Mike says:

    When McCain said he looked everywhere to find a running mate, he meant it.

  29. Ace Ventura says:

    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 3 – Elephant Farm

    Preparation for scene 4: Camouflage Extraordinaire

  30. AR says:

    3 guys, 1 elephant!!!

  31. AGE says:

    Operation Dumbo Drop!

  32. Nick says:

    First the bidet. Now a midget with a scrub bush. What will they think of next?

  33. Josh says:

    No, no, no… I said little Timmy is trapped in the well.

  34. brad m says:

    “holy shit” i found Osama bin Laden…

  35. Fuck this shit hole of a job.

  36. baba says:

    On the other end, the elephant is drawing a picture of herself with her trunk.

  37. lugg78 says:

    You put your WEED in HERE!

  38. Skater says:

    I knew you were alive all the time

  39. DROP DEAD JACK says:

    how did you get ahold of pictures of brittany giving birth? ZING!

  40. Joe says:

    The sad part is the elephant is still tighter then Paris Hilton…..

  41. Kyle says:

    I’ve heard of getting into your job, but this is rediculous!!!!

  42. Jan says:

    …98, 99, 100, here I come!
    Nice idea, Bob, but your legs are showing.

  43. Joe says:

    What Would You Rather:

    Stick your head in an elephants ass VS. Do Brooke Hogan

    Stick your head in an elephants ass 98% votes 9,182 total

    Do Brooke Hogan 2% votes 18 total

  44. baba says:

    Make haste, Achilles. Troy must be burned to the ground…

  45. Jared says:

    Soon after disney laid Dumbo off.. he followed in the foot steps of many other washed up actors and began starring in low budget pornography..

  46. kdog says:

    Guys! He said Lehman’s shit, NOT, let me in this shit!

  47. Seven says:


    Scientists in Africa have discovered new methods of gestational surrogacy in an attempt to counteract HIV/Aids related birth.

  48. mairsil says:

    Again, it’s still better than riding the bus.

  49. Booty rape says:

    and Al Sharpton was born

  50. Buzzworthy says:

    Not Johna and the whale but Jose and the elephant.

  51. C Taylor says:

    So that’s how republicans are made!!

  52. i told you “mayate” mom said student and learn some career

  53. AlcoLOL says:

    I feel bad for the guy on the right, he needs attention too. I guess putting a stick up there will do for now.

  54. HolyTaco’s hierarchy is quite clear in this photo: Photographer = Cory….Ass Miner = Justin.

  55. Zach Patterson says:

    Well, it seems we found the problem. There’s an asshole stuck in it’s asshole.

  56. Manbearpig says:

    No Bill, I said you got your head stuck up YOUR ass!!

  57. jaime says:

    when you say extra large condoms you really get that

  58. Justin says:

    Love you guys!! but i dont want a “write a caption” for this… i want you guys to tell me what the hell this guy is doing up an elephant’s ass? Does he have goggles on? And what exactly is he looking for in there? And what are the other guys “supervising.”

    I’m really kind of shocked you guys didnt run with this one…


  59. I Hate the Cowboys says:

    “The guy at the border said we can get a green card up this elephants ass and I REALLY want to go to Disney World.”

  60. owned says:

    oh sh*t.

  61. You can get a good look at a T-bone by looking up your butcher’s ass… No, wait, it’s got to be your bull.

  62. CB says:

    Bob looked everywhere for the remote control. Everywhere.

  63. CB says:

    Jeffrey had no idea how hard it would be to work for the Republican Party.

  64. CB says:

    I really admired Bert’s drive to become a veterenarian.

  65. ProSeeder says:

    Finally proof that Ahab was right: being shat out of a giant mammal is way worse than being vomited.

  66. Britney’s surgeon practising her a liposuction…

  67. Daver says:

    They finally figured out what Petunia the elephant uses for tampons.

  68. frankie says:

    david blaine and his ASSistants prepare for his next disappearing act.

  69. Andy says:

    “I know I left my cell phone around here somewhere. Hey Phil, think you can reach around the left nut there and see if you see it?”

  70. hahaha...yah... says:

    Echo… Echo…echo…

  71. Vet says:

    “Let me take a look under the hood” (sluuuuurp) “Yeah, I can inseminate that.”

  72. randys67 says:

    Miguel successfully curtails his excitement as the success of the world’s first solar-powered elephant clone emerges.

  73. Stringbean2 says:

    You ain’t shitting me, are you?

  74. Edward says:

    “I miss the days when people just stick crack ballons in THEIR OWN butt “

  75. Mikey c says:


  76. Chance says:

    CNN: This just in….the Republicans choose……Robocop for their next presidential hopefull!!

  77. billsilver says:

    How bout that for a prostate exam?

  78. KTFO says:

    Ladies and Gentlmen, you are witnessing the birth of a nation.

  79. Despite Boba having just had a normal, healthy 200-pound baby, there was something very strange about the afterbirth.

  80. TdA says:

    I can’t believe this ride was an “E” ticket.

  81. Mason says:

    Well looky there, a Trojan Elephant!

  82. dr_brunster says:

    Rumor has it they are gateways to alternate universes.

  83. Josh.P says:

    So that’s how they make peanut butter…

  84. Passa says:

    I never thought I’d say this but I miss prison

  85. Kigol says:

    “Wrong hole, WRONG HOLE!”

  86. LOKi says:

    What the hell have you been feeding that thing?!

  87. kevin says:

    They say hindsight is 20/20 but all I saw was shit.

  88. kevin says:

    I can’t see shit in here! Wait…let me rephrase that.

  89. Mike says:

    Republicans attempt to clean up party by getting their heads out of their ass.

  90. Ralph says:

    Say whatever you wont, but what would you do if you had a jealous wife,
    and an elephant ate your wedding ring?????

  91. macker says:

    Guy on the right: Best Rock-paper-scissors win EVER

  92. Bluebawls says:

    “They say hindsight is 20/20 but I can’t see shi…wait I definetely see shit.”

  93. C Note says:

    “…so I was trying to make a good impression on my new boss and worked real hard to finish up all of my work early. Once I was done, I went up to him and asked if he had anything else that he needed me to do for him…FAMOUS LAST WORDS.”

  94. Andy says:

    Sh*t Happens…

  95. Jim Nixon says:

    “Hey Ya’ll, watch this!”

  96. BEN0RZ says:

    “Have you found my watch yet?”

  97. Led_Robster says:

    Intel Inside….

  98. Mason says:

    “You put your whole body in and you shake it all about”

  99. Reid says:

    Where’s my wife?

  100. FrogSoda says:

    Next time I’ll just take the butchers word on it.

  101. John says:

    I think I left my dignity in here.

  102. Chris says:

    Smells like teen spirit.

  103. zr0c says:

    “Congratulations, Samoa Joe. You’re 3 months pregnant!”

  104. Jesper says:

    “Hey guys! Guys!! Let’s crawl into the elephants ass!”

  105. Plaything says:

    I kissed an elephant and liked it!!

  106. PLaything says:

    when they said I was aiding the fertilisation of an elephant I didn’t realise I was the sperm!!

  107. Wayne says:

    Exclusive photos of Rosie O’Dennell getting her colonic. Shockingly they found Tom Cruise stuck up her ass.

  108. David says:

    Republican Party: An elephant, and and old white guy with his heads up it’s ass.

  109. SBR045 says:

    Little did Apu know that being a mechanic in India included work on ALL modes of transportation.

  110. Evadeâ„¢ says:

    “I never signed up for shit shit.”

  111. EvilSeed says:

    “If I only would have known I wouldn’t have thrown his cellphone in to that cage”

  112. Kevin says:

    Who’s the shithead now?

  113. Friaka says:

    Funniest thing at this pic are the other two guys. The one holding the elephant’s tail, like the guy stuck in the elephant’s ass would give a damn if he gets hit by that tail; and then the other guy, lookin’ with a “Tomorrow’s my turn” face xD

  114. Aftersun says:

    What the fuck? How am i supposed to masturbate to this?

  115. Jerry Wares says:

    So THAT’s where the GOP has been hiding Ron Paul.

  116. Ben says:

    Nope, your keys aren’t here either.

  117. elliott says:


  118. BoNe The Juggalo says:

    McCain – Palin 2008

  119. Macker says:

    Next on the Discovery Channel: Deadliest Felch

  120. Ryan says:

    Guy standing to the right says to the photographer in an upset voice, “Yeah, He’s got my flashlight.”

  121. ATS says:

    I think I found my keys!

  122. Marcos says:

    Do you need a flashlight?

  123. Big D. says:

    This is a spanish version of the “french tickler”.

  124. Ken Jones says:

    Is it a picture of a head full of shit or a shit full of head?

  125. K Wynn says:

    Juan, winner of the “win a date with Pamela Anderson” contest, prepares for the opportunity to re-enact Tommy Lees cock.

  126. Omni3 says:

    Oh man he’s so drunk! Ok, just lift up his legs and push… That’s it! Man, he’s going to sooo pissed when he wakes up!

  127. thesaddestmanonearth says:

    Come on in Miguel, there’s plenty of room for more in here. America here we come!!

  128. Michael Joy says:

    God! it’s dark in here. Can someone pass me a box of matches?

  129. Manuel says:

    And you thought your job sucked?

  130. Diego R. says:

    you see?
    this is the reason why the P.E.T.A hippies are wrong,
    inter-species sex doesnt look like it feels good…

    but what should i know, ive never tried it…..

  131. diego R. says:

    and so, the next republican leader was spawned…
    god bless america. :)

  132. Mike says:

    …and I thought the smelled bad on the outside!

  133. Pratik says:

    “Well Mr. Elephant, at least you can tell your wife that your head isn’t shoved up here as she claims it to be.”

  134. Annie says:

    Bob! I found your clarient!

  135. darylo says:

    I don’t think that the geocache is in there neil…

  136. Good Ol' HG says:

    MORAL TO THE STORY? Don’t Hold On So Tight Ta Yer NUTS!!!

  137. SCOTTY says:


  138. MJ says:

    I knew I shoulda taken that job with National Geographic!!

  139. Scotty says:

    I knew I shoulda worn my “Dungarees”!!!

  140. MJ says:

    Ready or not, here I come!!!

  141. Scotty says:

    “Not fer nothin’, but I’m gettin’ real tired of this shit…”

  142. milbup says:


  143. donkeyshow says:

    And once again John Mcain proves he will do anything for his country…and already has…

  144. zr0c says:

    Bullying in the workplace. Gives me the shits!

  145. D says:

    Ralphy? WTF your mom told not to play in the elephants ass anymore!

  146. Bulldog4452 says:

    Well, we got the “one in the stink,” but I’ll be damned if both of us can fit in this elephant’s vagina. Zoo porn is just too demanding

  147. BrewCrew says:

    Miguel looked at the camera with contempt as he knew it was his turn tomorrow, and as luck would have it, Stephen was wearing the last clean elephant ass-foil suit.

  148. Junior, how many times do I have to tell you?! This isn’t where we put the pots and pans!

  149. Charles says:

    The last thing he said was “My wife wants me to get more familiar with the other hole.”

  150. Charles says:

    Check it out man, I’ll give you an Elephant and half a man for the price of just an Elephant.

  151. Downer says:

    I’d do anything to get the taste of his wife’s food out of my mouth too.

  152. Will says:

    Is your pet eating things it’s not supposed to? Rectal Rooter’s has you covered! Give us a call today!

  153. D says:

    CIA Intel has finally determined the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, and George W. wants to be the first on the scene.

  154. MakeSoap says:

    Another Republican Is Born.

  155. Kdog says:

    Operation Dumbo Drop. The true story.

  156. Matt says:

    Whose brain is the size of a peanut????

  157. Matt says:

    Shoot, someone is coming, act natural.

  158. Chris B. says:

    I just had to lose my wedding ring!!

  159. Seth says:

    I should have called in sick today!

  160. Gord-O says:

    Unvieling of Disney World’s newest attraction, Dumbo’s Fantastic Voyage.

  161. mcp says:

    allright boys I’m going in!!!!!

  162. sprout says:

    Ribbed, for her pleasure.

  163. B-rad says:

    Found em! There are my keys.


    Verne Troyer and now Dumbo…

  164. Wazoo says:

    Everything was going well with the exam until he lit a match to see better.

  165. Wazoo says:

    It was a sad day at the circus when the famous shooting a man out of a canon act had a tragic misfire.

  166. Chris Verble says:

    Hazing the new guy has gone way, way to far, sincerly zoo managment.

  167. DocSalt says:

    I can’t wait to tell him that’s the wrong elephant.

  168. Matt G says:

    Um, Can you see me know??

  169. Matt says:

    Sherwin Williams workers, show the determination they have to get the color exactly right. Here, we see an unidentified worker collecting data for what Sherwin Williams believes will be a new Top 10 color worldwide, ‘Inside an Elephants Ass’.

  170. duder says:

    Aliens probe elephants now?

  171. Mr. Fixer says:

    Though seldom photographed, the Ramajam Peanut Butter Miners Of India, (shown here), bound by tradition, still work as their predecessors had for hundreds of years.

  172. Joe says:

    “Dr Livingstone, I presume?”

  173. Gymmonster says:

    Hector, I am beginning to think you have been leaving your keys in there on purpose…

  174. Derek Baker says:

    Hey Pedro, you know you can clean his tusks from the other side?

  175. Kevin says:

    Don’t you hate it when you can’t find your keys??

  176. alex says:

    The circus industry had hit an all time low

  177. Vic says:

    Jesus, somebody get Dr. Phil out, Oprah has to be on set in five.

  178. Dick says:

    This week on Animal Planet… Where Republicans really come from.

  179. Jon says:

    And you thought you had a shitty job?

  180. vinny says:

    Excuse me, Mr. Blaine? Ya it’s been 72 hours already.

  181. Jaguar says:

    This week in the news: With all friends present to see him off, Andy Dick returns home.

  182. Morgan says:

    I was wondering where my watch went…

  183. Tom says:

    Now I’d heard MC Hammers career was in the dumps, but this is unexpected!

  184. Dan says:

    “Yep, your crankshaft is definitely busted.”

  185. Lance Alexander says:

    And Chuck Norris strikes again… That Son of a Bitch.

  186. Ariane says:

    with the rising costs of fuel clown cars just aren’t in the circus budget anymore, so now the clowns pile into the elephants.

  187. Eric says:

    Remember kids, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

  188. Joel Jimenez says:

    Is this is where I redeem my Xbox 360 TNA game?

  189. dave says:

    with the iraq war coming to a close focus now turns back to the hunt for osama

  190. Chad says:

    Man, guard duty just isn’t what it used to be.

  191. Cardiff Giant says:

    I find it ironic TNA Impact is the prize being given for some sucker Impacting The Nasty Angle

  192. SED says:

    Apou reaches in to select the winning lotto ticket.

    Clay Aiken making the most of his visit to the San Diego Zoo.

  193. Nine says:

    Please Jumbo, Don’t Hurt ‘Em!

  194. K Wynn says:

    Justin: Cory! Goddammit stop fucking around. We haven’t posted anything in 4 hours.

  195. moshe says:

    “I found BILLY!”

  196. Arak says:

    Now where did I leave my watch?

  197. Demotry241 says:


  198. Leon says:

    A scene from the next Police Academy

  199. Celseeyes says:

    Elephant Love = Body Glove

  200. Azgard says:

    The search for Steve Fosset still continues.

  201. matrix says:

    Bob is practicing for his encounter with Paris Hilton.

  202. Chris says:

    “Rock is like a paperweight, he says. Since when does Rock beat Paper?! Son of a B****!!”

  203. Timmy K says:

    “….after Dirty Jobs was cancelled, Mike Rowe and the crew had to find work elsewhere”

  204. Missy says:

    If you think that’s bad, you should see how many people are still in there!

  205. Yukonzdad says:

    George W. Bush researching his next foreign policy speech.

  206. Kimberly says:


  207. Chapter Cavanaugh says:

    A new method of human smuggling was found today at the Mexican border, when agents pulled over this elephant because the driver was acting suspicious.

  208. Iffywizard says:

    Well THERES your problem!

  209. Hany Saad says:

    Somebody, please pull the elephant’s finger

  210. KarmaRocketX says:

    Actually… I can tell you from personal experience at hain played this game when it came out, that shoving my upper body into an elephant’s rectal cavity is far more worthwhile of an activity than playing this awful fucking TNA Impact game.

    But Midway is bankrupt now because of pieces of shit like this, so at least epic failure does have repercussions.

  211. Aftersun says:

    Johnny Cash – I’ve been everywhere … he realy meant it.

  212. Jay T. says:

    Pictured: John McCain getting in touch with his GOP roots.

  213. TNP says:

    Despite reports to the contrary, the sun actually does shine in here

  214. Da Coach says:

    Marco? …Marco?

  215. David Blaine prepares for his next stunt – living for a week in Oprah’s ass.

  216. Kevin C says:

    The actual moment when Obama’s political career was really launched!

  217. Paulito25 says:

    I think Roger is taking the whole ” Your keys are always the last place you look ” thing a little to seriously

  218. Dan says:

    This isn’t where i parked my car…

  219. Graffinity says:

    It’s a good thing Wallace hired Bob to hold the elephant’s tail; otherwise, Rick would never have agreed to do the job.