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God Confesses to Chuck Norris Every Sunday

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14 Responses to "God Confesses to Chuck Norris Every Sunday"

  1. Chuck Norris... says:

    never learned how to swim because his gene pool is too small. Bruce Lee wins.

  2. ITS BEEN DONE says:

    chuck norris is a fag, he cant do shit, he got his ass kicked more times than a jew in a nazi camp

  3. SKM2009 says:

    oooohhhh…..no class

  4. The Token Gay Guy! says:

    Yumm.. And it felt GOOD!
    Jacky you are just jelious you didn’t get any… :-P

  5. The Token Gay Guy! says:

    I played with NUNCHUCKS when i was a kid….LOL

  6. jacky says:

    In Soviet Russia, NUNCHUCKS played with YOU as a kid. That means he boned your butt

  7. Anonal says:

    wtf is up with all the Chuck Norris haters he is a God among men

  8. Acai Trials says:

    Great photo of Chucky.

  9. Wow says:

    Wow 12 year olds sure know how to make quality comments…

  10. Shea Gunther says:

    Screw Chuck Norris. I don’t care how memey he is, the guy is a total fucking douchenozzle.

  11. t.h. says:

    sound’s like you know about being a douchenozzle, must run in you kin

  12. MITSU says:

    gayyyyyy gay and gay

  13. Jack Of All Trades says:

    fake! chuck norris kills god before he can even say “bless me father for I have-”

  14. phikaju says:

    this is nuck chorris !