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Graphs for the Weekend

The best thing about this weekend is that it’s almost here.  The worst thing about this weekend is that it can be a dark and confusing place.  Luckily, we’ve created some graphs to help you make sense of the chaotic abyss that your life is about to plummet into for the next few days.  This is all we can do to help.  The rest is up to you, so in the words of Liam Niesen’s tape recorder in Taken, "Good luck…Good luck…Good luck…"


28 Responses to "Graphs for the Weekend"

  1. J. says:

    Im more interested in this picture of the day. WTF??!!! I mean, how does one go about getting an ass and crotch area like that. I’m guessing that alot of waxing, cocaine and tanning booths are involved, but what do I know. I am seeking knowledge from the men out there: since my ass looks nothing like this (not to mention the fact that I’m not 19 anymore) will the information that such an ass as this exists in the world make sex with me entirely unpleasurable? Or is it like pizza for you guys: no matter how bad it is, it’s still alright?

  2. someone says:

    Hell yeah its a plane! Come on, how many died on 9/11?
    How many got killed in that asian tsunami? Somewhere you have to laugh to get over thing. “Why should you bring your own bozze to kaho lak?” all the local alcohol is watered down…

  3. shannnon b says:

    if u vice versa-d the wine graph for whiskey compared to him and her… it would be the same.

  4. Fringe says:

    How long does it take… 22.3 years before a tragedy becomes funny?

  5. 23yrs says:

    i guess it depends if you lost a loved one or not..

  6. IDK i say it takes a LONG time.

  7. The Aid says:

    AIDS!!! ROFL

  8. Jumpoff says:

    This is why women shouldnt be allowed on this site

  9. CrashMilo says:

    Good stuff, bad timing with the 9/11 one though..

  10. male shovenist says:

    karen you have strayed far from lifetime television, please go back.

  11. Tiger Bomb says:

    Boo on the 9/11, that was a guilty laugh.

  12. ted says:

    oddly enough i only enjoyed the 9/11 one.

  13. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    Would have been better 8 years ago but they didn’t have the stats back then.

  14. Mr. Squishypants says:

    No, the 9/11 one was funny in a sick, twisted, “gonna roast in hell for all eternity” kinda way.

  15. Pilot says:

    sympathy is sooo 8 years ago.

  16. Interesting post… bad timing!

  17. Osama says:

    Yeah, who cares about 9/11 anyway, we should’ve been making jokes about it right after the first plane crashed.

  18. karen says:

    alot of people family member died in the 9/11 if sum 1 died in ur family u would not be making fun of it

  19. Roger Federer says:


  20. hockeystar says:

    show some respect… don’t just diss without reason!!

  21. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Andy Roddick, we know that’s you, STFU already.

  22. Randomhero says:

    yeah, yeah, im definately going to hell for laughing at the 9/11…and yes, it was a guilty laugh…think ill go shoot myself now

  23. Nick T says:

    going to hell already. might as well laugh about it.

  24. Interesting post man.. Made me laugh.

  25. Fuckupicklepuffer says:

    i laughed hahaha

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. rofl says:

    It’s a bird
    It’s a plane

    No, it’s… oh shit IT IS a plane