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Great Moments in Pwnage

The Lesson: always keep an eye out for the decoy tazer prank.

9 Responses to "Great Moments in Pwnage"

  1. KingGreat says:

    Is it still a DECOY taser prank if he actually gets tasered? It looks like he gets zapped and then gets the pie in the face. To me the whole prank is more “adding insult to injury” than a “decoy”. If the plan was to kick him repeatedly in the nuts when he was prone from the tasering THEN it’s a decoy. A pie in the face after having your nervous system jolted is like totaling your car in an accident but worrying about the busted sideview mirror- it’s not the most noteworthy thing about the situation.

  2. GreatKing says:

    I second that, I was most unipressed by the planning behind this…

  3. ohhhhhhhhhyeaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    brings back the good ole days, i miss pwning marc

  4. slashthenstab says:

    wow, i have already had four friends call me up and tell me that i made the front page. Thanks to Break.com for the sweet money. if you want to see the latest pwnage on marc as he gets hit in the face with a roman candle, make sure to check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y34yVJuf2Q.

  5. Me too says:

    Ugh. Yes.

  6. Anyone? says:

    anyone agree that this video sucks?

  7. Cassak says:

    Well done sir.

  8. couriers mom says:

    this remind me of the time i got a shocker and a cream pie all over my face too. mine were different in that they involved 3 fingers and semen