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The Greatest Movie Trailer Ever In The History Of Anything In The World, Ever.

I don’t even know what to say about this.  There are no words.  I feel like I just witnessed a meteor shower INSIDE MY F-ING BRAIN.  Let me attempt to break this down. 
There’s a kid, and his dad has gone away to – oh for the love of shit, there’s a sassy, magical talking donkey played by Ice-T.   Ice-T.  And the kid has to ride the Ice-T donkey to win a rodeo…….to save his family.  The only way this could be more awesome is if Kevin Sorbo was in it.  OH WAIT.   The only time anyone has ever said the phrase "Kevin Sorbo would be perfect for this" it was immediately followed by "I hope he comes with his own lawn mower so we don’t have to rent one."
I feel like between every scene, they sent a P.A. to get Kevin Sorbo out of his trailer, and he knocked on the door and no one came out, so he just goes in, and it’s dark and Sorbo has a gun in his mouth, and the P.A. is like "Mmm-m-mr. Sorbo?  They need you on set."  And then Sorbo fires the gun but it’s an empty chamber, then he sobs.  
Every Wednesday night we here at the Taco buy some pizza and smoke a bunch of….meats.  We smoke a bunch of meats, and then we watch the movie.  We deemed it "shitty movie night" because we had…smoked too much meat… to come up with anything better.  But never in the history of all the shitty movies we’ve watched, have I ever been as excited as I am for this movie.  I feel like my ejaculate just ejaculated. 

11 Responses to "The Greatest Movie Trailer Ever In The History Of Anything In The World, Ever."

  1. Sickpigs.com says:

    Holy God! I want to make a joke about pulling down ass, but I’m still in shock.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Heh, the point is already across w/out all of fucking that, or the shit this, or your other ***** words. What ever happened to expression w/out foul language?
    No wonder our young people and kids are picking up so many bad habits. It is so easy to cuss up everything, for lack of intelligence, or, just the easy way out with
    any other lack of words, would be more effective. Your article stinks because of this; learn to be more imaginitive with your words; like I said….it’s so common and easy to fill fill-in-the-blanks with just common foul language.

  3. AnonymousG says:

    Because my friend.. mary J is KEY to success. As selfish human beings we dont want to share the success with anyone, literally and figuratively (sexually too, maybe). Also it takes away from ones artistic integrity if you tell people, “i was high when i came up with it”.

  4. church says:

    why not just use the term “marijuana” …or “dope”. smoked a lot of meats is not even clever.

  5. Random Asshole says:

    Wow. so this is what a mindfuck feels like. I’ll get back to you, Timothy Leary. I think I’ll pass on the LSD.

  6. justin says:
     Afraid not my friend, this shit is real.  Check it here
  7. Anonymous says:

    the poor quality video at various points makes it too obviously fake, which detracts from the viable humor for me.

    and that sounds nothing like Ice-T

  8. Anonymous says:

    greatest trailer ever. period!

  9. Anonymous says:

    you guys smoke meat? gay

  10. Anonymous says:

    straight to video. Ice-T is a gangsta!!

  11. Dr. CocknBalls says:

    If you really want to blow your mind, your next movie should be Karate Dog. Cast includes Simon Rex, Jamie Pressly, Jon Voight, Mr. Miyagi and Chevy Chase.