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Guitar Hero Now Hero Of Belt Buckles

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OK, let me try to explain this product to you and keep both of my testicals at the same time. This belt buckle, called the “Air Guitar Rocker” from Jada Toys is hooked up to an amplifier on this guy’s belt. The amp has 10 songs programmed into it (5 you’ve heard, 5 you haven’t) and the sensor on the buckle lets you “actually” play air guitar. Set it to Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” and every time you move your strumming hand over the sensor the amp will play a chord from Iron Man. So, instead of just humming your favorite jock jam while you rock out…you can now actually “hear” the song you’re…playing air guitar to. This little toy will be available in March for $29.99. Mullet sold separately.

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  1. If anyone’s stuck on what to get Mr. Poopoopachu for his birthday. This is it. Rawk!