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New Jason Voorhees Looks Like Jason Voorhees

derek mears friday the 13thfriday the 13th derek mears

They’re going to need to spend a lot less on makeup for the new Friday The 13th movie. Derek Mears, the handsome devil on the left, has played the weird looking guy in “The Hills Have Eyes 2″ and is going to reach deep down into his bag of acting tricks to play the deformed Jason Voorhees in the latest installment of the hockey masked saga. This is how I imagine that audition going:

Casting Director: Next!

Derek Mears: I’m here for the role of Jason Voorhees.

Casting Director: Ok, great. But, you didn’t have to dress up like him for this audition.

Derek Mears: I didn’t dress up. This is my real face.

Casting Director: You’re hired!

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