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Halloween Game Time – What’s That Sound?

This is a pretty awesome module that turns a youtube video into an interactive game.  I’m not sure if it will work when it’s embedded, but we figured we’d try. It’ll either be a trick or a treat.  Happy Halloween!

9 Responses to "Halloween Game Time – What’s That Sound?"

  1. Anonymous coward says:

    FIRST!!!! Dirty Austie geek rob

  2. goatface killah says:

    It works. Nice. Good way to get 4 views on one vid.

  3. too much free time says:

    what’s with all the Halloween stuff lately?

  4. too much free time says:

    never mind

  5. Really Hungry says:

    Which one was it?

  6. Then Go Eat says:

    Which one was what?

  7. Really Hungry says:

    which one was it?

  8. Then Go Eat says:


  9. aimee says:

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