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Happy Birthday Holy Taco Boss

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If you ever wonder who we’re referring to when we say “our boss,” wonder no more. His name is Jonathan and he’s the guy in the video above. He made this when he was 16 years old. I’d be willing to bet my job that at the time of this video, he had yet to touch a boob, and was living in an all-white suburb. I’ve seen skinnier people before, but they were either on the cover of National Geographic, or in one of the videos about anorexia that the chick from Growing Pains made. Today is Jon’s birthday. Be sure to make LOTS of fun of him in the comments section. Happy birthday, Jon.

39 Responses to "Happy Birthday Holy Taco Boss"

  1. matt pilot says:

    the pelvic thrusts at the end make the video

  2. chad2bert says:

    yeah, my mom has a few tapes of me doing hilarious stupid shit too, eh…. :0

  3. Tyler says:

    i just forwarded a copy of this to randy jackson, so assemble your crew and prepare yourself for a life of d-list super stardom!

  4. hOtmAmi4o9 says:

    you were totally fucking hot. damn Juice Jockey’s comment was a good one hehe. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Craig says:

    Happy Birthday from Birmingham (UK) where we’re all very impressed with this video.

  6. Darroch says:

    i was expecting maybe an ‘nsync tribute or backstreet boys lip sync but that was actually pretty damn impressive

  7. sparky says:

    greatest thing i have ever seen

  8. andrew says:

    i hate to say it, but this guy just outranked vanilla ice in my all time cool list.

  9. Different Sparky says:

    Your mom must have felt so uncomfortable filming that…

  10. Pratik says:

    Imagine you are a little kid tied up in the basement and have to watch this, knowing full well you’re about to be violated by him in more ways than a black man pulled over by the cops in east LA. That makes it all the more creepy.

  11. Biggie Small says:

    h-o-t. my computer almost blew up. it makes me want to party likes its 1984.

  12. I bet the “boss” still hasn’t touched a boob.

  13. L says:

    Happy Birthday, boss. Here’s to many more.

  14. Memisis says:

    With moves like that he had to have gotten MAD punanny. I think i poo’d a little with the magic hat disappear segment of the show. No come on, post some of the break dancing in the front of the driveway on cardboard movies!! Why did the 80′s have to go away?????

  15. General Chicken says says says says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Nice Friggin’ robot, dude.

  16. Amy S says:

    i think I threw up a little in my mouth. I’d still do him though.
    Happy B-day!

  17. Buddy Ice says:

    The best part is is that it looks like you practiced that shit a lot. Way to be a tool box birthday boy.

  18. Beqwith says:

    He’s horrible. I hate him. That pelvic thrust wouldn’t dent a pillow. I bet his sex life consists of him doing a couple of those soft spastic pelvic thrusts against women’s purses in elevators.
    I hope he cries himself asleep tonight and none of his birthday wishes come true.

  19. Beqwith says:

    I’m sorry I just find this video very unsettling. I don’t think I can relax until I know that this “John” is dead. How am I ever going to sleep at night, when now I have to worry about this fucking asshole moonwalking into my house and fucking my cat.

  20. AlcoLOL says:

    Wow, what kind of half wit operation are you running over there! What is this guy the “Boss” of? Does he make sure that your stories about retarded monkeys include 110% satisfaction to all readers? Does he make sure that the “Who would you Rather” poll is completely unbiased? Sounds like a solid profession.

  21. Necrophilist says:

    Even though most of you hated this video and absolutely detest the guy – despite knowing him in person – I’m sure most of you still visit fairly often to see what other kinds of things Holy Taco has to tell us. I know I visit every day. Personally, I enjoyed the video. The ending made me laugh and this guy has some serious talent – even if he did practice the same moves over and over again in front of a mirror.

    Happy Birthday!

  22. Trey says:

    Oh.My.God. Douche chills.

  23. ggp says:

    i think it’s great! and how brave of Jon to let the HT bloggers know of this video’s existence…hope you had a happy birthday

  24. Steve says:

    DUDE! White boys CAN DANCE!!!!
    Happy Birthday fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. a. For the record, I’m officially The Boss.
    b. If you haven’t touched a boob yet, I’ll volunteer mine.
    c. Your gay video does not thwart me–I want you even more.
    d. Please tell me you still have those pants.

  26. elvato27 says:

    Nice Couch Wigger. LOL Happy Birthday

  27. rickyC says:

    Look it’s David Nowhere!
    Nice pants jackass.
    Happy b-day

  28. Meatwhistle says:

    What an asshole
    I like the disappearing hat….fag. No wonder you ended up working for a blog, the old ‘drop the pants and hope you get some takers’ didn’t pan out so well did it.
    Happy fuckin birthday….go fuck yourself.

  29. Jonathan says:

    I want to make fun of him, but this guy is really, really talented

  30. Juice Jockey says:

    figures a whiteboy wanna be raver douchebag of the century with a touch of ass would tape himself tea potting on camera…seriously, coy and vance from the dukes of hazzard were less queer.

  31. todd says:

    a special video a ‘special’ boss.
    cause your gay!

    happy birthday

  32. Jonathan, you have to show me how to glide… Hahaha, me and fawad are dying to find out

  33. Angel E. (downstairs) says:

    Biggest boss seen thus far!

  34. David K says:

    Jon rocks the house! Ignore the fag comments, Jon — they just envy you.
    Happy B-day Bro!!!

  35. Rosanna says:

    Eh, I’d do him.

  36. quarrygirl says:

    daaaaaaaamn, nice moves!

  37. SarcasticOB says:

    So that’s what Jamie Kennedy’s been doing the past few years.

  38. Dom says:

    Props! Got some pops there. Happy B-day and keep the funny shit coming.

  39. Was he going for a younger, lamer, gayer Dick Tracey look? If so, he nailed it.