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Happy Friday The 13th

Friday The Thirteenth Benny Hill Version – Watch more free videos

Ya know, machete-wielding mass murderer Jason Voorhees isn’t so scary when he’s chasing you to the Benny Hill music. I think if this song was blared out of speakers throughout every city on the planet, the world would be a much happier place.

4 Responses to "Happy Friday The 13th"

  1. sparky says:

    Next time I have sex with my girl friend I am going to video tape it and speed it up (were talking 6 seconds as oppposed to 8) and put it to the tune of Benny Hill music. Funny as hell guys.

  2. ??? says:

    That’s not even Jason that is the imposter Jason.

  3. cory says:

    I would like to commend multiple question marks for noting that this clip was from Friday the 13th Part V, which had a fake, wannabe Jason murdering Dudley’s friends, instead of the real thing. You can tell he’s fake because he has the blue racing stripes on his hockey mask, instead of the real Jason’s red.

    Fuck, old horror movies are awesome.

  4. Adam says:

    Benny Hill always gave me a boner when I was a kid.