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Hate Filing Taxes? Die In A Car Crash. Everyone Else Is Doing It.

Tax Day is a miserable experience if you’re one of them millions of Americas that file at the last minute. You’re scrambling out of your home with a shoebox filled with Burger King receipts that you’re hoping can be deducted as a work expense, barreling through traffic, trying to get to the home of the octogenarian with early signs of Alzheimer’s that does your taxes. It’s stressful. It’s panic mode. You had forever to file and you didn’t because, hey, Tax Day is so in the future. You don’t need to do it now. It’s going to happen then, so you’ll wait until then. What can possibly go wrong?

You die in a car crash, that’s what. Yeah, this just turned in to a harsh PSA on the dangers of filing your taxes at the last minute.

Statistically, Tax Day is one of the days of the year in which the number of fatal car wrecks spikes all across America. Researchers at the University of Toronto looked at U.S. data on fatal car wrecks spread across 29 years, from 1980 to 2009, in which at least one person died within 30 days of the crash. They then narrowed down the numbers to look at the fatal car wrecks that occurred in the weeks on either side of Tax Day, and then looked at the numbers for fatal car wrecks on Tax Day.

Not gonna lie – the results are shitty and depressing. According to LiveScience.com:

“Over the study period, 6,783 people were involved in fatal car crashes on tax day, compared with a total of 12,758 involved on the two comparison days. This translates to a 6-percent increase in people involved in tax-day crashes, the researchers said.”

Man with laptop

Think just because you’re filing your taxes online that you’ll be safe? Suck on this a little…

“Although the trend of electronically filing taxes might be expected to reduce driving on tax day, the researchers actually saw an increase in fatal crashes on tax day in recent years. This may mean other factors, such as sleep deprivation around tax day, or increased consumption of alcohol, may be responsible for the link.”

And let’s not forget the always terrifying prospect of filing your taxes online, from the safety of your home, and then a car smashes through your home and kills you. Yeah, it doesn’t quite fit the description of “Fatal Car Wrecks On Tax Day,” but you would still probably be counted in future Tax Day statistics.

Tax Day is next week, so wear a helmet.

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